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The Patriot Review Fund

Donate to The Patriot Review Fund and support free speech and truth!

We've all witnessed the attack on the rights of conservative Americans. Today in America if you share your belief in the founding principles of this nation, speak up about your child's school curriculum, speak about your faith, or try to hold government accountable to "We the People" you are labeled a domestic terrorist.

I am dedicated to being a voice for the true American Patriot's. We've had enough of government overreach, of the woke liberal mob and of the violence perpetrated by Antifa, BLM and other real domestic terrorists. We've had enough of fascist politicians, DA's and AG's. We've had enough of weaponized three-letter agencies breaking down the doors of great Americans.

Your support allows for the continued production of The Patriot Review, cover's the expenses of travel, equipment and other expenses. Please help me be a voice for common sense, decency and the American way of life.

I thank you, in freedom!

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