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You Daid

You Daid


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  • About this book:

    This book is not any kind of mea culpa whining about the plight of the poor black in America. Instead, we are exposing the barefaced truth about white feelings, fears and reactions to blacks and why the races hate, fear and avoid each other. No PC here!

    Blacks have good reason to hate whites.  Before and after the Civil War, they were made slaves, bought and sold like cattle and hanged for sport. Racism was institutionalized before and following the emancipation decree under Lincoln.

    Xenophobia, the fear of those different from ones self or group, accounts for most racism. Whites naturally don’t like blacks and consequentially, fear them. The fear turns to hate and the war is on. Blacks come from a primitive and brutal culture. They have committed and continue to commit the most horrible atrocities against whites in South Africa and America.  As a white person you have good reason to fear and avoid blacks no matter where you are!

    After generations of mistreatment, blacks hate whites. Xenophobia exists on both sides. Blacks have been shown to have difficulty keeping up in a white technically advanced and advancing society. As a group, their test scores are lower then whites and they are far underrepresented in science and math. Blacks don’t have a natural ability to work in the abstract and, as a result, there are few blacks in the forefront of science, physics or higher mathematics. The number of patents issued to black inventors is minute compared to the tens of millions developed by whites.

    The average black may not be consciously aware of the intellectually vast distances separating him from the advancing white community ( not the entire white community by any means) but, he most certainly feels the inferiority and consequent humiliation. He has, as a group, trouble making change and using basic arithmetic. Fractions and common algebra are far from his abilities.

    Blacks excel in physical agility and brute strength; sports play into his strong suite. Also, blacks are well represented in the music industry where they have developed unique expressional genre such as “Hip-Hop, gangsta rap, blues and jazz. There have been and are many great black entertainers who have excelled in these areas.

    Being in general, especially those in the lower economic strata, unable to compete successfully in high-tech white society, blacks developed their own unintelligible language, ‘Ebonics.’ They invented and adopted an entire counter-culture using speech and dress’ to distinguish and distance themselves from the white community. This separation and alienation has created a seemingly permanent partition between the races such that it is no longer possible for the two to co-exist in close proximity. Whites flee neighborhoods immediately blacks begin moving in. This “white-flight” has resulted in hundreds of miles of blighted neighborhoods in every city and town in America.

    Those blacks who have educated themselves and who work in the white world find it increasingly difficult and, in fact, impossible to mix with many in the general black society. These ‘super-blacks’ in fact, generally move to white parts of town where they are generally accepted and have little or no interaction with the wider black community.

    Besides skin color, what is it about blacks that whites don’t like? Xenophobia is a major factor, fear of those different from oneself. Whites are afraid , for good cause, of young angry blacks.  Many dress in odd clothing, wear grotesque chains and some even sport “grills” gold teeth. These, of course, are attributes of black culture, mainly the alienated youth, and most in  their local neighborhoods see nothing unusual whatsoever…

    When we discuss ‘whites’ we are speaking of the 170 or so million white, middle-class, tea party tax payers who rarely, if ever, have any interaction with the Ebonics speaking dreadlocked, gold chain wearing ‘grilled’ black. The white middle class do not live in ghetto apartments. They almost uniformly own and live in single-family homes or exclusive high-rise condominiums far from black ghettos.. Many live in gated communities where the only blacks they ever see are mowing lawns.

    The white middle class work with computers and have professional or technical jobs. Many are lawyers, doctors, engineers and pilots. Their children become computer literate before they are toilet trained. This white community commonly uses all the social networks and communicate by email and text messaging. Most have IQ’s in the 100 to 140 range while the black communities average IQ is a surprisingly low 68. Of course, this explains everything about the differences between the races. A chapter in this book discusses the IQ Bell Curve and its meaning for White America.

    Most of the blacks succeeding in white society have many Caucasian features such as European noses, straight hair and more regular features. Clearly, they have a considerable percentage of white blood such as Obama and Holder and consequently, have greater intelligence than the common African. This is not raciest- this is fact!

    So, what’s the problem? Why do we lock our doors? Why do we hear of black home invasions in white neighborhoods, car jacking and the murder of whites by black criminals? It is a fact that such attacks are increasing. Racial divides and tensions have only increased under Obama.

    Things are happening today to further radicalize blacks reducing their sense of humanity and increasing their resentment of whites. Crimes occur today that would not have been thinkable 50 years ago. There’s a discernable de-humanization and alienation of blacks going on in America. Young blacks are becoming cruel viscous animals, exhibiting not a shred of humanity, morality or common decency. Such was not the case only two generations ago.

    This book describes the world of the here and now. We examine thee harsh and ugly realities of race as they exist today and we explain why this phenomenon is occurring and what we as whites can and must do to protect themselves. The Federal and state governments are, to a large extent, exacerbating, the problem- we cannot look to them for help in this matter.  I don’t know if blacks can ever escape the ‘ghetto mentality’ of white hatred that is so ingrained in their community, but, I know this…blacks are the only ones who can help blacks. I am no more responsible for slavery than my black friends are responsible for Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa state fair.

    I cannot save blacks nor can my tax dollars. Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness are the hallmarks of the American black race! Many have escaped the chains of the ghetto culture to enjoy the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, achievement and wealth. But, by far, the vast majority are glued to poverty and ignorance by the slave masters….and they don’t even realize the slave master is the liberal democrat who created the welfare state that has destroyed their manhood and self-respect, chaining them to their deplorable condition.

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