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The Great Reset

The Great Reset


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  • About this book:

    Once there was a bunch of very little men with tiny little minds who sat around little offices thinking up little plans. What little plans? Well, one of the little men thought it might be nice to take over the world. All the other little men agreed and all the little men laughed and laughed.

    "Exactly how?" one of the little men asked the littlest of the little men? The really little man said "let's get Billy to give us some money and ask our little Chinese friends to make a disease to help us get rid of the much bigger men." All the little men thought this a marvelous idea.

    They gave the money from Billy to the little Chinese men who began cooking up a bat-wing disease... Meanwhile, all the little men sat around their little dining hall enjoying a bowl of bat-wing soup with a dash of rhino horn and few tiger balls. They were all very happy little men.

    Billy was happy too, happy to help the little men because he always wanted to kill half of the big humans then he and the little men could enjoy telling the remaining big people just what to do. The little Chinese men went to work in their little Chinese office hives making their Wuhan bat poison to loose on the world. When it was ready, the little men sent more little men to fly around the big world making all the big people sick. More very little men, the smallest actually, worked in really little American offices writing and talking about how terrible was the bat-wing disease and how afraid the big people should be...

    The little men with strange little names found another little man who was a famous medical expert, he would spread the word and make the big people really afraid of the bat-wing disease and make them wear a mask, a really silly and useless mask. Billy gave him a lot of money too and he was very happy- everyone was laughing...

    Billy said to the little doctor, "I want you to help the really little people who made the bat-wing stuff to make some far worse stuff to help them get over the bat-wing stuff." The little expert was delighted and the little men in their little offices laughed and laughed.

    The secret was that the stuff the little doctor helped make would make the big people crazy and then make them dead. Oh dear, said the little people in the little offices, and again, they laughed and laughed.

    Millions of the big people, wearing their silly paper masks said they thought they were sick and a few really were. The little men at the little media laughed and laughed and told the big people how terrible was the bat-wing disease and they had better rush and get the Billy-juice- and they did..

    The "juiced" walked about as their minds turned to mush and they forgot how to drive- but they smiled and smiled and the little people in their little offices laughed and laughed, even Billy laughed. At first, the little people on TV laughed too and the really little ones, the dumbest of the dumb, at facebook and twitter laughed as they blocked and laughed as they banned any who tried to talk truth to the power- but then, they all got the juice and then they all stopped laughing and soon they all started to smile... they smiled a lot and then, what do you know, they never talked or blocked anyone again!

    The kiddies wore masks, their mommies and daddies were masked, they wore masks to school and masks in the bath and masks in their beds, they wore them at work, they wore them wherever they went and whatever they did. And the little people in their little offices laughed and laughed, Billy laughed too.

    Once all the big people in the big world were smiling the little people in their little offices were exceedingly happy. The big people carried their "Juice-Papers" to go to the store and go to the school, they had to show they were "juiced" to buy food, to ride in a bus and especially a plane. They were afraid of the bat-wing stuff and knew "Juice" was the cure. They all took the juice... and later, they all lost their minds but, they smiled, they smiled a lot and then they all died. The little people in their little offices laughed and laughed, laughed till they cried!

    Robert J Firth 


    My dear readers, unfortunately I have some seriously bad news. In case you weren't aware, we are under attack. We, in this case, are the conservative gun-owning, bible-banging and gold hoarding band of brothers who have and will fight for freedom.  

    The enemy is vast and powerful. They are many and, like Satan, have many names, Let's call them the globalists, the one world government types, all leftists, socialists, communists, progressives, and liberals including China, Russia, Iran, Big Tech, the democratic party, the swamp or, if you prefer, the sewer critters,  more than half of all members of congress and 95% of all the media. Clearly, a daunting and most determined foe.  

    What do they want? They want, most of all, you and the United States destroyed. These vicious groups see America and us as the only thing standing between them and the ultimate dream of all such creatures, WORLD DOMINATION!

    In the following pages we discuss each of these dangerous vermin and spell out exactly what they are doing, have done and will do given the chance. The truth isn't pretty and, in fact, it's frightening. Our chances of defeating them hang by a thread.

    If we lose this battle it's likely the entire world will enter into a dark place from which there will be no return. I assure you that every word of what I am about to tell you is all too real. I list many of the enemy by name in the appendices. All are thoroughly dedicated to your personal destruction along with the permanent extinction of human freedom throughout the planet.

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