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A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms


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  • About this book:

    Call to Arms, is a fictional dark tale of revenge and retribution focusing on what an imaginary patriotic military might do whilst engaging in a civil war as pay back for the great harm democrats, Globalists and China have done and are doing to our great country.


    Democrats, progressives, socialists, communists and soulless, Godless leftists of all stripes are truly evil. They are all of a kind, amoral and  rotten to their very core, unfixable. They are a curse and cancer on the face of humanity and must be eliminated by any and all means-no matter how harsh. There is no place for these sick people in ANY normal human society.


    Let's collectively identify them all as "leftists" and categorize them as the most undesirable, disgusting, ugly monsters on earth. They infest our schools, our media and our public offices. Their wish is to impose by any and all means, including  force, their hatful, empty and ugly rules on all of us. 


    It has finally come to a point that they no longer try to hide their evil intent. Today, the battle has been joined and the enemy is on the parapets. It's them or us! No quarter, no retreat!

     This book tells the story of the final two day war between humanity and the forces of Satan- two days we guarantee the survivors will never forget....and the losers (dead) will never remember.

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