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I Know, Let's Juice the Kids!

SO, WHO EXACTLY, BESIDES THE POWER CRAZED INSANE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA GAVIN, THE KID KILLER, NEWSOM IS IN FAVOR OF MURDERING CHILDREN AND THE REST OF HUMANITY? How about the FDA who just voted to jab 5 year old children and kill them too. God will damn them all for what they've done!

After exhausting every possibility, I'm left with the conviction that the really evil ones behind this (those who actually know what they are doing) are:

  • Satan

  • China

  • Globalists

  • Davos 7



  • BBC, CNN all media pushing the juice.

  • Gates, Soros, Fauci, Obama, all DemoRATS,et al

  • Rockefeller

  • Rothschild's

  • Bank of International settlements BIS

I'd estimate that there are not more than 400 individuals actively driving the murder of half or more of humanity with a special aim of deconstructing and destroying America. There is no Covid 19, never was, it is only a form of the common cold, seasonal flu and influenza, It has never been isolated and no one can produce a testable sample, all lies.

An inordinate number of deaths are being tracked in the UK Germany and America. The deaths are occurring in young and middle age groups. The investigators are trying to understand why? The suggestion was made that since they were all vaxxed months ago it's the poison that's killing them. Of course, if (and as) massive numbers begin dropping like flies all those listed above will be hunted to extinction. The world is not small enough for them to hide.

Many highly qualified scientists and physicians have, at the risk of damaging their reputations, publicly stated that all the vaxxed will die over time (24 to 36 months or less) Their statements are spread across the public forums so today, the proverbial cat has escaped the proverbial bag as it were..

No doubt, those behind this evil are well informed as to the resistance and state of affairs. Satan isn't stupid! It's interesting how the 'useful idiots' who have been assisting in this mass murder see themselves. I'm speaking here of those actually sticking the needle in as well as the workers making the juice and all those advocating it. To continue, they have to be as brainwashed as the Nazis tossing children into the ovens and shooting families at Babi Yar.

WWII was indeed a horror show but, should the expert's tragic predictions be right, nothing like what we are witnessing today in terms of sheer magnitude. The bad guys have traded in their bombs, bullets and bayonets for needles! The Einsatzgruppen (Schutzstaffel, SS paramilitary death squads) of today swapped their snazzy black uniforms for white lab coats! In this 'film noir' Brian Stelter plays Herr Goebbels while Fauci dons the Josef Mengele Angel of Death mask! God help us!

Why the insane attacks on the unvaccinated? Why indeed! I'd estimate that some 100 million Americans are refusing the juice and therefore may live to see the great die-off. My guess is that those behind this genocide, likely not more than a few hundred, understand that we will be coming for them and will do anything whatsoever to make us as dead as the rest of their victims. Their reaction is driven by well-founded fear!

Of course, Satan has no fear of us. He knew long before what the earthly scientific experts have been saying regarding extinction. The human fools like Gates and his globalist buds had no idea what true evil they were playing with. Imagine, when humanity is gone so will they. Ole Billy Gates can swill gallons of adrenochrome whilst hiding with his two Gulfstream jets but, after a few years with no petroleum industry, where will he find fuel to fill his tanks and parts?

Truly, humanity desperately needs divine intervention. The question is, does Divinity need humanity? Once before, God decided to start over and told his pal Noah to build a bloody great boat and rescue the critters. Looking at our (less than stellar) performance since being given a second chance, could we really blame HIM if he decides to once again abandon us all? Who would HE pick to build the boat this time and why?

Of course, we may eventually figure all this out and perhaps some of us will even survive. Why, where and how, I have no earthly idea and neither does anyone else.. Only God knows and he isn't talking, at least, not to me...!

Robert Firth

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1 Comment

Oct 28, 2021

Makes perfect sense to me. Thank you.

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