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Buckets of Blood

Buckets of Blood


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  • About this book:

    My book "SAM'S BULLET" tells the world who to blame and how and why WW I was ignited, resulting in the deaths of some 40 million human beings. Sadly, the world descended again into madness for the second time only 22 years after the final bullet of the first war was fired. 

    The "War to End All Wars" as it was erroneously and overly optimistically named, ended in 1918 followed by a brief interlude, a period of time for the Germany to coalesce and strengthen before again crying chaos and unleashing the vicious dogs of war. Exactly as before, it was the bloody-minded Germans who drove the entire world again into the abyss. In this war there was no excuse, no Arch Duke assassination- no nothing. We argue that the responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of a single individual.

    On April 20 of 1889, the young Hitler who, unfortunately for the entire world, survived the trauma of birth grew up in Austria becoming a not-so-talented, poorly educated starving artiest. When war broke out in 1914 he was drafted but turned down due to lack of fitness. Frustrated, at age 25, he asked for and received permission to enlist in the German Army who wasn't so particular. Even then, our little Adolph was itching to kill.

    As a member of the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, our murderous madman to be found himself in France in October 1914. He saw serious action and, unfortunately for the world, survived the First Battle of Ypres, earning the Iron Cross for dragging a wounded comrade to safety. Our little Adolph was running dispatches, which is dangerous duty, and on October 14, 1918, was temporarily blinded by a British gas shell again at  the battle of Ypres Salient in Belgium. He was evacuated to a German military hospital at Pasewalk, in Pomerania.

    Over the course of the next two years, our future dictator took part in some of the bloodiest battles of the war, including the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, the Second Battle of Ypres and, perhaps the most horrendous of all, the Battle of the Somme. On October 7, 1916, near Bapaume, France, Hitler was wounded in the leg by a shell fragment. He was sent to convalesce near Berlin where, unfortunately, he didn't die of gangrene and returned to his unit in February 1917. 

    According to a comrade, Hans Mend, the future crazed son of a bitch was given even then to wild-ass rants on the state of morale and lack of dedication to the cause on the home front in Germany: “He sat in the corner of our mess holding his head between his hands in deep contemplation. Suddenly, he would leap up, and running about spitting and frothing, saying that in spite of our big guns victory would be denied because the invisible foes in the German Government were a greater danger than the biggest cannon of the enemy.”

    Hitler earned more citations for bravery in the next year, including an Iron Cross 1st Class for “personal bravery and general merit.” On August of 1918, during the final German offensive on the Western Front, he single-handedly captured a group of French soldiers hiding in a shell hole. The leg injury in October or 1916, however, put an end to Hitler’s military service but unfortunately, not his military ambitions! 

    He learned of the German surrender while recovering at Pasewalk. Infuriated  and frustrated beyond belief by the news, he says in his infamous and prophetic book Mein Kamph "I staggered and stumbled back to my ward and buried my aching head between the blankets and pillow” Hitler felt that he and his fellow soldiers had been betrayed by the leftist German Government. In 1941, Hitler as "Der Fuhrer" would reveal the degree to which his career and its terrible legacy had been shaped by the First World War, writing that “I brought back home with me my experiences at the front; out of them I built my National Socialist community.”

    We will show that Adolph was the only man in Germany capable of motivating the German people sufficiently to enter another world war. By so doing, we are able to lay blame solely on one individual for the sixty million (or more) who were robbed of  their lives in this calamitous, hideous and entirely avoidable tragedy. Had Adolph Hitler never been born, or perished in WWI, or hung by the Bavarian government in 1923, it is entirely likely that WWII would never have occurred.  Hitler survived some 32 assassination attempts. Had one succeeded early on, I would likely not be writing this book and millions would still be alive.

    In this volume I attempt to make sense of the insane while examining the cast of characters as they played out their hours upon the stage, full of sound and fury, ultimately, signifying little- save misery and murder!

    We include a surprise in the appendices where you can hear directly from the monster himself speaking candidly to his only truly personal friend and confident. Hitler reveals his inner and very personal thoughts about the war. We were sent this top secret document (which has been declassified) and cannot verify its authenticity, leaving it to you, dear reader to make of it what you will.

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