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Many of you have asked me to discuss jobs and the economy. Of course, I understand how important this is and have personal experience with the difficulties we all face. Over several months, I have noted a few of what I believe to be the main problems and offer the following;

America, before Biden, enjoyed under President Trump the most vibrant economy in the world. Our workforce had less than 5% unemployed, many of whom were, in fact, the unemployable who had never looked. Today, under the dark, treasonous, phony virus cabal, the American economic engine is slowing to a crawl and in danger of stopping altogether. To fix the problems we have to understand the underlying causes and do whatever is necessary while we still have something remaining to fix!

The predicted and phony pandemic foisted on us by the evil elf Fausi, the cabal, globalists demoRATS and China has caused tremendous and profound damage, the worst of which is still not understood as the millions who have taken the poisonous juice have not yet began to die en masse as forecasted by many physicians and scientists. We pray they are wrong but, absent the knowledge of the experts, we defer to their dire predictions. The insane lockdowns and tyrannical behavior of the leftists in our state and city governments has terribly damaged our lives and those of our children. The useless lockdowns, masks and illegal forced vaccinations are unbelievably destructive and violate the Nuremberg Code to which we are signatories.

Seventy percent of our private workforce is employed by small businesses, meaning companies with under a hundred employees. In our opinion, this is a good thing, however, the growth of public sector employees is reaching a tipping point. A tipping point, in this case, means that time wherein the number of public employees supported by the private sector's tax money becomes unsustainable. (we're there and past)

The public sector burden includes federal and state workers, members of congress, bureaucrats, loafers, prisoners and all living on public largess, meaning all on any form of tax funded welfare or public budget. In this category unfortunately are many millions. The risk and danger to society concerns the ratio compared to those who support them- meaning those actually paying the taxes in the private sector.

With the busy lives of most of us in the private sector we, for many years, didn’t have time or the interest to bother watching what was going on in our metastasizing and very dangerous government. Big mistake! Those happy days are long gone! The growth of the grey socialist "woke" Marxist FBI hit squad bureaucracy has been steadily increasing over the last 70 years and now we know it. We're paying for it!

The vax, which isn't a vax, may well be a population murdering poison. The destructive measures the feds and many state and city governments have taken in response to the "plan or scam-demic," which, in truth, manifests as not more than the common cold, flu and influenza, have been enormously harmful , incredibly stupid and totally unnecessary.

(Note; as of today (Nov 2022) hospitals are being swarmed by thousands of sick kids all juiced and topped off (vaxxed and boosted), additionally a new term has been coined for those dying after being vaxxed " sudden death syndrome (SDS) So far, we've lost well over a million worldwide with more croaking every hour. They suddenly flop down and are dead before they hit the ground)

To give you an idea how badly things have gotten out of hand; in 1950 there were only 63 separate federal agencies and departments and they got us through two world wars and allowed an unfettered America to become the greatest most prosperous country the world has ever seen. Today, there are an unbelievable 700 plus (mostly useless) federal departments and agencies. (Check for a list of them all) Each of them have fully furnished offices and highly paid staffs.

These hundreds of overlapping make-work agencies and departments employ or support an unimaginable 44 million public workers, welfare recipients and contractors placing an unsustainable financially ever-increasing and enormously burdensome regulatory requirements and limitations on those of us scratching away in the private, dog-eat-dog, real-world arena. Of course, as government has grown, so too has its insatiable need for more and more money- far in excess of what they can obtain through taxation. The solution; "print more, borrow more!"

There was a problem; they couldn't print a buck without having at least 40% of its worth in gold. That had to change- they didn't have enough gold. Say hello to "Quantitative Easing ex nihilo and Monetizing the Debt." (two toxic jargon terms they were certain the public would never twig to) In August of 71, Nixon, via an EO (executive order), took us off the gold standard. That pesky problem just evaporated. From then on, the printing presses have been roaring 24/7.

The debt ceiling gets raised every few years (or less) and today, the idiots have racked up a more than $30 trillion dollar totally unpayable debt. A trillion, by the way, is twelve zeros- a thousand billion, a number of such immensity I doubt (I'm sure) few in congress have any realistic understanding of! Of course, sadly, a vast percentage of those in congress have little understanding of much.

With billions of increasingly worthless paper bucks floating about, money that no one ever worked for or earned as profit, the value of our currency unavoidably and predictably has declined precipitously. The inevitable consequence of which is, of course, everything costs more (inflation). In Aug of 71 the American greenback was valued at about .40 cents (just what its value in gold was).

Back in 1944, at the Bretton Woods Agreement, the dollar was determined to be the world's reserve currency. It's value back then was set at 100 cents and convertible to that value in gold. As a fiat currency, meaning the only backing is the government (not gold) our dollar has been today debased down to about 1.3 cents compared to 1944. Interestingly (and very sadly) it now costs more in ink, paper labor and related overheads to print the dollar bill than its actually worth.

Of course, wages never kept up to the declining value of our money so Americans simply kept getting poorer and poorer while Government grows larger and more powerful. In 1950 we had a vast and growing middle class- no more! These days, both parents have to be wage earners and even then many barely get by. Give that fact some thought!

In addition to destroying our money, (only to remain in office gathering more power) the leftist government makes every possible effort to strangle and destroy our economy. Today, no one (and I mean not one person) has any idea how many millions. Yes, I said millions of overlapping, unnecessary, burdensome and ridiculous regulations and laws the busy socialists have generated over the last 100 years. The pages of these insane job-killing measures, if laid end- to- end, would easily reach the moon and back with a few left over to encircle the globe several times. The mindless federal drones like the Lilliputians have finally tied down Gulliver- Gulliver, of course, being the capitalist engine! (us)

Compounding this undeniable murderous burden, there are, across the land, some 14.5 million state and local employees and 20 million federal workers (including the military and those employed by contracted industries) which brings the number of those supported by private sector tax revenue to 34 million or almost thirty percent of the total gainfully employed private tax-paying work force of about 100 million. This means that for every 3 of us slaving away trying to make a taxable profit we are supporting one public sector employee, mooch, prisoner or permanent welfare recipient.

To make it worse, many public sector workers enjoy a compensation package far greater than those in the private sector. The 535 in congress are a good example starting at something like $174,000 / year plus free offices, perks up the kazoo and a paid for office staff. Then, there's the "unfunded" federal and state retirement programs which exceed the national debt by 300% or more. Add to this future social security and medicare payments and you will see why the smart guys are bailing out of paper money.

Obama and Biden, and mostly all demoRATS, have increased the size of government tremendously, adding thousands of public workers and even more useless departments and agencies. (Bush too (who's looking more and more like a demoRAT) did this with the absurd needless and enormously burdensome Dept of Home Land Secusity and TSA.

To enforce the proposed new taxes and monitoring of citizens bank accounts, Biden has signed off on an enormous increase of armed IRS snoops whose salaries and benefits (vacations, medical insurance, retirement, etc.) will, of course, be 100% laid on the backs of the shrinking numbers of private workers. These new jack-booted Fed thugs intend to monitor every citizens personal and business bank accounts with any movement of funds in excess of $600.00- how nuts is that?

With the enormous growth of the public workforce comes public sector unions which have hugely augmented the costs of government manpower at every level. How do the unions get away with this? Well, imagine, you’re an elected official, like a mayor of some town, and the school teachers union asks for a 12% raise and free tickets to every Broadway play. If you say “no,” thousands will vote against you and you’ll be out of a job. If you say “yes,” they will all love you and, in any case, who cares, it doesn’t cost you anything. You get the money to pay your salary from the same place they do- the beleaguered homeowners and private sector tax payers.

Making matters far worse (in case you perhaps thought they couldn't possibly be) are the growing numbers of the unemployed, unemployable and never employed. This is today some 200 million with only about 100 million employed in the private sector. The numbers of course, include those too young and too old to work, the 40 to 60 million or more on welfare, 2 million in prison the growing numbers of illegals, (5.5 million so far) criminals and parasites pouring across our open border every day. Thanks Biden!

Then consider this; taxing government (public) employees is a form of financial sophistry- meaning that the government takes tax money from us (those employed in private business) and gives it to public workers as salary and then, withholds a percentage, claiming it as income tax. Of course, this is just a stupid shell game, taking money from one pocket and shifting to another. The result clearly is that, in actual fact, public employees pay no real taxes whatsoever as 100% of their salaries come from taxes confiscated from us anyway! Except for what they simply print, every dime the feds, state and local authorities get comes 100% from those of us in the private sector. Not one government in human history has ever produced anything of monetary value. All are blood sucking parasites feeding off the industrious entrepreneurs and workers toiling in the real business world of risk, profit and loss!

Of course, horribly exacerbating our problems is the enormous and ever-increasing national debt which grows exponentially because, even with the massive amount of money confiscated from the productive class (us), the feds can't buy enough votes (pandering) and aren’t satisfied. They borrow (print) another .43 cents from us for every dollar they take in, signing our names to the tab. Of course, this debt can’t be paid by our generation, even if they took every dime. The debt today is so massive that our grandchildren’s children will still be paying for it. This is the gift of the vast and growing socialist collective!

Small business owners, who account for 70% of those employed, or about 89 million of us, are facing a vast array of new crippling fed-regs. These comprise a frightening swamp of new laws and insane regulations (shutdowns, vax and mask mandates) making it horribly difficult and, in many cases, impossible for business to expand or even survive- many don't! Indeed, even by hiring a single employee such that the company reaches 100 workers, new laws can impose penalties destroying the company completely.

The Dodd Frank financial bill, with 4,200 new regulations plus obamacare, a 2,700 page nightmare, that no one really understands and EPA's, cap and trade agenda, wiping out jobs at an astounding rate, along with hundreds of other job killing executive and regulatory attacks on the private sector, have together created a nauseating atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, resulting in the slowest rate of growth in our history. The first and second quarters of 2022, the real economy (meaning not Wall Street) was reported at a -1.4% which, with federal expenditures and borrowing, is, in reality a recession moving toward collapse and a worldwide depression far worse than the first one..

No one can predict where all this will go. There is serious talk around the world of getting rid of the dollar as the world's currency. This probably would have happened already if the Euro and Yuan (China) weren't in worse shape. The socialist experiment has utterly failed. The Europeans don’t like to work and particularly don’t like to pay taxes. They have had for years 4 day work weeks, 30 day vacations and retire after 20 years at full pay. Of course, this experiment in ‘social justice’ has totally failed bankrupting their economies.

Just as Thatcher said, “the problem with socialism is that pretty soon you run out of other peoples’ money!” The UK today is trying to curtail its public largess at the hands of past labor governments and the youth are rioting. Imagine, now they have to pay for their own education! We see the same throughout Europe, huge masses screaming and burning cars in the streets, enraged that they might have to actually work and pay for things the failed socialist governments used to give them. Germany, one of the strongest economies in Europe, is tired of giving money to Greece and, in fact, has stopped. The 60-year joy ride is over but, with American banks being closely tied into the EU financial system, the danger of a world depression looms large on the horizon.

Putin's obscene and insane war in Ukraine which has created a predictable energy crunch emergency in Europe (they are freezing their asses off) plus the idiot globalist climate change and ESG sustainable woke bullshit has only further exacerbated the worst characteristics of the slide of western civilization into the dustbin of history. Of course, with much of the 3rd world way too much dependant on western investment and largess, when we go down, they go with us.

With the Biden giveaways, open borders, endless unemployment, rent subsidies, covid relief etc., we have today something like 40 million receiving extended benefits. Some have been paid not to work for going on 3 years. Congress, for exactly the same reasons the mayor gives in to the teachers unions, doesn’t have the incentive or guts to stop this insanity. After all, it’s not their money! In addition to the unemployment checks, many of the long-term unemployed receive food stamps and, in some cases, subsidized housing, free phones and medical care.

Actual costs of all forms of welfare and entitlements: The figure I come up with is about $3.0 trillion a year the feds are paying from the money they confiscate from us and, of course, printing and then borrowing (selling debt) from the ‘nice’ Chinese. This means that, one way or another, each of us in the private sector is will be paying half or more in taxes of every cent we earn forever. Our children and their children's children (if indeed, any survive the vax which, as of today with hospitals being flooded with the dying vaxxed and boosted) will, assuming we avoid massive default and economic collapse, carry the weight of this debt for generations.

I don’t know how the federal budget office plays with these numbers but, the way I see it, we are inevitably heading into financial and possibly social oblivion. Go ahead and calculate the numbers yourself and see what you make of it. It looks to me that the captain of the ship is a demented husk steering us, at flank speed, into unchartered waters filled with treacherous perils. As a former airline pilot, I’d recommend we get him the hell off the bridge or out of the cockpit ASAP and get someone up there who knows how to run a ship.

There are thousands of baby-boomers every day enrolling in social security and Medicare. "Entitlements," if you want to call them that, make up one of the greatest financial problems we have. The old coots in congress voted for social security because it was popular- not because it could work! They were doing what they do best, "pandering!" For the program to actually work, payroll deductions would have had to have been far greater from everyone from the day the program passed into law with no one receiving benefits for the first 20 years and every dime invested in the markets, not squandered as a huge slush fund by congress. As it is, the feds have stolen every dime, there was never a trust fund. SS was and is an unsustainable, purely socialist program that has predictably failed - as they all eventually do!

In our computations, we posited a private work force of about 92 million (after deducting public employees and the unemployed) but, you and I know that the actual tax burden is not distributed equally. In fact, fully half pay no federal taxes at all, leaving the entire weight of government to fall on about 48 million. This means that only 48 million not 96 million are supporting the entire state, local and federal tax burden.

Now, we know that these remaining taxpayers also file tax returns, figuring the greatest number of deductions, trying desperately to pay the lowest possible amount. In fact, we also know that the top 10% of those who actually write a check to the feds pay 90% of all taxes collected. This means that about 5 million high-wage earners are paying 90% of all income taxes. This is what progressive taxation looks like when you lay it out. If all American workers shared equally in the $4.0 trillion federal tax burden, each of them would pay about $31,000 in annual taxes. Of course, if you only make $30,000 a year that isn’t too good…

Considering the problems we have discussed; it’s not too difficult to figure out what we have to do. Here’s my suggestions; first, let’s throw Biden and his woke ilk (all rabid criminal treasonous crazed demoRATS) the hell out of our government. Unless and until we do that, there’s no hope! I'd want to see the rigged 2020 election overturned by the courts and Trump returned to office.

Then; increase the age for qualifying for SS and means test those applying. The wealthy will be removed from the program receiving every cent they have paid in a lump sum settlement plus 5% interest. SS will continue to be funded but, from a national sales tax rather than pay-roll deductions and the deducted funds will be responsibly invested in the markets not squandered by congress.. All workers, including public employees, will provide for their own retirement, using SS as a supplement with personally adjustable contributions.

Cancel Medicare completely and replace it with an affordable, catastrophic private one million dollar policy costing not more that $200 a month with the government subsidizing any deficiency in the premiums and open the program to every citizen regardless of age. Turn Medicaid over to the states to run as they see fit. Patients pay overages- not government!

Eliminate all public sector unions. The administrators of all government departments (state federal and local) have no logical reasons to ever oppose union demands for more money. Indeed, on the contrary, they have every reason to acquiesce. After all, it’s not their money.

Eliminate the IRS, income tax, state taxes, and all property taxes completely replacing them with a national sales tax on everything except food. The states will collect this tax as they do now at the point of sale. Food will not be taxed. This sales tax would be about 15% with the states retaining 5%. This has been suggested by many and it is a workable and fair solution distributing the cost of government onto every citizen. Libs hate the sales tax idea because they think it doesn’t punish the rich enough. Of course, when Mr. Gotrocks buys a $55 million private jet or a yacht and pays an $8,000,000 tax, perhaps they’ll think differently? Ya’think?

Unemployment insurance will be limited to six months and funded solely by the states from their portion of the sales tax. No deductions will be made from paychecks and the federal government will have nothing more to do with it. All recipients will be required to perform civic work as directed.

Eliminate the federal tax on all fuel. This will stimulate travel and business. The revenue difference will be made up for by the national sales tax and the fact that a far smaller federal government needs far less money. The states will maintain their own highways and roads.

Close 90% (600) federal agencies and departments, starting with the Dept of Education and Dept of Energy, TSA and Homeland Security, which have utterly, by any measure, absolutely failed. Our schools are a disgrace with a 50% drop-out rate and many of those actually graduating are illiterate and have been indoctrinated to hate their country. The Dept of Energy has had absolutely no ideas at all how to increase our energy independence and, in fact, has done nothing but impede and damage the private energy sector.

Reduce all remaining federal departments (except the military where only senior officers will be reduced by two thirds. This will reduce the cost of government by half and vastly increase efficiency- especially in the military which has been top heavy for 100 years.

Close (seal with force) our borders and finish the wall. Send our military to the southern border and use whatever is necessary to shut the illegal crossings down. Jail and fine all employers hiring illegal aliens and landlords renting to them. Bar illegal’s from our medical care and from sending their kids to our schools. Keep them out of our hospitals. Arrest and deport them all. This will guarantee that they will all (some 35 million) go home voluntarily. Give them free bus tickets out of town.

Shut down the absurd food stamp program completely. This will save over $40 billion a month. With the extra money generated by eliminating payroll deductions, people will have more than enough to buy food, which isn’t now and won’t be taxed. With the 35 million illegals gone, there will be lots of jobs to be filled by those who were waiting for us to buy them lunch. Hunger is a great motivator.

Get our troops the hell out of all foreign bases. We don’t need to be the world’s policemen. Let the other nations figure things out on their own. If we’re not there, they can’t hate us - can they? If we’re attacked, let the military deal with it. That’s their business and the politicians need to butt out! We need to continue to develop advanced weapons and support a powerful military. This guarantees that we will remain free and peaceful.

If China, or any other country, sees this as a chance to “expand” at the expense of others, let our military warn them once and then stop them by whatever means necessary. Publish this position widely so everyone understands! War is almost always caused by one side being perceived as weak. America will not be weak and we will make sure that the world knows this. A few painful examples will keep this fresh in the minds of potential enemies.

Get out of the UN and throw them out of our country. Why are (and why were), we paying 30% of the costs for this ridiculous anti-American globalist organization? Stop sending one dollar of foreign aid anywhere. The more we pay the more they hate us. Let them get by on their own dime.

Shut down the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s bad business to allow any institution to control our nation’s currency. Lenin said “let me control a nation’s currency and I will control that nation.” We should go back to the gold and silver standard. This will stop the printing of ‘counterfeit’ money by the government and result in fiscal responsibly. Any paper money that's backed by gold will have lasting value. If you don’t think this works, look at Switzerland where 40% of all Swiss Francs are backed by gold and there's zero inflation.

Get rid of all leftists in our schools, universities and media. Purge them all. Teach basic academic subjects- no indoctrination allowed.

Pass and enforce a balanced budget amendment at the federal level. All the states live within a fixed budget, so can the feds. Stop all pandering! Only well-educated Christian conservatives should be employed by government. Pass term limits for congress- two terms and out- no retirement period, no oversize paychecks. We do not need or want professional political hogs swilling at the public trough for decades. Most of our problems regarding bloated government have come from the old coots who thought they owned their seats.

Make all forms of political lobbying illegal- no lobbyists period! That should result overnight in about half the office space in DC becoming available.

Make two years of military service mandatory for everyone- (boys and girls) no exceptions! Kids will enlist after high school. No deferments, no parents pulling strings. The result will be better a disciplined population and fewer gang members. University and college, after the reality based discipline of the military, will develop a far more serious graduate.

Stop taxing homeowners for schools. Make parents pay tuition for every kid they send to school. This will result in fewer kids and higher grades. People tend to value what they pay for and devalue what’s given them- human nature! If you can't feed-em don't breed-em!

Bring home all our overseas factories and companies. Offer them a tax amnesty to repatriate their overseas holdings. Let’s get manufacturing back in America. All the stupid federal regulations keeping industries out of America will be eliminated starting with obamacare and the Dodd Frank bill. The so-called global economy was never meant to make Americans compete with $2.00 a day labor.

Place tariffs on any country's products that place taxes on American products. Free trade is not a one way street!

Never again allow any rabid demoRATs into any public office whatsoever. None in our schools, city, town, state, or federal jobs. Keep them all out permanently! Jail and deport more than a few.

Energy; Allow drilling anywhere the oil and gas companies decide. Let’s ever again have to buy a drop of foreign oil. That, in itself, will shut down much of the terrorist funding and, once in place, will reduce the cost of energy.

Stop subsidizing so-called ‘green energy nonsense’. Not one taxpayer cent for wind or solar. If they are such great energy sources, then let them prove it in the private market place like everyone else.

Of course, I could go on for pages thinking up things that would improve our economic conditions. Give the above some thought and let me know of any you think of or any you disagree with?

Robert Firth,

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