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What is a Hero?

Seventy-seven years ago, American hero’s and their allies were busy liberating camps full of good people betrayed by their government. Twelve million had already died. Men, women and yes, millions of children. Their crime? Being different. Different religions, different political beliefs, sexual preferences, and those deemed by satanic demons to be a drain on society…the handicapped and disabled. For decades people in this country were taught the true history of this evil and the evils of fascism, communism and socialism. These are the Government models that lead to mass death. Few of our youth today are even taught about these terrible crimes against humanity.

Incredibly, some of the same American’s who could not understand how the German people could have allowed such barbaric genocide to occur are setting the stage for it to happen here in America. They say that their fellow citizens who have different political beliefs, different beliefs about their medical privacy, religious beliefs that preclude them from taking an experimental bioweapon, and those who simply believe they have the right to determine what goes into their bodies, should be physically removed from their homes and put into camps. They demand that these people either be forced to get this experimental bioweapon that is know to kill and maim or be put away. They have absolutely no right to demand any such actions.

Are you going to continue to be silent? When will you decide to speak out against tyranny in your own back yard?

As children we all wanted to be the hero. We wanted to believe that our country was one of virtue and courage. We called America the home of the brave. But who are the brave exactly? Are the brave limited to those who serve in our military, or maybe emergency services? Yes, they’re brave, but the truth is that what “the home of the brave” is referring to is all American’s. All American’s who identify, call out and yes speak out against tyranny. Our founding fathers specifically stated that the purpose of the first and second amendments are there for us to control our government and put down tyrants. Are you too self-absorbed and busy being so selfish as to take the freedoms that God gives us away from your children and grandchildren? Is the legacy of freedom not worth fighting for?

Wake up! Rise up! PEACEFULLY demand that those who serve us, whether they are elected or some power drunk bureaucrat abide by our nations laws, respect our rights or demand they are tried for treason, genocide and crimes against humanity! It’s not our job, it’s our duty!

May God bless America, and may God bless us all.

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I think alot of people want desperately things to change and people to be held accountable. But what can a normal person do? Well, at least we can do little things. I email my senitors, my representative, governor, other states government offices on a monthly basis. So many constitutional laws, ECT. have been broken and no one gets in trouble. Think of the murder of Ashley babitt and the people in solitary confinement today for simply trespassing. And so many other events that are appalling and no one gets charged. I pray everyday that the evil ( mostly Democrats by coincidence) and people like foucie get put on a public trials. But I know alot of people say " wh…

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Jeff - Patriot Admin
Jeff - Patriot Admin
28 ene 2022
Contestando a

Amen Duane. Actively speaking out IS doing something. One voice may not seem like much but millions of voices together can change this.

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