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Get a good seat and buckle up, it's going to be a rough ride. Your first question might be why, didn't we do that once 160 years ago? Yes, but, the reasons today are far more dire than back then. At least no one in the North or South wanted to destroy everything; flooding the country with hordes (millions) of illegals, turning us all into unarmed subservient slaves of ever larger and more evil and intrusive government, force us to wear absurd and useless masks, take a dangerous vaccine and then hand-over what might remain to Globalists and Chinese communists. Did I leave anything out?

Today, all 74 plus million of us who voted for President Trump know positively the election was rigged. This is not possible to doubt; the evidence is profound and overwhelming. China , Iran and many in Europe contributed to the effort to switch Trump for Biden votes and the machines were reprogrammed to do exactly that. Congress and the courts refused to stop the steal and, so far, the "re-structured" lefty military brass appear willing to accept orders from a totally illegal administration abandoning their solemn oath to protect the constitution from enemies within and without. Does anyone have a contrary opinion?

So, here's where we are; none of us, those who actually work and pay taxes can find anything whatsoever in common with the devout bent Biden bunch. We despise the lefty media and won't watch or listen to them. Just the sight of their lying faces enrages us. We positively hate (HATE is exactly the right word) Peloooosi, Schoomer, Shiftless, the demented Biden, his Marxist VP and all those sicko-lefties who stand with them.

Nothing they want is in any way acceptable to us. We despise their insane lockdowns, their stupid orders to wear a useless mask, the closure of our schools and businesses and none of us will allow them to pump what increasingly appears to be poison into our arms.

We all know the Wuhan virus is more of a common flu than a killer. We know the definitions of "pandemic" was changed by the WHO in 2009 from a contagious and wide-spread disease that kills 10% of the infected to just a wide-spread infectious disease. Of course, that is exactly the definition of the common cold. We know we were "played" by the media and the demorat leaders and today their evil act is on the street.

Of course, there are far greater criminals involved in this fake-flu which is indeed a catastrophic worldwide event orchestrated by powerful "satanic" forces. Most of are aware that "true evil" is involved. I do not use or discuss this event using such words absent serious intent. Many, perhaps the majority of us, who voted to keep President Trump in office, are very much spiritual people, aware of our eternal souls and possessing a strong faith in our creator. We absolutely know "evil!"

I know we all see the tragic events we're living in through a clear spiritual lens clearly defining "us" from "them," the forces of evil. We have even gone so far as to color many of them as actual demons, perverts, pedophiles and worse. Stories circulate of John Robert's name appearing on the passenger manifests of Epstein's aircraft heading to rape and abuse children on his private island. Many of those aligned with the Biden steal also have visited that evil island. There are many similar stories such as those describing dark tunnels with chained children where sicko demorats gather to torture and even murder the kids.

We sincerely hope such are just "stories'. If they are not- then God help us, EVIL abounds and SATAN rules! His presence is seen and felt in Washington , Hollywood , the media and deeply embedded in the far-left states and cities. As appalling as such is, it serves to further separate US from THEM. None of us, the 74 million in the RED states, would ever allow SATAN to steal our immortal souls. None of us would ever participate in spirit cooking like Podesta and Hillary. None of us could imagine supporting Biden or any of the hideous goals of the demorat agenda.

Clearly, all those who voted for Biden and especially those who participated in the theft of our election, allowing EVIL into the seat of power, are guilty of a massive crime against God and Humanity and they all will be judged accordingly- sooner, if not certainly later.

As the last two months of the admitted criminal Biden demonstrate, there is no way to fix things. We can't and will not ever accept any of this. He and his entire freak show administration are totally illegal and have to go. All like him must be destroyed. The choice is to do nothing and it's assured that they will destroy us. As they opened our border fences, they surrounded themselves with razor wire fences. They have stationed troops to protect them (from us one would suppose) with what they hope are loyal lefty soldiers. However, it's entirely likely that the great majority of the troops are not on their side. We will see.

So, if a war is to be, by who and how will it come about? First, I believe and hope that common sense will intervene to create a kind of stalemate, a pause, or prelude to outright force of arms. Already, Florida , Texas and many other RED states are confronting Biden refusing to obey his insane edicts. In Texas , Governor Abbott has called out the Texas National Guard to protect the states border with Mexico and stop the flood God knows who. DeSantis in Florida told Biden, in fact, to "f himself," that's pretty clear.

What I predict is that the RED states will first try to negotiate a kind of legal separation such that we are free to go our way and them theirs. Our tax dollars will be directed internally. Travel and borders will remain open and people will be free to vote with their feet just as now thousands are fleeing California and New York for Texas and Florida .

Many issues will be difficult to deal with such as BLUE state travel bans unless one has taken the masks, vax and other similar insane and humiliating measures. These crazed dictates won't exist in the RED states but will be increasingly enforced in the BLUE states by power-crazed tyrannical demorats. A new FAA will be set up in the RED states and all other important Government functions including the RED state DOD. All the air carriers based in the RED states will not require masks or a vax to fly but, it's doubtful that there will be much air travel between the two countries.

These areas of conflict arising from the separation will continue with many being unresolved. Eventually, two things are bound to occur that will force the two sides to increase the rigidity of separation. The first, and most obvious, will be the constant departure of the more intelligent, productive and better educated from the BLUE states. This will be exactly like the situation between West and East Germany . The Blue states will have to imprison their population which means they will lock-down their borders. Like all socialist states, they will have to develop a secret police organization to enforce their increasingly onerous regulations. In this, you can be assured that China and the UN will assist sending aid and soldiers along with the ubiquitous cameras to enforce social credits using Chinese facial recognition software.

The second major foreseeable hiccup will be that while the RED productive capitalist states are getting wealthier and the people happier; with almost no taxes collected on the Blue side, where the majority of the population are uneducated "takers," the value of their currency will deteriorate and soon not be accepted anywhere. Starvation could certainly result.

The two above factors create a dangerous and unstable climate for real war. The lefties will have nothing but their military to get what they covet; that being the wealth of the RED states. Of course, both sides are hair-trigger ready to fight. On the RED side, a preemptive attack is in the cards once clear evidence is presented. We will not be caught napping.

This will be a war of God vs. Satan in the most dramatic way possible. The enormous evil of the BLUE states will have reached a point where it is boiling over and leaking. It is intolerable. At this point, a shooting war might be inevitable. I'd guess, by then, there would be some 250 million in the RED states with perhaps 100 million inhabiting the slave BLUE states.

In actual military war fighters, the RED side will have 90% of the active and retired military numbering some 50 million with a modern airforce and Navy. Both sides are nuclear capable but neither are eager to employ these weapons. The Blues have perhaps 15 million in uniform but they have poor morale and no will to fight. Their equipment is old and most in a state of disrepair. The issue is; will the Chinese communist troops engage with the RED states?

The leaders in the RED states informed China that should they enter into a military conflict on the side of the lefties, 2000 unstoppable 500 Kilo-ton weapons will be unleashed on every Chinese city. So far, they are withdrawing their troops leaving only the UN and Blue mil.

The BLUE government, which by now has become totally repressive and fully communist, seeing China abandoning them, has thankfully waived the white flag. Many of the bent leaders have fled to China and other safe havens. RED states flew in 50,000 soldiers and re-occupied Washington.

Over the past 15 months, some sanity has returned. Food trucks, trains and planes have supplied the starving BLUE states and RED political leaders and workers have taken over all state and local offices. The entire million man secret police force was rounded up and many shot. So far 35 million Illegals were bussed south across the border. The wall has been finished and the hordes turned away.

All who are truly disabled and unable to work are cared for and all those able are put to work- any unwilling have been sent south. Somehow, with God's help, America 's second civil war didn't turn bloody. The obvious failure of the BLUE states to provide and build a healthy social and economic climate eventually, just as the USSR , Cuba and Eastern Europe under the Soviets, brought them to their knees.

Over the ensuing years, all the major lefty perpetrators were brought to justice. Most were declared traitors by military tribunal and shot. The schools opened absent indoctrination and the damaging far-left unions. All lefty propaganda and those in involved in the colleges and universities were sent packing (where, not America ).

Anyone espousing the "woke" mind-set was invited to leave, millions thankfully did. Common sense once again prevailed across the now healed land. Churches were open and re-opened, attendance was growing. The rule was that only citizens could vote and only in person with only paper ballots. No one was allowed on the ballot until they had been closely examined for fitness. Candidates had to memorize and recite the constitution and reply to questions on it and civil government.

No lobbyists were permitted to physically visit or meet with any elected representative. Pay was drastically reduced and there was no retirement or special bennies. Any elected official proven to have taken a bribe was summarily shot.

To promote continuity of Government, all terms, including the court, were set and limited to ten years. Campaigning was only permitted for 2 months and no dirty money was permitted to fund any campaign. Financial audits were conducted regularly. No one who had not been born in America and had served a minimum of two years in uniform was considered for any public office.

The Demorat Party was disbanded and made illegal. America was now governed by mostly conservative factions where opinions differed but were worked out by sane well-educated individuals with the best interests of the country uppermost. No longer was there any talk of a one world government or climate change. The UN itself was forced to vacate the country. Common sense, Patriotism and America First was the rule of the day!

So ended America 's second civil war!

*Note: The opinions of the authors are there own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Patriot Review.

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