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Gold, Gold, Gold

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Gold is hard to find, hard to mine, Gold is heavy, hard to carry, very valuable and lovely to look at and feel. For all those reasons, gold has been treasured and highly valued by all human civilizations since before recorded time.

Gold in fact, is the measure of value of all other forms of trade and commerce. One ounce of gold can be purchased for "X" amount of dollars, Euros, Yuan, Yen, or any and all other convertible paper currencies. Over time, gold has risen enormously against all paper money worldwide.

Today the US dollar has been destroyed, devalued and debased by the fed and the corrupt US government engaging in wholesale printing of increasingly worthless paper. The US Government hides this outrageous theft and criminal activity behind purposely obscure "invented" terms like "quantitative easing ex nihilo" hoping that somehow, the increasingly impoverished citizens being duped and robbed of their wealth will not twigg!

How badly have these thoughtless idiots ruined the American economy? To gain some perspective, let's look back into the not so distant history and see what happened is happening and why?

Back in 1944, a year before WWII ended, the financial representatives from 44 allied countries met to decide how to order the world when the fighting was over. It was known by then that the heel-clicking crazed Nazis and fanatical Nips were finished and would lose. They met in a small hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at a gathering referred to as the Bretton Woods Conference. Officially, it was known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, They met from July 1 to the 22nd and wound up agreeing on a series of new rules for the post-war international monetary system.

The most significant of these findings was that the US dollar was declared the reserve currency of the world and all other currencies were to be valued against it. At that time, the US dollar (at 100 cents) was backed 100% by real gold. To be a legitimate, accepted and traded currency, paper money had to be fully convertible and, among the 44 countries, it was. The French franc and British pound etc., were valued against the dollar and visa versa.

This arrangement was highly acceptable and very workable up until around the 1970's when the American politicians (mostly low IQ dunces) realized that they could legally spend way more than they received in revenues from taxpayers. They called this a "deficit" and since, somehow, by law, by hook and or crook, they decided that they didn't have to repay it, it became "the debt." Mostly, those favoring this insanity were, as you can likely guess, crazed poorly educated low IQ lefties and democrats with a few RHINOS thrown in.

Over the years, these stuffed political buffoons, realizing that there wasn't enough gold to feed their insatiable appetites, kept reducing the ratio between the dollar and gold until, by 1971, the US dollar was devalued (compared to 1944) at only .40 cents. To legally print one dollar the fools (Government) had to have .40 cents in gold to back it up.

There wasn't enough gold to satisfy the outrageous desire by the whacky enormously greedy and monumentally stupid politicians to spend more and more, to buy votes, to pander, to direct great wealth into their personal coffers. They were stymied, frustrated and limited by the lack of gold so, gold had to go! And so it did, Nixon, in August of 1971, closed the US gold window forever. No longer could the US dollar be exchanged for gold. Now and forever it would be strictly "paper" backed only by the federal government. What could possibly go wrong?

As you can imagine, politicians, like all conniving, thieving dogs, know each other by smell. This new financial arrangement immediately caused the criminals running the convertible currency Ponzi games around the world to adjust their exchange ratios. They understood that the US government, like their own and like all criminal governments, was inherently corrupt and made up of lying untrustworthy swine. And, over time, how very right they all were! The dollar today in 2022, 78 years after Bretton Woods, has fallen to its lowest point such that, compared to the 1944 gold backed 100 cent dollar, it's sadly now valued at about 1.3 cents. ( a 99% decline)

Before the demented husk was installed in office via a rigged and stolen election, the dollar was valued at about 1.5 cents. As an comparative example; in 1950 a gallon of gas was about .15 cents and a lb of coffee .87 cents. Grown men worked for $100 a week and raised families on such salaries. Biden and his "woktard" globalists, intent on destroying and disarming America in their plan to build a One World Government with themselves as the supreme dictators, printed another $7 trillion paper dollars, pushing the debt to over $30 trillion. They then shoved this worthless paper into the banks and handed some out to the locked-down, out of work impoverished and soon to be jabbed and hopefully dead and gone, public.

Sadly, because of this lunacy, today it actually costs more to print a dollar than it's worth. Adding the costs of paper, ink, labor, machine time, utilities and other overheads, the dollar bill is today pegged at 1.3 cents against the 1944 100 cent gold-backed dollar. Obviously, this, to no small degree, accounts for the massive (totally unfixable) inflation and obscene increases in the cost of living.

The libtard Fed reserve, run (from inception) by total idiots, not one of whom ever worked a day in their miserable lives, is hiking interest rates to 4% believing that somehow this will slow increasing inflation. Of course, it only makes the unpayable and massive debt a far greater threat as the rate of interest on $30 trillion equals 50% of annual federal revenues. They will have to print even more worthless paper to pay it and fund the run amuck government. Of course, with the days of free money (1%) interest rates, behind them, the markets are crashing. Housing is crashing, Big oil already crashed, inventories are falling and without re-orders, many companies are facing bankruptcies and massive layoffs.

The purposeful destruction of American energy by the biden handlers did exactly as they wished, putting hundreds of thousands out of good jobs and forcing America to find other sources of petroleum like Venezuela etc., driving up costs. Shutting down the Keystone, closing ANWR, canceling leases on federal lands and forcing lenders to obey crazed "wokers," denying credit to oil exploration and related companies all contributed to the planned destruction of our economy.

So, all this being the case, shouldn't gold be somewhere at $5,000 or more an oz? The answer is most certainly it should. So, why isn't it? Using the money center and central banks, the price of gold today is totally manipulated and depressed by pressures and criminal trading in the futures markets. Why would this be the case? Let me ask, if you had $5 trillion in paper assets, dollars, Yuan, or any other currency and the price of gold suddenly doubled, what would happen to your wealth? Obviously, you would only have half as much, you just lost $2.5 trillion bucks.

If you're a national government running a huge central bank you can't let that happen. But, since (like it or not, agree or not) ALL paper money is valued against the only real store of value, that being GOLD, there's nothing you can do, or is there? Yes, there is! You can buy "paper gold." What the hell is paper gold?

The gold market, insanely and wrongly, allows a buyer to speculate. He puts ten million on deposit and on margin, puts an order in for $100 million at today's price. He then, even before delivery, can offer it all for sale. He can even discount it and, as the market sinks, swims, rises and falls, solely based on sales and / or buys, he can depress or increase prices. (Whenever there are more sales, the price falls and visa versa.)

The "whales" as always, control price and the markets. And of course, whales eat little fish. (the individual investor is referred to by whales as "little fish") Since the gold and all other markets are controlled 100% by massive whales, using computerized trading platforms, all this happens at lightening speed, far faster than any day trader (little fish) sitting at home can ever hope to match.

The whale's servers are in fact, actually sitting on (renting space) the trading floors. Ever modulating algorithms control buys and sales entirely automatically, reacting instantly to monitored changes, pushing billions into and out of markets on 24 hour, round the world schedules. The machines trade in NY, then Los Angeles, Hawaii, Hong Kong, east into the DAX in Europe, on to to London and back to NY.

So, the price of gold is totally manipulated and today, depressed artificially and purposely by central banks and others holding, controlling and protecting their national interests and vast paper wealth. If gold doubles, (which logically and rightly it could and should), so will the number of dollars it takes to buy anything. Gas for example, would immediately go to $10 a gallon. The Fed and treasury would have to print twice as many worthless paper dollars as they already do. Quantitative easing (legalized counterfeiting) would keep the presses running full speed until the motors burned out and the workers collapsed!

Obviously, this would be a "Weimar event" and signal; the end of civilization. No matter what, wages could and would never come remotely close to such dramatic increase. Consumer spending would cease and millions of consumers would also cease. The urbanized world would revert to "mad max" almost overnight. So, now you know and understand why GOLD is $1650 and not $5000.

Robert J. Firth

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