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  • About the Book

     This is a factual, no-nonsense book as told to me by a professional American assassin. The stories he tells are descriptions of true events with only a few names changed for obvious reasons. The author pulls no punches and never softens the story to make it more palatable. What you will read describes accurately the preparation, dedication, training and mind-set of a man and his associates who kill America's enemies for a living.


    You will learn of actual events that you can independently verify if you wish. Much of the secret war against Islam that goes on right in your backyard and indeed, around the world, is never reported. The simple reason for this is that no one in the media has any idea whatsoever that any of the events have happened.  If they did find out they would likely have to be taken care of!


    The bodies are dispensed with like the garbage they are. Nothing is left to indicate anything ever happened- cleanup teams. What you have read in other books written by men who never did it (armchair adventures, Walter Mittys etc.) is all make- believe. What you think you know about how this works from movies is garbage for kids.


    Your government and mine claim that they don't assassinate their enemies. That is poppycock! They do, they always have and continue to do so. Without men like the individual telling this story they couldn't. The 'grey quiet men' do the killing while the fat fools pontificate and blab about their virtues ....all the while... their hands are dripping in blood. 


    You will learn what the concerns are of the silent men who carry out this kind of work. You will learn about their techniques and weapons as well as plans for the future. You will be exposed to the real deal here so, get a hold of your stomach and dive in. It's an ugly but never boring world.

     General Michael Jones-Varney, Rtd.




     I first met John Scott in 1979 in Lagos Nigeria where he was "tying up a few loose ends." I was flying there for an oil company and he was aboard several of my flights. We met at the Swim and Racquet club in Lagos and, over the years, have become close friends. A few years ago he asked me if I would help him write this book. You will learn what he meant by "tying up a few loose ends" as you read this book. 

    Scott is a serious quiet man, about 185 lbs, average in height with sandy brown hair, shocking blue eyes and carries himself like the athlete he is. But the sport he excels in differs somewhat from those where gold metals are handed out.

    Like many of America's war fighters, John was born in a small town in the south, he grew up hunting, fishing and trapping. He was always more comfortable sleeping in the woods than any house. John was given a gun at 14 and taught very carefully to respect and fear its capability. He never misuses firearms. As he says, "all firearms are designed for one thing- killing. No one shoots to wound- that's stupid!" Some people shoot targets but, for real hunters, that's only so that when they shoot to kill they don't miss.

    Scott has a talent for language that became apparent in his sophomore year in high school. He studied Spanish and Russian at university. He was, and remains today, inordinately strong and fast- faster and stronger than anyone I know. He runs forever and never tires. John has a good mind and is quick at math. He studied engineering and even worked as an engineer. John's Father, like mine, was a senior pilot with a main-line air carrier and that's really what he wanted to do. After school in fact, he did exactly that giving up engineering.

    Vietnam came along and, as the Navy paid for his education; he owed them 4 years of active duty or 8 in the reserves. He was in the reserves, flying for a small Midwestern airline when recalled to visit the pearl of the Orient and kill some little yellow men. Because he was a pilot and because one of the alphabet agencies needed pilots, he was seconded to this outfit and entered a dark and secret world although, at the time, I don't think he knew that.

    Scott has spent by now some 50 years in the killing business. He remembers each and every personal kill with great clarity. To a degree, He's still in the game which has changed significantly as the trade craft tools have developed. The organization is faster, quieter, better prepared and better armed- they have tools and weapons today I couldn't have imagined. 

    I will tell you about John Scott's life as he told it to me- in the first person- and let's see if you think it's as glamorous and exciting as you and Ian Fleming imagined! 

    Robert J. Firth

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