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America is facing challenges to our very existence.  Militant Marxism is not on our doorstep, it has infiltrated our government institutions, schools, universities and corporations.  We face threats to our Constitution on both the domestic and foreign fronts. Shockingly, most of our elected officials are either pushing the Marxist agenda and destroying our freedoms or are sitting silent.  Every American must speak out and demand our freedoms and demand they are preserved!

E D U C A T I O N :

There is an ongoing and fierce battle for the minds of our children and grandchildren in our schools and universities.  The "woke" are rewriting or outright deleting our history,   Identity politics and Critical Race Theory are spreading hate based on the color of your skin. It's also promoting "group think" and oppressor/victim mentality instead of individual liberty, opportunity and equal justice under the law.  Students are being kept out of school due to draconian Covid related isolation rules.  This needs our immediate attention!

S O V E R E I G N T Y :

As our nation struggles to deal with high inflation, job loss, and economic uncertainty the current administration is throwing open the doors to illegal aliens.  This will result in higher instances of Covid, tuberculosis and other diseases.  Illegal aliens are also going to impact the number of available jobs at a time when our citizens are hurting most.  

C R I M E :

The current administration is releasing many prisoners, to include violent offenders.  At the same time they are calling for defunding law enforcement or eliminating them altogether.  As a result violent crime rates have soared, and an unknown percentage of the illegal aliens entering the country have criminal histories, only compounding the problem.

A T T A C K S   O N   T H E   C O N S T I T U T I O N :

As crime rates soar due to the deliberate anti law enforcement actions and policies of the left, they are attacking the most basic of rights.  The open and ongoing attack on our founding principles and God-given rights must be stopped.

D E B T :

Spending is absolutely out of control.  Both parties have been terrible at addressing this issue.  Our government gives out money like candy to foreign countries, the people and family members that fuel their agendas and re-election efforts. Meanwhile, the American people see massive inflation and severe economic times ahead.

F R E E  S P E E C H :

Civil discourse is seemingly a thing of the past, having been replaced by narcissism and blatant lies.  The main stream media and leftists attack and attempt to destroy anyone who does not share their same beliefs.  Stand up with us and prove that there are adults in the room.  We need to bring respect and humor back.

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