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  • About this book:

    PANDEMIC is a book that tells a story no one wants to know or read about. But, we must, you must! The incredibly sad and tragic events of 2020 as concerns the phony Chinese virus, government reactions and the aftermath must be told and must be remembered. We tell the story through fictional characters and unfortunately, an all too believable, plot.

    Our story exposes the facts wrapped in a narrative told by the survivors. The story begins, as it did in reality, in China and moves, as did the disease, across the world. China used the Wuhan Flu as a bio-terror weapon purposely attacking the United States in a clear act of war along with the rest of the world in a well thought out plan for world domination. We use and expose all those real life figures associated with the virus on social and public media as well as introduce various fictional characters to provide context and carry the story line.  

    The 'water boys' are, of course, as always,  the willing, malleable and far-left leaning media lap-dogs who pick up and spread the lies (propaganda) about the virus which they wrongly  portray as a virtual extinction event. With those behind the plot (The Chinese government, organizations individuals and spokesmen) leading them (the media) the general public, (victims all) unable to refute the lies, buy in whole hog and go into full panic mode.  

    The villains include several UN leaders, the Chinese Communist Party and the Billy Foundation with assistance by members of the New World Order. Our heroes, such as they are, include a highly qualified intelligence officer along with a small band of military specialists and their families.    

    Don't look for a happy ending, not this time. Meanwhile, buckle-up bunkie, this is going to be a very bumpy ride!

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