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I spent 42 years as an airline pilot logging some 28,800 total hours. (that's, by the way, a bit over 3 years in the air) I've lived and worked almost every where there is and you can imagine that I very carefully studied the weather. I've watched the climate change and yes, I know the difference between climatology and meteorology.

For years now the whacko climate nutters have been pushing green energy. These fools want wind and solar to replace fossil, nuke and hydro as soon as possible. The idiots we elect are also infected with this mental sickness, believing that the planet is going to be destroyed unless we kill all the cows and eat tofu. Let's get real while we still can, before we kill our cattle industry junk our cars, ground all the aircraft and buy bicycles.

Let's start here. According to the Hedges Company, there were 286.9 million registered cars in the US in 2020. The same study also suggests that by the end of 2021, 289.5 million vehicles would be roaming the roads of America. Now, imagine that we elect AOC as president and dictator and follow her and our nitwit California pals manufacturing hundreds of millions of electric vehicles, forcing all gas vehicles off the roads while, at the same time, shutting down all fossil fuel. Then, of course, we build millions of solar and wind farms and charging stations. We put them all across the entire country and shut down all other forms of electric power generation.

What will happen? Something you have to know is that were we actually that stupid, only ten percent of our vehicles could be on the road at the same time totally crippling our transportation system resulting in the deaths of millions who would starve or freeze to death as they did in Texas last winter.. Why? Because, no matter how many windmills and photovoltaic panels we have -we would never generate enough energy to recharge more than ten percent of all electric vehicles at the same time. Even today, with enormous generation potential, we don't have anyway near enough to run all electric vehicles. To bring this home, if even 4 electric cars on your block were plugged in at the same time the transformers would blow off the poles.

Little Greta from Sweden has absolutely no idea what the hell she is talking about and either do any of the European or American politicians or the throngs of youthful idiots who march about blathering on about the anthropomorphic climate change. Equally, Fat Al Gore and the Canadian idiot Trudeau know nothing about either weather or the climate. Those who do know (pilots, sea captains climatologists and meteorologists) have arrived at no consensus on the subject except that they all agree the climate of today is different from that of yesterday and what we see today will be different from that in the future and that the weather, meteorology, is something that can be predicted only a few days in advance. Anyone who says they know what the climate will be in 100 years is out of their minds

It may well be that the surface temperature of the earth is minutely increasing. It has in the past and will again in the future. The surface temperature of Mars is also increasing. These are incontrovertible demonstrable facts not 'political opinions'. The temp, or 'output,' from the sun has also been increasing. There may be some correlation here but, even that is debated in the scientific community.

There is however absolutely zero creditable scientific evidence that man’s use of internal combustion engines (recip or jet) has any measurable significant impact on the warming of the planet. In fact, we know that what the idiots in Europe have done with their silly bio- fuel program is to cut down massive areas of forest to grow soy resulting in a measurable increase in co2 which was previously absorbed by the forests. Also, they destroyed habitat

for many birds and other wildlife- totally stupid, especially when it takes 5 gallons of bio-fuel to equal the BTU's of 1 gal of petroleum diesel or gas and we discoverer more oil in proven reserves every year than man has used to date. Take that to the bank!

The burning of fossil fuels has little to do with "global warming" if even there is such (which no one can demonstrate). This is true despite the ranting and hand-wringing by the inane tree hugging whack-jobs like our friend Fat Al (where's my Gulfstream) Gore or the other wild-eyed pencil-necked Dr. Doom environmentalists and cow-killing, jet-grounding home-wrecking, economy destroying Green New deal jackasses. What did Mazie Hirono (or was it AOC) say about building an electric train from California to Hawaii?

Of course, vehicles of all kinds as well as human civilization contribute something to “green house” gasses- no one disputes that. The argument is that there is no scientific evidence that this increase is measurably contributing to global warming or damage to the planet to anywhere near the degree espoused by the hysterical Kyoto, Paris and IPCC crowd. There is, however, as mentioned, a preponderance of verifiable evidence that the sun is getting warmer and has been for some time.

However unpleasant and unpalatable this fact may be to the “back to the stone age- let’s all ride bicycles and eat tofu” groups, it is a fact nonetheless. The increasing temperature of the sun is like turning up the rheostat on a stove. Astronomers (who actually know what they're talking about) estimate that the Sun's temperature might increase by about 6% every billion years. This increase will, possibly, but not definitely, in about 1.1 billion years, make earth too hot to support life. By then, humanity will likely have found a cooler planet- "dontcha think?"

There have been many changes in the Earth's climate in the past. During the Middle Ages there was a warming trend followed by the “Little Ice Age” a few hundred years later. Interestingly, these dramatic climatic changes had absolutely nothing to do with civilization - unless you want to count the expulsion of methane gasses (farts) from cows. I’m sure that Fat Al and poor cretin Ms Cortez (who can eat a radish through a picket fence) would like to measure this- and we wish them well.

Listen, ten years ago a few totally nutty UN paid (bribed) scientists were squealing about a 33-foot rise in the oceans due to melting ice and warmer oceans over the next 100 years. That idiotic prediction, likely promulgated by land speculators trying to buy up Florida and California from fleeing residents, has been dramatically changed to about 12" or maybe none or even less. There is no one but God himself who can say with any authority whether the oceans will rise and by how much- and he isn't talking!

The New York Times (such a creditable source) ran scary "warming stories" into the late 1950s but then, in 1975, they reported: “A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable.” The world’s media, being almost universally and irrationally, haters of their own civilization created a run on Shapkas (Russian fur hats) and latched on to climate change as a major issue. They tried to scare us all into giving the UN all our money and sovereignty, buying bicycles, eating tofu, (whatever that crap is) getting rid of leather shoes and stop building things from wood.

A closer look, by actual climate scientists, (yes, there are some) at the data used in 'guessing' about global warming and its effects, casts serious doubt on all the "popular" opinions. Satellite data, as well as measurements of current CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels, projects a far less severe increase in global temperatures than earlier erroneously reported. Forecasts of 3 to 8 degrees with larger regional increases have been tossed around by the crazed 'chicken little' (sky is falling) crowd for many years. More recent data indicate a possible (meaning if absolutely nothing changes) warming near or below 1 to 2 degrees over the next 100 years, and then, only if carbon dioxide levels double, (and nothing changes) which is way far from certain. Truth is, no one can say what the temperature will be in a month let alone 100 years. The Farmers Aramaic is a better bet.

The overall view of global warming, (climate change) once the scientific data are examined by qualified individuals, seems to be a hell of a lot less threatening than many wanta-be political leaders and fuzzy-minded bombastic globalists have portrayed. That does not mean we should not be concerned. Greenhouse gases are real, that's an undeniable fact- what they mean and what they do is however far less certain. Interestingly, there are no Hummers on Mars yet, the temperature there is also on the increase and the Martian ice caps, like some of ours, are melting.

More study is needed, particularly in light of how recent satellite data have differed with the "faked" UN ground weather records. Obviously, we should continue to develop better computer modeling. We have been measuring and recording our climate changes for only about 100 years? The earth has been around for many millions or years. I am not persuaded or impressed with the arguments of those who try to extrapolate and make dire predictions from what comparatively is less than 100th of a second of the earth’s history.

We also should realize that reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as demanded by the insane civilization destroying Kyoto UN or Paris Accords, is not going to have any major impact whatsoever on the global climate- especially as only America and Europe are expected to participate. Even if these drastic, disruptive and horribly expensive (insane) measures were implemented in the developed world, there would still be increases in greenhouse gases due to the enormous and increasing populations of China, India, Asia and Africa (who won't and can't cut emissions) and who run millions of dirty 2 cycle engines, burning soft coal, breeding thousands more cattle, and dramatically and daily increasing their use of carbon based fuels.

Impossible and incalculable variables: It is almost impossible for climatologists or meteorologists to predict, with any accuracy, what the weather will be even next month. Predictions for next year’s storms have been wildly inaccurate. One is better served by as we said, by referring to the Farmer's Almanac. The variables are humongous and, so far, there is no model that shows any ability to reliably make long-range forecasts even remotely close to 100 years into the future. That's totally nuts! It’s all purely guess work. No one on this earth knows what’s going to happen in 100 years or even next month or next year- any human who says they do is purely and simply a liar, a charlatan or plain stupid!

A climatic disaster is hardly inevitable or even likely. Even a 3 degree increase in global temperatures over the next 100 years most likely would not wreak havoc with the Earth's climate or sea levels. The economic costs to the developed countries trying to comply with the UN, Kyoto or Paris will by far outweigh any and all perceived benefits. (said benefits are only the transfer of wealth from productive countries to the UN globalists with a few bucks to the dictators running the recipient shithole countries) These nonsensical impossible protocols neglect to even consider this fact and its shrill pointy-headed supporters seem bent on wanting to see Americans and Europeans on bikes and skate boards whilst the Chinese and Indians are driving Rolls and Hummers. Climate change hysteria is only a means of political control- it's not real in any way.

The variables and unforeseen, unpredictable occurrences affecting climate predictions are enormous. For example, what do you think the result would be of another Krakatoa-like volcanic eruption? (possible anytime, even this minute) How about if a super-volcano like Yellowstone blew? That would likely be an extinction event! Then, there are enormous rocks floating about in space that could be discovered in future years heading for earth that are simply too big to do much about. A giant meteor struck the Yucatán Peninsula millions or years ago- it killed 90% of all life on earth, changing everything.

Imagine; our planet spins west to east at 950 miles per hour whilst tipping 23.5 degrees north to south every 6 months. At the same time, we're orbiting our sun every year at 66,000 miles per hour and our entire galaxy is flying through space pulled by some graviational attraction to we know not where or why. We have volcanoes, earthquakes, a molten interior, hurricanes and tornados. What about a shift in the tectonic plates? (it happens and is happening) California could wind up under 500' of ocean. I'd say we have a most dynamic planet. And with all this, 95% of humans still occupy a bit less than ten percent of the earth's surface, yet we think were changing the climate- what insane hubris!

My argument, as concerns humanity and climate, is based on logic and experience. I have no political or financial motives such as clearly the 'One World Government Globalists' at the UN with their "sustainable development, human depopulation" programs most definitely do. Remember, they paid ole Prof Phill Jones at East Anglia University to fudge years of climate data to make it look like temperatures were suddenly spiking. He was caught before the Copenhagen climate conference and exposed. Then, Christine Susan Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment, famously admitted "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony, climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."

Kevin Trenberth, a lead author of 2001 and 2007 IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) wrote that “None of the models used by the IPCC are initialized to the observed state and none of the climate states in the models correspond even remotely to the current observed state.” The subject itself has been "wildly politicized" such that today separating the nonsense from facts is almost impossible. The power crazed and simple-minded forces of the left use 'climate change denier!' as a weapon to beat down any who would dare to disagree with them. In such an environment finding logical middle ground is almost impossible.

Robert J. Firth

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