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SO, LET'S VAX ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD (Views expressed are those of the authors)

The world's hospitals are crammed to overflowing with sick kids. All have been triple vaxxed and boosted, all are sick, many have damaged hearts, many already dead, all the rest will die, some soon and others, with incurable sickness, will live but a short life. The media and those who use and used needles to murder kids are running and hiding.

Tucker's researchers found 1500 Athletes who collapsed on the field- another just yesterday in the middle of a game. Did he take the juice? We don't know as yet. Pray for him and his family. His heart stopped and he was resuscitated after a period of minutes. Millions have died from the vax and the lethality. It’s real purpose can no longer be hidden- de-population! The denials by the lying news are laughable. A 37 year old ABC reporter croaked last week.

They (those guilty of making, pushing the vax and using the needle), have invented a new name for what's obviously killing the kids "RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus." The truth is (and everyone knows) that the kids are dying (and everyone else) from compromised weakened immune systems, incurable heart disease, brain fog, blood clots, cancers bad colds, flu, influenza, pneumonia and other opportunistic pathogens all caused 100% by the kill shot vax. Look it up yourself and see below: ›2022›10›11›1127873967 › respiratory-illness-covid-children-hospitalizations-health.

There's a spike in respiratory illness among children — and it's not ...Oct 11, 2022 The United States is seeing a significant spike in respiratory illness among children. Sick kids are crowding emergency rooms in various parts of the country, and some pediatric hospitals say they ... › kids-getting-sick-early-rsv-in-children-respiratory-hospitalizations-dr-anthony-fauci-illnesses › 12363355 'Triple-threat' illnesses causing sick kids to pack hospitals ...SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As respiratory illnesses are rapidly rising among children, President Joe Biden's top medical advisor is warning of a potential triple-threat heading into winter. "This is ... › ucsf-says-childrens-hospitals-overflowing-071003395.html UCSF says its children's hospitals are 'overflowing' with sick kids. November 6, 2022, 12:10 AM. "This situation right now with RSV and other respiratory viruses is basically our March 2020 -- this is our pandemic," said a head doctor from UCSF. › sick-kids-crowding-hospitals-amid-worry-about-respiratory-illness › 274827861 Sick kids crowding hospitals amid worry about respiratory illness. A normal daily number of emergency department visits at Children's Minneapolis and St. Paul ERs combined would be around 230 children at this time of year, but the two hospitals combined have ... › news › coronavirus › nyc-er-doc-breaks-down-how-omicron-affects-the-boosted-vaxxed-and-unvaccinated › 3468742 NYC ER Doc Breaks Down How Omicron Affects the Boosted, Vaxxed and ...

LIFE OR DEATH: Some of us knew instantly (day one) that the entire pandemic, lockdowns, masks and deadly vax was a criminal global scam. We smelled the giant rat and instantly twigged to the grift! Sadly however, as we know, millions of naive innocents happily and eagerly took the juice believing devoutly that their wonderful government and “honest as the day is long” media was advising them in good faith. They jabbed themselves with a labeled "experimental" un-tested substance, they jabbed their kids, then, they jabbed themselves several more times and did the same to their kids. Then, they died- and then their kids died. They are still dying and will keep dying until he last of the vaxxed croaks. The question is; how did and do the unvaxxed know not to take the shit? Since I am one of the great unvaxxed, I'll try to answer that question, at least for myself, and perhaps my explanation will apply to many of the more prudent, more careful (and dare I say, more intelligent) and less trusting among us.

Let's begin with this; Government only exists to the extent it can take power (money) from the people. The bigger it is- the smaller the citizen. All government is corrupt, the bigger the government the greater the corruption. Our particular insanely enormous government is today not only massively corrupt but increasingly secular, atheistic, aggressive, authoritarian, dangerous, unjust, deceitful and immoral. In 1950, we had a very efficient, small and relatively honest government consisting of just 63 agencies and departments. Today, with over 700 fully funded and staffed alphabet agencies and departments, the values and wishes of the individual citizen is about zero. Our small 1950 government actually saw the country very successfully through two horrible world wars. The miserable, inept, bloated, top-heavy and absurdly expensive, immoral, criminal and even traitorous government we have today has got us into a number of endless and useless bloody wars and, with its billions of pages of bullshit regulations, has strangled the country and damn near squeezed the life from it. If you want to see a list of the Federal agencies and departments in 1950 compared to today visit In our many rigged and stolen elections, we have seen the dumbest and greediest bunch of human ding-bat assholes imaginable placed into our highest offices. Today, we have a demented, traitorous, pedophile and Chinese puppet in office along with a pack of perverts, freaks, crazed muzzies, whacko raciest blacks, useless dumber than dogs browns and perhaps; 20 or so decent people in congress. The cognitively handicapped Feds have totally debased our currency such that today it actually costs more to print a dollar bill than it's worth. They've created a totally unpayable debt such that every one of our 320 million citizens now owes something like $93,000. Of course, the Fed Reserve jacked up interest rates to 4% (as it is) so now the interest on $30 trillion debt is half of all Gov revenues. Since this is untenable, it's likely that the debt will be (either de jure or de facto) defaulted upon signaling inevitably the collapse of government. Actually, this might, in some ways, be a blessing. Ya-think? So, what did we (the unvaxxed) know that the 200 million fully juiced and boosted Americans didn't? (of course worldwide, there's probably 4 billion of the fully-juiced) There were a lot of telltale signs. The endless blathering on about the terrible (obviously bullshit) “plan-demic” and the endless repetitive squealing about "Covid 19" by the MSM was perhaps an early indication. Interestingly, C-19 per se doesn't exist and never did. Therefore no test for what doesn't exist can possibly exist. Such total nonsense! The flu, the common cold and influenza ( which takes 25 million lives annually - except, mysteriously for the last two years, when everyone died of covid!) At a NYC hospital a physician resigned because he refused to put “covid” on the death certificate of a man who has been ripped to shreds in a automobile crash! That’s how truly insane this has become! . So what made me so smart and so suspicious and everyone else so dumb? I was in Vietnam for 3 years. I my first 6 months, I saw we had no intention of winning. I learned that Johnson had gotten us into Vietnam based on a really stupid lie. He said a wooden fishing boat filled with rabid, armed Vietnamese communists attacked a US Navy destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin so we had to invade Vietnam to save it and the world from Communism. That never happened, that was a BIG LIE! But later when I showed up, we were there and it was a shooting war. What to do? Everyone I talked to knew positively that if we sent the marines into Hanoi, the war would have been over in a few weeks. So why didn't we? The story (ANOTHER BIG LIE) was that China and Russia would attack and we'd wind up in WW-III. That was a huge pile of pure unadulterated bullshit! Everyone with half a brain (particularly Kissinger) knew positively that neither China nor Russia was going to take that risk for Vietnam- such crap! No, there was another reason and, as it turned out, a really dark, ugly reason that even today is difficult to believe. In every case, the US forces just matched the VC and the NVA, never trying to destroy them but just enough to keep the war going. I noted the enormous piles of war materials stacked up in every sea and airport in the country with more coming every day. I saw the vast numbers of very expensive helicopters and aircraft on the ramps, I watched as American forces reached 500,000 and still, no victory over the enemy. I saw and heard the bombs falling from the B-52's and still no victory. Why not? The answer was right under my nose. I was flying everywhere in the country in a single engine single pilot aircraft I flew into almost every airport and strip in the entire little miserable, inhospitable, malodorous and very dangerous country. I eventually twigged! An epiphany! Eisenhower's warning "beware the military industrial complex!" The political class was keeping the war going because the war materials manufactures were kicking back enormous sums! It was and is that simple.. Politicians were getting outrageously wealthy with more money funneled into campaign coffers and private pockets with each and every day, suitcases of used tens, twenties and fifties left in hotel rooms and offices. Vast contributions to campaigns, beach houses sold at half their value, distant relatives leaving bank accounts in their wills. Stocks purchased in companies who later hired politicians with huge salaries and massive sign-on bonuses. There are easily a thousand sub-rosa, undetectable ways to "reward" a politician. Understanding the why was one thing. I was 26 when I was sent to that shithole country where a million diminutive yellow guys wanted me dead. I had been a Boy Scout, a flag-waving patriot. I joined the NROTC at university. I was also incredibly naive. I actually believed my government was filled with decent good-natured fellows just like myself. All that changed. I changed. I began checking closely what the government was paying for the supplies, goods and hardware being shipped in almost daily and comparing those prices to what the same items sold for in domestic and civilian markets. I traveled to Hong Kong and made a few trips into Europe, Australia, Israel and the US. Here's what I found. Almost everything sold to the US government was 25% more expensive than the same items in civilian markets. Checking as much as I could, I found out that the political class was becoming wealthier every year. My Aunt was on the Philadelphia stock exchange and she discovered that many politicians were buying into companies just before that company was awarded huge military contracts. Insider trading? (but of course) I was sent on a few flights that were extremely risky. My aircraft picked up my share of bullet holes. Once I was ordered to depart during a monsoon storm in an aircraft that was having electrical problems. The guy doing the ordering knew the plane had problems but told me they had been fixed. I had been in-country by then over a year and knew the score. I cranked the beast up and discovered the problems had not been fixed. I taxied in shut down and told him to fuck-off and take the plane himself if he thought the flight was so important. He didn't and the flight didn't go. Another one did. The pilot flew into a mountain killing himself and all his 7 passengers. I learned another lesson. No one (ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT) gives a shit about you but you! Ergo, this clearly explains the lethal vax the feds are pushing to exterminate American citizens! So when I arrived back in the land of the big PX (more or less in one piece), I was not the same naive guy who had walked down the boarding stairs onto the hot, stinking Saigon tarmac three years earlier. Since then, I have never ever believed anything said by anyone in government or any talking head (media) about anything. They lie! The liars managed to keep that particular scam (Vietnam) going for 12 years costing America billions and taking the precious lives of 58,000 young men. Decades later, the families still grieve while the fattened politicians enjoy their oceanfront views. Since then, we saw another lie, "SADAM HAD WMD'S." No, Sadam didn't have WMD's and the Bush administration knew perfectly well he didn't. That lie made the politicians and arms manufactures very happy. More graft, more corruption, more kickbacks, more aluminum coffins to ship back to grieving families. If I wasn't already a callused hard-nosed fed-hating skeptic by then, the next BIG LIE was certainly going push me over the top. One beautiful day in September, a bunch of crazed muzzies hijacked our aircraft and flew them into the twin towers and (maybe) the pentagon. The story goes that the aircraft made the building fall down. There's a problem with this story. The buildings are made from massive coated steel girders and jet fuel (kerosene) can't possibly burn anywhere near hot enough to reach the temperature needed to melt protected (fire-proofed) steel beams. The aircraft hitting the buildings could have not had anywhere enough of an impact to bring the buildings down. Then, building 7, not hit by any aircraft, came down in what can only be described as controlled demolition. OK, so chew on that for a minute...The answers open some really dark doors…

Then, we immediately sent the army to Afghanistan to shoot up a pack of primitive, bearded, muzzie goat herders with a 7th century worldview and 50 year old soviet rifles. There we remained for 19 years? You're kidding! The greatest, most modern, most lethal military the world has ever seen bogged down for two decades and we couldn't win? Imagine, 19 years of stupendous kickbacks to the political class and you'll understand! So, pardon me if I sound a bit jaded and a tad skeptical when I hear someone say, "we're from the government and we're here to help you." MY ASS! When I heard the lying M-F'ing sonsabitches say, "Comon, wear your mask, close your businesses, stay home and take your death shot, it's good for you." I instantly knew it was 100% bullshit and anyone who listened was going to be very sorry! I told everyone I knew to do exactly the opposite from what they were hearing from the lying bastards in DC and the media. Turns out that about 75 million Americans, mostly all conservative, mostly all Trump voters, many military and law enforcement, all common sense regular guys and gals got the same message. The shit was poison. It kills and is designed to kill. Over a million are already dead and millions more will die.

The take away from this current debacle is this. The vax is a life and or death issue. Those who took and take it have some really bad stuff inside their bodies. I have no scientific knowledge of exactly what the killers put in the shit, I just knew immediately, mainly because the Government and the media were pushing it, that it was bad news. I know the names of what's reported as we all do," spike proteins, nano-particles, graphene oxide, mRNA gene-altering stuff and God knows what else.

We know for certain that it's not any kind of vaccine. It doesn't work whatsoever. Everyone who took or takes the needle got or gets sick. Thousands of kids wound up with Myocarditis or Pericarditis both of which are permanent and life-threatening. Thousands have keeled over suddenly. Hundreds of athletes have died while playing. News casters on camera have been seen flopping face down dead. The new term is “Sudden Death Syndrome.” Every day, we read about some famous actor or person mysteriously dying at 60. Hospitals now are filled with kids with respiratory problems- all of them juiced and topped off. Life insurance companies are screaming about paying off on policies where the policy holder croaks in his or her 40's. Morticians are amazed to find enormous clots in the circulatory systems of those they embalm. › content › 1754249 › why-vaxxed-and-done-crowd-giving-covid-precautions.

Why the 'vaxxed and done' are giving up on precautions | KJZZ. Why the 'vaxxed and done' crowd is giving up on COVID precautions. The phrase "COVID fatigue" has been written and talked about so much, perhaps you're tired of hearing about it. But the phenomenon is real, and it appears to manifest itself differently in different people. One of them is a concept called "vaxxed and done," coined by a ... › news › health-news › articles › 2022-01-17 › covid-fatigue-are-you-among-the-vaxxed-done COVID Fatigue: Are You Among the 'Vaxxed & Done'? - US News & World Report The "vaxxed and done" bunch are willing to keep getting boosted, but they want to reap the rewards of their good behavior rather than maintain masking and other measures that largely protect the ... › health › 2022 › 10 › 21 › rsv-children-hospital-capacity RSV, other viruses push several children's hospitals to capacity - .Oct 21, 2022 Several children's hospitals in the D.C. area have been at capacity for weeks; 18 children were waiting for a room in the ICU on Tuesday at Children's National in the District. D.C. › health › health-news › hospitalizations-rising-fully-vaccinated-us-fauci-says-rcna5907 Hospitalizations rising among fully vaccinated in U.S., Fauci says as vaccination rates increase in the U.S., it's expected that more vaccinated people would be hospitalized with Covid, simply because the vaccines aren't 100 percent protective against severe › StephLauren › status › 1536705957744582669 The anti-vaxx crowd's favorite talking point these days, "Why are vaxxed and boosted people getting Covid multiple times?!" is such a spectacular self-own. They're getting it multiple times because they're not dying the first time, my dudes. › 2022 › 11 › 13 › opinion › how-can-hospitals-turn-away-sick-children How can hospitals turn away sick children? - The Boston Globe, 5 days ago. In their Oct. 30 Ideas piece, "Who will care for our sickest children?,". Dr. Jon Roberts and Dr. Matt Bivens have perfectly described an inexcusable and untenable situation in which area ... › entertainment › rsv-infection-overwhelming-hospitals-sick-212905415.html RSV: What is the infection 'overwhelming' hospitals with sick children? RSV is a respiratory infection that generally affects children, often — but not always — under the age of 12. Adults can also become infected with RSV. According to the CDC, symptoms include ... › morning-breakout › judge-says-dc-kids-cant-get-vaxxed-without-parents-knowledge Judge Says DC Kids Can't Get Vaxxed Without Parents' Knowledge. A federal judge temporarily blocked the District of Columbia from enforcing a law that would have allowed children to get vaccinated without the knowledge of their parents, ruling the law violated ... › news › health › coronavirus › hospitals-volunteers-combine-to-ease-isolation-of-sick-kids Hospitals, volunteers combine to ease isolation of sick kids Around the U.S., hospitals and volunteers are pitching in to ease the isolation of sick kids, many who are immune deficient. "Prior to this pandemic, they'd have people with them to cheer them up," said Barry Kirschner, executive director of The Valerie Fund. "Hospitals are obviously very scary places for kids." › news › hospitals-volunteers-combine-to-ease-isolation-of-sick-kids

Hospitals, volunteers combine to ease isolation of sick kids Sarah Schneider's grandmother, Estelle Slon, is full of riddles, and she shares them in emails to sick children forced into isolation as they undergo treatment for cancer, blood disorders and ... So, yep, I'm not a bit sorry for being a suspicious skeptic and neither are the millions just like me. We're alive and many of trusting big government believers are not! Those shoving the needles in are murderers. Companies like Pfizer and Moderna have immunity from legal liability under the PREP Act but, all this does is protect the manufacturer from civil suits but, not criminal! Murder will out! Lady MacBeth couldn't wash the blood from her hands and neither can the feds, physicians, companies and media!

Robert J. Firth

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