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Here's how the demoRATS plan to take YOUR weapons and give you Velveeta cheese.  


1) Rig and steal the election (which they have successfully done) and then, once in power,

2) Shut down American energy, stop gas, oil and coal driving up the cost of fuel by double while pushing electric cars and subsidized renewables from China. (which they have also done) Then,

3) Open the border flooding the country with millions of human scum (which they did and are still doing)

4) Force citizens to lock-down, wear masks, lose their jobs and businesses and then force a killer vax on them or face termination- wreck the airlines, military, police, firemen and first responders. Force it on little kids and pregnant women. Hide the massive deaths and hideous side effects. Pay off all involved. (All of the above they did and still are.)

5) Allow and encourage unlimited drugs and dangerous criminals to pour in including tons of Chinese fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands. (which they have been doing from day one and still are) Then,

6) Destroy confidence in public schools, push CRT and freak sex lessons on little children, push puberty blockers castration, gender fluidity and "wokeism" Make them believe what can't possibly be,, make them doubt reality. (check all the above, done -and still doing)

7) Encourage rioting, burning and looting, reward crime, defund and defame the police, open the prisons, put criminals on the streets, encourage criminals, no bail, no jail. Discourage the citizens from defending themselves. Jail any who try. (well underway and successful) Then,

8) Arrange school shootings and mass murderers to push gun-grabbing legalization. (Most will never believe we would murder little kids, but, we have and we will. count them, all very suspicious, Where did the Texas kid get the money to buy the guns? Why did the cops stand in the hall until all the kids were dead?)

9) Print endless paper dollars to make the currency ever more worthless, cause a recession, hopefully followed by a massive 1929 type depression (So far, some $9 trillion paper dollars have been printed with a lot more coming. Today, it actually costs more to print a one dollar bill then its worth) Then,

10) At the same time, burn, blow up and disrupt infrastructure, food production and destroy the economy, impose massive taxes, crash the market, raise interest rates. (all progressing well) Then,

11) Wreck the supply chain with vax

mandates and $7.00 diesel (done) and then ,

12  Make sure you (the regular citizen) has no job, no money, no food, no electricity and no heat ..(Many already have no job and are in dire poverty, for the rest, it's predicted in the next year or many more all will be broke and hungry) then,

13) In a few months or maybe a year, when you're sick and freezing and have lost half your body weight, burned all your furniture, killed and eaten your dog and seen one or more of your kids and wife die of starvation- then,

14) They show up at your door (assuming you still have one) with a swat team in an Armored troop carrier, offering Velveeta cheese for your guns and, guess what; you, on your knees, will meekly thank them, hand them over your (never used) weapons and lick their boots in humble gratitude, trembling with weakness and fear!

The demoRATS and their globalist pals have gotten away with all this because, they wanted to and because they met no resistance. As Lenin said, "when subduing your opponent, push in the bayonet, if you meet no resistance, push further." In taking down America, the demoRATS have felt little resistance, so, of course, they're pushing further. Stealing the election was first, so far, they have laughed at how truly pathetic and how weak really was and is the resistance.

They laugh at it and laugh at you cowering there on your couch. Afraid of the FBI are you?  Did you take your vax, double and the booster? Good say the demoRATS, we have little to fear from this one, he's sick and will soon be dead. Did he juice his kid and the wife? Great, they'll all be gone. Did he give puberty blockers to his 8 year old boy? Great, amazing how stupid they really are.  Let's start loading the trucks with the cheese...

YOUR CHOICE IS; Organize while you have the strength, take them out before they take you out while you still have the means (meaning your weapons) To succeed you will need National Guard units to build a creditable force and then  send them in to take down the sewer. No marching about like an idiot wearing Buffalo horns this time.

Of course, you can  wait for the November midterms and pray that monkey pox doesn't morph into "Gorilla pox," causing another phony pandemic and that Zukabuk doesn't ship out another millions ballot harvesting boxes and that the modems in the  machines won't flip all the votes. Remember, those 2000 mules are still out there.

There's another option; you can sit and pray. But, don't expect the RATS to just walk away without a fight. They will do (as they have shown) whatever it takes to win- that's guaranteed. So, do nothing and the Velveeta cheese is most probably coming. Not to worry, there's a warm room in a FEMA camp waiting for you.

A CALL TO ARMS     (written especially to and for you)

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