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FORGET EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN READING AND HEARING; Jan 6 is total bullsh*t, forget it, open borders mean nothing by comparison, Iran and their bomb, even less. China invading Taiwan, who cares! Climate change and cow farts- utter bullshit! None of that matters- not anymore! Wake up!!!!


THERE IS only one story! Humanity is being exterminated! Get that into your head! You are living through a mass extermination event! Dark forces want you personally dead. They want you and your family dead! They mean very seriously to kill your ass!!!!  Got it?!!!


Mankind is right now facing extinction, the end of human life on the planet! Can humanity go the way of the giant lizards? We humans are certainly a bit more solipsistic than ole Larry the Lizard who never did twig to the possibility of a huge rock knocking his lights out. We (humans) know we are chosen by God (aren't we?) Surely "HE" will protect us, we're too important to be wiped out by a rock! (aren't we?) Anyway, we can see bad things coming and we can stop them. (can't we?)  

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