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The Conservative Manifesto

The Conservative Manifesto


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  • About the book:

    So, one might ask, what is a Conservative anyway and what makes him tick? Here's how I look at the differences between a Conservative and one who is decidedly not.  First, we need to talk about Common Sense. Common Sense makes up the core of all Conservative thought and also defines the great distance between those who are Conservative and those who see themselves as progressives, communists, liberals, socialists, democrats or whatever it is they call themselves.

    Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) said once that "the funny thing about common sense is that it isn't very common." So, what is common sense then? Well, as I define it -it's the collective store of knowledge that we pick up during our formative years that keeps us from making and repeating dumb and often painful mistakes. None of us come into the world with a scintilla of common sense. We are all "tabula rasas" (blank slates) upon which life begins to write from the day we enter this world.

    For example, we quickly learn that pain hurts and we thereafter try to avoid it. Some things hurt, Fire hurts, bumping into the wall hurts and falling off ones bike hurts. We learn to avoid hurtful things. Conversely, we find that other things are pleasurable and naturally gravitate toward that which is good avoiding the bad. This is common sense on its most basic and universal level. On this level, all of us have some common sense, even liberals.

    As we develop, our store of common sense grows with us. We learn discernment, which is another form of common sense. This sense tells us that some things are good in a material way and some not so. We begin to understand that some people are always in trouble and we should stay away from them- trouble rubs off. We learn to tell quality from shoddy in everything. We avoid Chinese knock off shoes because we know they fall apart. We buy things that last and know that those things that last are of good quality. That is common sense. In life one finds that most of the choices one makes require him to exercise common sense. The clothes, homes and cars one buys with ones hard-earned money all are decided upon using the knowledge one has gained along life's road. Not too many convertibles are sold in Fairbanks.

    The subjects one studies in college or university are, or should be, determined by ones interests as that learning might relate to ones future. A student wishing to become a physician, engineer, lawyer or scientist understands well that he is embarking on an academic pursuit requiring substantial effort for a considerable number of years. It takes dedication to enter into these fields. 

    We learn early on that if we persist in our efforts to obtain given goals there are rewards for so doing. We learned as children that short-term benefits are far outweighed by obtaining long-term goals. Boy Scouts, over time and with effort, become Eagle Scouts and those who learn to play musical instruments know that the only way to become good is to study and practice for many years. We learn that successful outcomes depend on hard efforts- good things happen to those who devote years to becoming good at whatever it is that they wish to be good at. That's common sense!

    So, what is the take away here? It's obvious -or should be- there is no free lunch! Everything worth having takes hard work, brains and determination. That lesson lies at the foundation of all Conservative thought. There is absolutely no possible argument anyone could make to the contrary. Building a bridge, a building or a monument begins with the laying of the very first brick and continues on, stone by stone layer by layer cable by cable, until years later it is finished. Building the successful life begins with the first book, the first test and the first job. No one can make anyone into a worthwhile human being by giving him things- It is 'only' through "earning" those things that one can be successful. Knowledge does not come in a can! You can argue that the one exception to this is winning the lottery!

    As an engineer and a pilot, I learned early on that we all do and must learn from those who have gone before. Especially as an aviator, no pilot can learn all the lessons the hard way. Many paid with their lives to teach us what not to do and conversely what to do. Accepting this knowledge is, of course, common sense. All pilots have a high degree of common sense and all pilots who have flown for many years have even more common sense!

    We know, for example, not to ever advance the power levers without having more than enough fuel on board to reach our destination and then, if the weather is bad, fly to a warm and sunny alternate where we land comfortably with a little 'granny fuel' remaining on shut down that we never told anyone about. We know we can't "print" fuel we don't have! Almost all pilots are Conservative. We always plan on not having that tail wind and what to do when an engine fails. We plan and practice for the worst and know exactly what we are going to do. Pilots are not believers in "pie in the sky" and we don't wear 'pink sunglasses' -we look at the world as it is -not as it might, could or should be! Pilots are realists! We say it like it is! We don't 'sugar coat' anything! We believe that happy landings are because we make them so by being smart, skilled and capable!

    A bridge builder knows what the maximum weight of vehicles can be on his structure. He knows what the winds can be and how much weight each cable can sustain. Every part of his bridge has been carefully considered and calculated six ways to Sunday. His bridge won't fall down! Bridge builders are Conservatives.

    The opposite of Conservative is liberal. They are the labor party, the Godless seculars, the collective, the democrats the progressives- the socialists, the Bernie Sanders of the world. They are also, those who run the lib show, calculating conniving and ruthless politicians who will and have sold their country for personal wealth and power. Let's take the "Un-Affordable Housing Act as an example. No Conservative would ever or did ever sign on to such a massive fraud and guaranteed failure. The same is true of the 'not so Affordable Care Act' which every single lefty (dem) in both houses of congress signed on to en-masse. Most knew that it wouldn't and couldn't ever work and most knew that it would be a disaster but still, like good little libs they put the cause ahead of common sense and almost' brought the entire world down. Not a single conservative voted for it.

    So why did the libs push such a destructive and 'dead on arrival' bill anyway? Good question. Only the biggest fools on earth could think that anything but a massive crash of the housing market could follow giving billions and billions of what ultimately had to be taxpayer guaranteed loans to people who couldn't even spell their names and had absolutely no possibility (or intent) of ever paying the mortgages. The libs who did this, like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, may be truly reprehensible scoundrels in every possible way but they are not stupid. So why did they support this bill? Obama and hundreds of libs supported it. Why?

    I think they did it because one, they don't have much common sense and two, they did it to buy votes, to pander, to curry favor with the masses of imported and domestic trash they cater to in order to remain in office. Every act of the liberals since the 50's has been to buy votes using OPM (other people's money). Every single act passed by the left in America for 50 years has been to give our money to their supporters. Almost all tax payers in America, including 98% of the Tea Party members, are Conservative. They are the shrinking middle class, mostly all in the private sector, who actually pay the taxes the left uses to buy the votes to remain in office.

    I don't mean to oversimplify this issue but, when you look fairly at the thousands of entitlement programs- almost all were passed by liberal congresses and dem presidents. (a list of most of them is included in the appendices). None of them are sustainable- none are realistic and all are guaranteed to crush the economy. In addition to, and more importantly than these give-away pandering programs, is the massive debt and deficit, also mostly a lib construct that's poised to bankrupt the entire country- perhaps even sooner than the silly-ass lib vote-buying welfare programs.

    Consider this; the current debt, as of this writing, is about $20 trillion. (12 zeros) To visualize the enormity of this, imagine that one trillion dollars requires 45 tractor trailers stuffed floor to ceiling with $100 bills. Now multiply this by 20, which is 900, and you will grasp the insane dimension of the debt the idiots have racked up. It's a lot worse of course, Roosevelt's idiotic idea in creating social security might have worked had the fools not immediately started looting the so-called trust fund and replacing the money with IOU's. However, the fact is that they did -so there's not and never has been a dime in the account.

    This debt represents money owned to the America people who, for all their working lives, paid into it and is called an 'unfunded mandate', meaning a debt for which there is no money allocated to pay.  The US Government owes a total in unfunded mandates of some $74 trillion (and growing daily)  which, when you add to this the enormous retirement costs for federal workers, tops $120 trillion including the existing $20 trillion. The total then would fill 5,400 tractor trailers stuffed with $100 bills.

    Clearly, a massive default is unavoidable. To pay the $74 trillion off, each of the 320 million American citizens owes about $231,000.00, but, since only 58 million remain employed in the private sector, the real debt is over $1.3 million for each. We use the figure of 58 million because; of the 92 million who remain employed today, 20 million are federal employees while 14 million work for the states and local government, meaning that 34 million are paid with money already confiscated by government. Counting their taxes as a contribution to the common good is fiscal sophistry -like taking a bucket of water from one end of a pool and dumping it in the other.

    On top of all this craziness is the 'Not so Affordable Care Act.' This jewel of a lib wet-dream was concocted by Obama et al and foisted on us by liars and a lib congress who famously said that "if you want to know what's in it you have to pass it." There is absolutely no way this absurdity can work and never could have worked. Not a single republican voted for it. It was destined to fail from day one. Insurance costs have sky-rocked for all those affected and no one with any sense is buying in- another lib colossal failure and another example of how little common sense libs have!

    In building the babacare website, the taxpayers were extorted by a Canadian software company for a total of $900 million to create an unworkable program. My company, which writes original software, looked at the program and could have built it for about one million and it would have worked first time. Of course, what the American people don't know is that Michelle Obama was friendly with the owners of the Canadian company and was able to steer this business to them. How much they paid her under the table is estimated to be about half or $450 million. No decent Conservative would even think of letting the obamacare contract or any such contract go to a foreign company and not have an open bid approach. The software that was used was over 10 years old at the time.

    Let's moralize here a bit because Conservative thought tends to distinguish and favor what's right from what's wrong. Right and wrong are entirely separate with no shades of grey. I mean this in the larger sense of course. If your wife is a bit fat and asks you how her dress looks and you're really stupid and likely a lib, you tell her she looks fat- bad move!  In such a situation the intelligent man (almost all Conservatives by the way) will say, "Honey, that looks just fine." OK, so a bit of a prevarication here but- what the hell, no one's perfect and sometimes a small untruth is the kindest, best and safest way to go...

    When a Conservative speaks of right and wrong he often means this in terms of morality. The Ten Commandments that the atheists and libs hate so much lay out God's law in no uncertain terms. Here we are flat out told how to live our lives in concert with others. All common law written by men ever since Ole Moses brought the tablets down from the mountain is directly related to and based on those commandments. Throughout history, all those who have defied God's law have ended badly- perhaps not as fast as we might like but, in God's time, they ended badly.

    The lib constructs of 'moral relativity' and 'political correctness' are as stupid as they are sick! There is no such thing as moral relatively and never can or will be! How dumb can they (libs) be? Don't answer that- apparently, from my perspective, there is no limit to the stupidity of the lib mind.  Here they say "if it feels good, it must be good." This is how they judge things? Is this how they justify drug use? I guess so. Is this how they equate Islam with Christianity?  Where's the restraint,  where's their common sense? Exactly! They equate Jesus Christ with Mohammed? What a sick travesty! That's purely because they are abysmally ignorant of either Christianity or Islam. Mohammed was a monster, a homicidal, sociopathic pedophile and thief. Islam has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of religion. Only an ignorant lib could possibly say otherwise.

    Libs rule by mob consent. Voting for a living is condoned and rewarded.  Again, Sam Clements to the rescue; "Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side and hain't that a majority in any town?" The lib consensus depends on there being far more dummies and fools in any society. Also, always there will be far more poor than rich. Absent these factors, no lib could get elected dog catcher. The libs greatest fear was that the American middle class, under capitalism and Conservative values, was becoming so well off and so well informed that unless this was stopped- no lib would ever be elected again. 

    The country had a majority of middle class voters in 1950 such that a law allowing only tax payers to vote was possible. The libs had to do something- such a law would finish them forever! Kicking God out of education, changing the curriculum in the public schools to dumb the kids down while importing vast members of ignorant Latinos seemed the perfect move- and unless we can stop them it is! Think they didn't succeed-witness the utter idiots interviewed by Jessie Watters- check the high school exams in Philadelphia in 1865 compared to today.

    So, absent any notion of God's law and without much common sense, what happens to many of the lib takers- those that ride in the wagon we are pushing? They procreate at alarming rates, they drink, they drug, they steal, they rob and they go to prison- at the least- while at worst, many of their more vicious minions kill! (The death of cops at the hands of the BLM movement for example) 

    Libs, and their millions of ignorant mindless supporters, buy things they can't afford, have bad credit, they default- they crash and they burn! As teens, they have babies they can't afford and don't want- they fail in school, they get into drugs, they steal, they hang with bad people and they commit crimes. Maybe they kill someone and then- off to the slammer where they join the Nation of Islam! They are, unlike conservatives, heavily influenced by mass media and with low intelligence and limited curiosity have no historical references to refute the absurd leftie propaganda.

    Who can we blame for this? That's right, the far left democratic party!  Here they did it again. They used BS laws handed down by the so-called supreme court (who are themselves increasingly a bunch of political hacks with law degrees) to kick God out of the schools. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, known for her role in the landmark 1963 Supreme Court decision Murray v. Curlett, which, combined with Abington v. Schempp, ended school prayer in public schools across the U.S. and turned her into the self-described "most hated woman in America." Later, of course, someone murdered her... like I said, bad deeds do eventually catch up. Columbine, and all the kids murdering kids, are 100% laid at the feet of the court's insane decision!

    When God went out the back door, so to speak, who exactly do you think came in the front door? As you know or should know, (I learned this in my 3 years in Vietnam) evil is a tangible force of nature and nature abhors a vacuum! Of course, Satan happily came strolling through the front doors of all our public schools and- not long after, the kids started murdering each other!

    Teens murdering each other, drugs, rape, and teen pregnancy were all virtually unknown before 1963. Today, half of all births are to underage black females. The kids of these 14 to 18 year old crack whores are abandoned in cardboard boxes next to cold radiators with no love, no toys and thin blankets. They are on the cold and friendless streets (if they live) by age five- emotionless, ignorant, mentally deficient sociopaths. None knew their real fathers and, in any event, the young vicious sperm depositor who brought these monsters into the world are themselves likely dead or in prison before the kid even knows what a father is! These are the perfect Obama and lib voters- "gimme dat free phone and gimmie yo sneekers -or I kill yo!" (see You Daid at

    In the years since, we see kids having kids -with all the terrible things that means and we also see 50% of all marriages falling apart. Massive and increasing numbers of hungry, ignorant and destitute Hispanics infest our country. We have fallen from a country that elected such men as George Washington to one that put a 'thing' like the illegal, white-hating, Kenyan born faker Obama into our highest office -not once but twice! Do you think that God is particularly happy with us- not a question- purely rhetorical!

    When the parents have no moral foundation their kids also will not and, if the parents and schools can't and don't provide moral guidance, that leaves the church. Across our country few of those who most need it have never even been inside a church. So what's left- only the iron hand of the law. Break the law, get caught and you pay the price. The only fear the murderous little swine have is of getting caught by the police. So what do have we here- civil society has abandoned its responsibilities?

    Worse, now idiots like Big Bird, the fool mayor of NY, Bill de Blasio, who was actually born Warren Wilhelm Jr. and legally changed his name to de Blasio to court favor with Hispanics and God knows who, is ordering the cops to stop frisking dangerous wogs and let them rob, trash and burn the city. He even stopped the police from watching the whacko muzzies who are planning on blowing the city up!

    You think it's enough to try to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to thousands, millions actually, of kids while never even discussing moral law? Of course, you know this is a recipe for disaster but- that's only because you're a responsible Conservative with common sense. If you're my age, you saw it happening and knew back then it was wrong but- you didn't do anything about it! You learned about Columbine and a dozen other school murders and yet, you

    (we) did nothing. Don't worry and feel too guilty, I didn't do anything either. I did absolutely know at the time that this was decidedly wrong- very wrong and - I knew it would end badly- as it certainly has!!!!

    So, the libs did this and dozens of other nonsensical and terrible things to destroy America and yet -we allow them to go on doing the same stupid destructive things. They, as a group, seem incapable of looking ahead and seeing the probable results (unintended consequences) of their idiotic actions. This is obviously and decidedly 100% because they lack common sense. Libs like Billary Clintoon adore Saul Alinsky and their bible is his book  Rules For Radicals. Ole Saul, along with Cloward and Piven, who wrote several books back in the 60's, form the intellectual basis for the undermining of our capitalist system and the final destruction of the American dream.

    If conservatives see a great storm coming we don't get in our cars, boats or aircraft and drive into it. As a pilot, when I see bad weather on the radar, I turn away. When planning the flight, hours before take-off, we carefully study forecasts and lay out a flight plan so as to avoid the worst of it. I've captained boats for years and I do not venture from port into a known storm and, if at sea, I seek safe harbor. What Captain worth his title would not? Only idiots and libs drive their ships into catastrophe. So, why then do we allow such incompetents as Obama and the other libs to steer the ship of state to destruction? 

    Seriously, can you point to a single thing the libs have done in 50 years that has been good for America? Of course you can't- there aren't any! Accomplishments- they have taught generations of kids to believe in a free lunch and to hate their country. They even give them a free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The "entitlement" generation is the result, Occupy Wall Street and the other idiot organizations like Moo on and code pig- pathetic bunch of losers living in their mother's basement.

    How have they done all this damage? Well, for one thing, except for private schools and conservative colleges, almost no public school teachers or lib college professors have any common sense and few, if any, have ever been in the military- 99% are lefties, socialists or outright communists- and these wretches have been teaching our kids for 50 years! Then you see the same in the media. You can't find many in the media who know what 'Pi' is - if asked they will tell you it's food. Few have carry permits- fewer still played football, dive, fish, camp, sail or hunt. None have personally killed anything on purpose. Few, likely less than 2%, could or would kill a chicken or a rabbit. Squeamish they are! Almost all are confirmed atheists, vegans and leftists. 99% of all teachers, professors and members of the media voted for Obama and many favor Sanders and will vote for Hillary regardless of her lies or how many humans she and slick willie have murdered (50+ now and counting) or how much money she has made selling out her country.

    Of this group almost none have common sense and all are very much in favor of the largest possible welfare state with no borders. None see its inevitable collapse! They can't look ahead because their rose colored glasses blind them to reality. Indications of the failings of this class might be that they drive around with their gas tanks on E and none of them know how to change a flat tire, fix an engine or even a leaky bathroom pipe- nor would they. These kinds of people don't fix anything- they don't know how to do anything, they don't have tools, they just call someone (generally, a Conservative plumber like Joe) to do everything for them- helpless and without common sense. Without a job and absent the support of their fellow lefties, who own the media station, school or paper, they would be stranded like fish out of water. And these useless wretches call themselves élite? 

    As a student at a good university I certainly knew many professors. It was noticeable to me that most of them were really not terribly intelligent. They had well developed memories and recall with huge stores of facts- but were unable to process their knowledge to reach correct conclusions. Inevitably, they used their factual knowledge to support their cockeyed bent and far left theories. In this, I compare them to Volkswagens with tiny engines and 500 gallon gas tanks.

    Let's include in this discussion a few words describing the vast differences between Capitalism, communism and socialism. First, the former is a construct based on common sense and natural law while the later are unworkable and disastrous man-made creations. That alone should tip you off as to the monster flaws of the collectivist systems.

    The Capitalist system has brought enormous wealth to those intelligent enough to embrace its manifest benefits. In America and parts of the developed world wherein Capitalism exists the ordinary person has seen his standard of living rise to stupendous levels compared to those sad, backward and failed economies suffering under bizarre and entirely wrongheaded systems. Of this fact there can be no argument- Cuba, Soviet Russia, North Korea and Venezuela (the country run by a bus driver with no toilet paper) come to mind!

    Capitalist philosophy is entirely aligned with human nature and common sense while the awkward constructs of the left are entirely opposed to both nature and common sense. They can only function at all if forced on the people by jack-booted government brutes and thugs. Think of Cuba, North Korea, USSR, and all the other failed impoverished states across this sad world. Imagine, if an idiot like Sanders were elected in America? He goes around espousing such a thing as "democratic socialism," exactly as did the idiot Vladimir Lenin back in Russia. We know how that turned out! Millions were imprisoned, impoverished and butchered and the entire world paid a terrible price for that failed progressive socialist experiment. 

    Does ole Bernie think we don't remember? Ultimately and inevitably, without exception, the socialist experiment turns into despotism, dictatorship, tyranny, despair, murder and failure! All across Europe we are seeing this sad phenomenon as the various countries experimenting with their bizarre ideas of multiculturalism and socialism are finally, as Maggie Thatcher predicted, "running out of other people's money." 

    Taxes in France have reached as high as 75% and all Frenchmen with money have fled their country as did the Greeks and others. In the summer of 2016 the UK in a historic vote left the EU which, in my opinion, will be the very best thing for them. Other countries presently paying to support the silly socialist ideologues in Brussels may also hold referendums and get out. 

    The foundational law of Capitalism is 'supply and demand,' this is what forms the common sense and immutable law of any survivable and workable economic system. One builds as the market demands and one finds that whatever one produces, if done so at a competitive level, can be sold at a cost above that which is required to build whatever it may be. The result is a net gain. Those engaging and succeeding in this very much self-interested process can and do find great benefits in so doing. 

    America has, from its earliest days, been developed entirely by self-interested entrepreneurs who, seeing a market opportunity, created enormous wealth by exploiting that market to the greatest possible extent. The sole reason we have our interstate road system, a great military and enjoy the incredible benefits we do is entirely due to the Capitalist system which generates enough GNP to support, through what should be moderate taxation, public good and needs. It would be good if more of us appreciated this fact! 

    Our Governments, both federal and state, owe their very existence to the capitalistic system. Absent the ability to collect tax revenues the government stooges would be wearing rags and existing on bribes and extortion as they do throughout the socialist and communist world. Think about Venezuela for example- once a prosperous middle-class country with significant potential but, after Chavez the idiot and the equally stupid bus driver running the sad place by force of arms, it's an economic nightmare, a catastrophe and a shambles where one cannot even find toilet paper in the stores.

    In a socialist economy the means of production becomes property of the workers however, this is generally in name only. Inevitably, the state installs stooges into management positions- General Motors comes to mind. The former profitable businesses soon fold due to lack of motivation and a failure of investment in research and development. They fail to keep up with markets and consumer demand. Soon, these desperate and nutty lefty-run governments seal off the country to superior competition from international manufacturers. They become 'closed markets' where the citizens are forced to buy the locally manufactured obsolete, shoddy and inferior goods. The USSR for example, with the Lada cars and other pathetic products. Absent the profit motive, nothing can be competitively manufactured- that's also an immutable economic law of Capitalism and common sense!

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