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The Third World War

War is hell, we've all heard that from the first war movie to the last, that's the message. But really, what is it, what was it and what will it be? In the past and up to the present, war can be defined by a nation, or two or more nations, engaged in kinetic conflict, meaning using armed men and machines to, for various reasons, kill each other.

One nation can declare war against another or against a group of their own citizens attempting to change that government. Such conflicts can be insurrections, which can imply a somewhat smaller conflict or they can be general civil wars wherein two parts of the same country engage in a far wider war with significant risk to either side. America had a civil war in 1860.

China had theirs with Chairman Mao successfully leading a repressive communist force beating the Kuomintang (KMT)-led government of Sun Yet Sen (Republic of China ROC) between 1927 and 1949. Russia also, in 1917, engaged in a very real civil war wherein the reds (Bolshevik, communists) beat the Mensheviks (white nationalists) destroying individual freedom for 70 years until the USSR collapsed in 1991.

Of course, we've see the horrors of mechanized warfare between nations with WWI, II and to some degree Korea. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are not classified as modern wars as only one side was able to deliver fully mechanized forces and only one belligerent risked sovereignty.

So, what happens after war? Supposedly, one side prevails (wins) and the other loses but, is that always the case? In WWI Germany was defeated in 1918 but, 22 years later, was able to re-start WWII and came within a whisker of winning. Looking at these two conflicts in a broader sense, it's not unrealistic to see them as one war spanning 31 years (1914-1945). The goals and combatants, on both sides, were, in the main, the same.

One can argue that in 1945 the 31 year war was finally over and one side (Nazis and Germany) was totally defeated such that all resistance ceased and the cause (i.e. Third Reich) completely obliterated.

The militant Japs under Tojo (the Razor) who, even before the Nazis, were busy invading and destroying other countries (China in the 30's) were decisively defeated in 1945 such that the Japanese military never again rose up. Japan was utterly decimated and forced to surrender unconditionally. That war we (America) won. The final blow was the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan- the first and, we pray, the last example to the world of the destructive power of the atom.

In 1945 the curtain closed, hopefully forever, on kinetic wars between modern nations (meaning those nations possessing nuclear weapons). Mankind was forced into a period of relative safety such that nations were no longer able to force their will on other countries. The fear of mutual assured destruction precluded modern warfare between nations. So, for the past 77 years, I would argue that has been the only reason we have not been clawing at each others throats!

Of course, the crazed desire for domination and power hasn't been weakened in the least. Mankind is just as bloodthirsty bat-shit crazy as ever. The demented lust for total power hasn't been reduced in the dark hearts of the evil ones. Islam still wants to force all humanity to bow to their phony "small g" god ole Moe, the pedophile and sociopathic, homicidal maniac and so-called prophet who never made a prophecy. Then, we have the evil communist dictator, Chairman XI, who wishes to dictate everything to everyone on earth and is busy trying to do just that.

Today, unfortunately, WW III is underway. On one side we have the so-called over-world; globalists, Billy (take your juice) Gates, Soros, Klaus Schwab, elements of the UN, China and the mad-man who commissioned the Georgia Guide-Stones vs. seven plus billion humans. The enemy's a pack of truly dangerous enormously influential and wealthy lunatics bent on assuming total control over humanity as they unfold their (final solution) de-population agenda.

While it's highly doubtful that we will ever see towering mushroom clouds rising over the cinders of what had been humanity, happy soldiers toting conventional weapons will never stop murdering each other in the name of their particular loyalty or cause célèbre du jour. Fortunately, the likelihood of great nations tossing monster bombs at each other is today, in my opinion, beyond logical possibility.

The above, unfortunately in no way, allows humanity respite from fear. The possibility of human extinction at the hands of the crazed minions of Satan (as all war mongers truly are) remains very much with us today. Yes, they have put away their bombs, bullets and bayonets but unfortunately, in WW III, they have traded them in, as it were, for a 'needle.' "If we can't bomb them all to death, by all means, let's simply exterminate them by other means."

Cooperating so as to achieve common goals, China and the Globalists created a phony virus treatable (curable) you know, only by a shot of Doctor Fauci's "magical elixir" (the juice) which is delivered naturally by big pharma and guaranteed to do the job! Never ever mention the cheap and highly effective therapeutics!

The problem was (is) how to convince their "victims," the people to take the juice? The world's major propaganda companies (all media outlets) are owned by only 6 individuals and, as part of the 13 families, they own everything there is to own; controlling interest in all the world's companies, all the banks, all the world' governments and 99% of all the world's debt and wealth. How hard could it be to bend humanity to their will?

As it turned out, not too hard! Within a few months, millions were frightened out of their wits. The MSM began beating the drum and soon 3.5 billion were soon wandering about wearing the silly and totally useless face diapers. Many of the more stupid still are. Millions of companies were shuttered, never to open again. Millions got sick (as, of course, they always have and always will) but, this time, (you know) all were struck only with the dreaded virus.

Patients from car wrecks were labeled as died from covid- hospitals and physicians were coerced and paid to sign all the certificates as 'died from covid!' The captive media and crazed authorities, lefties all, endlessly shouted "PANDEMIC, DEATH, DEATH!" from the rooftops and the fools (the sheeple) bought it-hook, line and proverbial sinker!

Now, they (the cabal, Globalists and China) began act three. Deliver the "juice!" The trick here was to get everyone (all 7.5 billion) juiced before any twigged) What's that mean? Simple, the fear drum had to beat incessantly. The sheep must be driven to slaughter before any 'woke' to the fact that the clinics and hospitals are actually abattoirs- and death is in the needle- not salvation! They successfully rigged the election to get rid of Trump and installed a demented Chinese puppet who immediately began destroying America from within. All part of the plan!

You have to give them (The cabal) credit. They tried. Even today, when only the dumbest are taking the juice, the drum never stops- not for a second. Every paper, every channel, every talking head, every crazed politician- all plead, cajole, beg, bribe, threaten and force the people to suicide. Around the world, it's thought that, despite these enormous and most impressive efforts, today only perhaps 2 billion are fully juiced.

Unfortunately for the Cabal (the killers) thousands died, many soon after the poison entered their bodies, many more thousands have been severely sickened and many scientists and physicians, at great risk to themselves, have publicly warned us to avoid the toxic juice. Of course, this is exactly is how and why this elegant and brilliant over-world war plan began falling apart.

The cabal misjudged. Humanity, as it looks today, isn't going to die out as they wished and planed. Too many did twig! Too many were Intelligent and distrustful enough to see through their ugly scheme. The "juice" killed too many too quickly setting off alarm bells that could not be silenced. The poison severely damages human heart tissue -especially in younger people. The other reason they failed is because, as a vaccine, the stuff doesn't work. Million's of the vaxxed, double vaxxed and triple (boosted) vaxxed were and are filling clinics and hospitals with serous illness- many are croaking! The shit doesn't work- it's lethal!

Had all the above not been the case, it's possible that a hell of a lot more would have been lulled into taking the crap and then they would quietly just die off after 2 or 3 years and nothing, at that point, could or would be done to save them. War over! That was the plan- which, lucky for us, didn't work! Stage one and two worked great; the phony plan-demic (covid 19, sars-2) was a real winner. Many people actually believed it. The sheeple were driven wild with fear. The media and others did their job brilliantly. Full marks!

So, who can the Cabal blame for their failure? The drug company R&D departments got it wrong. In their zeal and haste to get the juice out there and to make sure it killed slowly but surely, required a lot of very serious work. The shit does kill, but it does so to too many too quickly. They have been working on it since 2000 but still didn't get it right. Were animal tests were stopped too soon? All the animals injected died. That perhaps should have told them something- ya think?

The war's not over just yet! They're still trying but results are dismal. Every kid that dies or winds up with a serious heart problem hurts the Cabal's war effort. The many young and fully vaxxed athletes who croaked, some in front of the fans, hurt. The endless squealing about the endless variants makes them sound even more ridiculous. Let's face it, the proverbial cat has escaped the proverbial bag! Their act is on the street and they failed! The Australian lock downs and forced lock-ups are about over and the idiots pushing them will be rounded up and probably get a serious beating from very pissed-off citizens. God knows they deserve it!

In America, many states have shut the Cabal down. Federal courts have found Biden's forced vax illegal and unconstitutional. Florida never had lock-downs and never had many virus deaths either- just the normal 722 passing per one hundred thousand that has been the norm for decades. What the Cabal tried to pass off as the "dreaded Chinese killer virus" from dead pangolins (a kind of porcupine) or bats found in a wet market being eaten and spread by a million infected Chinese turned out to be only a mild cold, a flu or, more seriously, influenza. The likely real source of the contagion (for which even today not a single verifiable "testable" sample can be produced) seems to be a Chinese laboratory illegally funded by the diminutive evil Dr. Fauci. (a reincarnation of Dr. Mengele?)

Florida, Texas and others saw through the bullshit and have taken legal and practical steps to distance themselves from the crazed DC woke mob under the demented, illegal and traitorous biden administration. This de-facto and actual de-jure separation reflects conditions between the states reminiscent of the first civil war. Let's pray we can avoid another one!

So, what's the fall-out from this "war of the needle?" Well, sadly, the news isn't good. America will survive but- not as she was. The damage is severe. It's likely, assuming the scientists and physicians are right, that all the vaxxed will croak (100 million or about a third or more of the country) over the next 2 to 3 years. Unfortunately, many of these will be military, police, fire fighters, doctors and hospital workers (first responders) along with many employed in crucial infrastructure areas such as energy, electrical, water, transportation etc. How many of United and Delta pilots have taken the juice? Already we have seen vaxxed pilots die, some even in the cockpit.

With a significant percentage of our military (as many as 70%) incapable of functioning (due to brain-vax-fog) and death, how vulnerable are we to advances by China? Good question. We have seen many cases of what are called "vaxidents" meaning car crashes caused by fully vaccinated drivers unable to control their vehicles. Can you imagine a fully vaxxed Abrams tank crew or a vaxxed fighter pilot struggling to remember how to start the engines?

What else? Well, thousands of pregnant and vaxxed females have miscarried. What about damage to the fetuses that survive? Reports indicate that the poisonous vaccine is causing birth defects, including heart defects, vision and hearing problems. Over time, we may see a great deal more of these sad occurrences. Does this remind you of the 1961 thalidomide tragedy?

New studies also show vaxxed men face serious reproductive health issues. That's certainly a big win for the Cabal. Human numbers are bound to fall. Do you wonder why CDC didn't immediately take the juice off the market in the face of the many deaths and injuries reported on their own site? That they didn't should give you some idea of the incredible power of the Cabal!

Let's say, in the near future, we somehow come to our senses. We get rid of the Biden bunch, via election or other means, and re-establish common sense government for and by the people. Such appears to be the case as it's doubtful republicans, conservatives and all who truly love America (even some libs) will ever again be asleep at the polls. I'm reasonably confident (hopeful) that we will not see any more rigged elections.

So, assuming we get rid of biden, take back both houses and maybe even get Trump back, how do we deal the Cabal? Do we jail Fauci, shut down the drug companies and claw back all the money? Maybe! Do we prosecute everyone who pushed the murder juice? I would hope so. By then, the evidence (stacks of bodies) will be hard to miss! (I can't believe I just said that!!!) The deep state has to go of course, all the leadership in all the DC corrupt alphabet agencies must go and many need to be imprisoned. I'd vote to slam their asses into Gitmo for life!

Yes, the rats know they've lost the war. Already, we're seeing them jumping the sinking lib ship. Many in the media and congress are bailing hoping, I guess, that by doing so they hope to be overlooked when we take back the reins of power. In Europe, enormous crowds are protesting. I wonder how far off they are from burning some of the "vaxxers" at the stake?

The top Cabal members however are fighting back. They've hired lawyers trying to have the Nuremburg Code nullified. There paying their cops and military double time to protect them and enforce their collapsing mandates. Many of the "mandators," of course, for example, in Australia and Austria quit government and have gone into hiding. As they go down, expect to see terrible acts of savagery. These people don't like to lose.

One thing I assure you of, the principal players of the Cabal aren't gone and aren't going anywhere. Like I said, they own everything and, absent the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, always will. They want us (the un-vaxxed humans gone). They want humanity reduced to perhaps 500,000 and they plan to develop AI powered androids to perform whatever tasks needed. They are far along in this process but will need the quantum computer to complete the project. Every single government, university and IT company in the entire world is rushing to develop this technological wonder and I'm certain that one of them will succeed, sooner rather than later.

Why? Why not? The android, powered in this way, can do everything faster and better than the human and for free. They will be enormously strong and fast, have unbelievable reflexes, never age, be hyper-intelligent and acquire knowledge at amazing speed. They will be able to do everything better. Humans such as we will be like barn animals by comparison. Of course, we will be undesirable. We need food, clothing, shelter, electricity, we consume and, by then, will have nothing to contribute- in this brave new world humans will be a great burden.

So, yes, the Cabal may have lost WW III but, I guarantee they will continue to fund the development of the super-human quantum AI android and nothing will stop them! When they get the first one working, which I believe won't be far away- perhaps, a few years or less, they will soon build more- eventually, millions.

Of course, the AI Android will be self-replicating and in short order, they will be 100% in control of everything. All police, military and workers in every field will heartless, soulless and Godless androids working 24 hours every day for free. Humans, who are only productive 40 hours a week, will be essentially obsolete and un-needed! Some of us may survive to work in areas where human imagination and artistic talent won't be totally replaced. At least, now you know what's coming and why!

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