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  • About this book:

    This book is dedicated to all those, past and present, who invent, make and use tools. The book presents to the reader a discussion on the relationship between man and how he dealt and deals with his environment, overcoming adversity by inventing implements to accomplish what he himself is unable to do otherwise. Man's survival and domination of the planet is entirely and solely due to his unique ability to invent and use tools.  


     In TOOLS we discuss the invention and use of the millions of implements man has invented, constructed, used and uses in order to deal with and modify his environment. Early Man was not well-suited to living in trees, caves or burrows, we were and are pathetically weak and defenseless compared to nature's predators. We couldn't run fast enough to catch even a baby deer, we couldn't swim fast enough to catch a fish or climb well enough to catch a monkey or a squirrel. We couldn't fly so catching a bird was also a bridge too far.   

    Back in the day, the big predators enjoyed chomping on man; we couldn't outrun or out-fight any of them. On top of this, we didn't have fur, so when it rained or, God forbid, snowed, we were soaked and freezing our asses off. Our feet were soft so, all together, life for early humans was pretty bloody miserable. Back in the day, humanity exactly resembled an episode of Naked and Afraid. Something had to be done.

    Something was done! Over time, (thousands of years) man discovered fire, then came spears, arrows, bows, knives, swords and finally guns. Now, we finally had the upper hand. We shot lions and ate elephants. We killed so many animals that many species actually were hunted (murdered) to extinction. (The Carrier Pigeon, Buffalo, Blue whales, and many others) It's sadly gotten to the point where killing animals has become sport. We don't kill animals to eat the poor beasts, incredibly, (insanely) we kill and stuff them to hang their sad heads on our walls as trophies. Clearly, as man has progressed technically throughout the ages he hasn't made much progress in terms of developing his 'better side!'

    Still today, the bloody-minded sicko-Japs murder whales, shooting the poor beasts from great ships with cannon firing exploding harpoons and cutting up the corpses for cat food!  The Chinese and Japs also are fishing various aquatic species to extinction. Civilized societies outlawed the killing of whales long ago and we (being somewhat more enlightened) limit the catch protecting many species.

    Chinks, (the Chinese) on the other hand, pay huge money for ground up rhino horn, such that today few survive. The dumb bastards

    actually believe that sprinkling a bit of the poor dead beast's horn on their fucking chopped bat-suey, will make their tiny dicks grow. They also salivate (for the same stupid reason) at the thought of eating some poor tiger's balls. So, they pay some starving Indian or African poacher to murder the disappearing (endangered) tiger or rhino and he shoots the beast, cuts off the 5 lb horn or the critters nuts and leaves the body to rot in the sun. Assholes!

    So, enough pontificating, back to our story; man made and makes tools to deal with things he could not otherwise. We design and make all manner of tools. Visit any hardware store and you will be astonished at the walls and shelves filled with every kind of tool you could possibly think of. Doctors and scientists also invented every kind of medical device imaginable- from the stethoscope, to the iron lung, cat-scan, X ray, MRI, electron microscope, the list is endless.

    A young man or women today can learn to use tools and make a terrific living with that knowledge. Everything man makes breaks and needs fixing. I can't think of any exceptions. Learn to fix something that people need and the world will beat a path to your door. Invent one, and you can make a hell of a lot more.

    I'm pretty sure that early man, perhaps 250 thousand years ago, when he was about 4' ft tall, covered in hair, barely erect, eating berries and nuts while monster saber-tooth tigers ate him, didn't have a (small g) or even a (Large G) god to pray to. All that came later.

    As you will find, the book diverges a little here and there from

    just tools into areas we consider worth discussing. We talk a bit about religion because, in all man's societies, religion was and is used as a 'tool' of control. We touch on it so as to make our reader's aware of its uses and influence on and in our world.

    Absent tools, mankind would most certainly have gone extinct long ago and you wouldn't be here to read about it. The fact that you are here, and know how to read, is entirely due to man's inventive intellect and his tools.

    I hope you enjoy the book and look forward to hearing back.

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