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In case you've noticed, as many have, 87% of all TV adverts feature blacks. I checked the adverts in the 1950's and there were almost no blacks- interesting? Don't you think that's odd as blacks represent only 13 % of our population? I do. I believe that diversity or heterogeneity, in contrast to commonality or homogeneity, delivers social and cultural confusion, separation and disintegration while the later brings comfort, social cohesion, purpose, progress and unity. Obvious distortions, such as this, are meant to confuse and confound a society, to turn reality upside down, to make you believe what you know cannot be and then to make you shut up and accept it!

The "woke" message here, as regards the TV adverts, is that whites are (or should be) a minority and blacks should dominate- so get used to it... Those pushing this brand of upside down diversity are, in the main "WOKERS." Of course, (no surprise) 99% of the TV advert producers are white "wokers!" The "woker," in case you didn't know, is a godless, soulless atheist and democrat socialist! In other words, these miserable people are true enemies of America and humanity.

For the true "woker" God and God's laws don't exist. The "woker" exists only in the moment and fears not retribution-for him there's no afterlife. These cold beings have no sense of right or wrong or good or bad. They fervently profess, project and attempt to force on us their twisted belief in diversity, multi-culturalism and globalism, three things I believe to be cancers on the face of humanity and a great source of human suffering.

What are other characteristics of the "wokers?" From observation, they are (male or female) in the main, under 50, attended schools in blue dominated urban areas, were subjected to far left teachers and professors and never served in the armed forces. As an identifiable group they are:

  • Mostly single, many divorced

  • Live alone in urban apartments

  • Pray to their climate Gods to strike down climate deniers

  • Despise fossil fuels while embracing renewables

  • Believe themselves enlightened and superior.

  • Generally have an inability to comprehend STEM courses

  • Have no garage and no tools

  • Have no pets and no hobbies

  • Don't drive or own cars (those that do have electric vehicles)

  • Don't camp, hike, hunt, fish, ski, dive or boat.

  • Few cook, most order in or eat out

  • Few take vacations or engage in sports

  • Many wind up in the media, education and government

  • Many are in ill health, few have physical stemma or strength

  • Many have and have had drug and alcohol problems and most are not physically attractive

  • Many continue to wear the face diaper and want you and your kids to (forever)

  • Most, if not all, have taken the clot shot (actually, that's good news for us)

  • Most listen only to far left news and fervently support queers, freaks, perverts and child molesters

  • Most are only remotely happy when making others unhappy

So, there you have it, a comprehensive description of the "woker." They are dangerous. Do not dismiss them as a joke. These are the whackos who see nothing wrong with Will Thomas (a 6-4" behemoth male) competing in women's swimming competition. They want to turn your little boy into a little girl by feeding him dangerous drugs at age 5 and then, at ten, absent parental consent, cut his little penis off. They desperately want to teach your children to hate America and to hate themselves for being white. If possible, they would force you from your home and turn it over to blacks. They have said as much! They see nothing wrong with gangs stealing from stores and want the police to go away replaced with social workers. They have publically called for whites to quit their jobs and hand them over to blacks.

"Wokers" infest every agency and department of government, education, the corporate world and the media to an unbelievable degree. Thousands of these miserable people absolutely control big tech. The CEO of Twitter, a ugly sod named Parag Agrawal, an immigrant from India, has said that while you can say whatever you wish, if he doesn't like it, he can (will and does) limit those who hear your message. This censorship exists all across most of social platforms and all those engaging in it are "wokers!" All the FB fact-checkers are "wokers."

99% of all those working at NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN and BBC are crazed libs who hate your conservative guts. Many at FOX (fortunately not all) are also whacko libs. ZUKABUC at Facebook not only limits your right to free speech, he even decides who will be our president. This SOB woker freak spent many hundreds of millions to buy the 2020 election and I guarantee he's delighted with the sad results and destruction of our great but disintegrating and declining country. Like Stalin (their hero) said, "it's not who you vote for who wins the election- it's who counts the votes!"

The "black Gal" Biden nominated for our supreme court is a true "woker." She can't (won't) say what a woman is! "Gender Fluidity" is what these sick freaks call this truly bizarre and disgusting aberration. Obviously, putting her on our court would be terribly destructive to our country. Of course, that is precisely why "they" want to do it. Already, the entire world is laughing at the demented traitorous husk sitting in our White Housie pretending to be a legitimate office holder. If we tragically allow her on our court that will only make us even more foolish and self-destructive in eyes of the cognitively aware world.

Imagine, how do you think this "woman" sees our constitution and bill of rights? She was admitted and passed through Harvard under that "woker" school's affirmative action program. Her class and LSAT grades are sealed. The Legal Scholastic Aptitude Test (LSAT) tests whether the student posses the IQ and skills necessary for success in law school. Those skills include reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing. My sources have advised that her scores were among the lowest on record.

There's some devious dark logic to the de-construction of the social fabric being foisted on our country. What do you mean? Well, one sure way to overturn the status quo is to get the citizens thinking (confused enough) that everything they thought to be true maybe isn't, that good is actually bad and maybe bad might really be good. What they believed for years (learned in school) might actually be the opposite. So, if "they" can convince generations of kids that (for example) socialism is good and capitalism isn't, might not "they" be able to destroy the great engines of wealth and thereby impoverish the nation making them all destitute and more beholden and obedient to government?

Can "they" not teach generations to hate their own country? Isn't that, in fact, exactly what their agenda is with the 1619 project and CRT? Of course, that's what it is! So gender fluidity, what's that really about? If boys can be girls just by saying they are then, anything is possible. The idea is to get enough to actually believe it and frighten the rest into silence, submission and acceptance. Disconnect reason from intelligence and destroy (discredit) common sense. Don't believe your eyes- believe us! Do that and you have destabilized the society making the citizens so unsure of themselves and everyone that they will gladly accept anyone. Of course, in this case "anyone" will be the men who own everything, the NWO, the UN, the Climate nutters and woker leaders, all pretending to offer truth and stability a la George Orwell's " Big brother!"

So, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, Masks work, no, masks don't work, take the kill shot, don't take the kill shot. Thousands take the juice and thousands died. No they didn't, not true, no one died. The vax works, the Vax doesn't work. Biden won fair and square. No, the election was rigged and stolen. The riots are peaceful, no there not, people are dying, no there not. Cities are burning- no they not! We see it on the TV. Don't believe the TV, all right-wing lies. Trump is a Russian agent, read the dossier. No he isn't. So today, half of America doesn't know what to believe and the other half doesn't care!

If the "wokers" take the court, the game's over. There will be nothing left to believe in. Already, the court is badly compromised. Many of their decisions are already incomprehensible to most Americans. The ugly fact that they refused to listen to the evidence of the rigged and stolen 2020 election, an issue so fundamental to our constitution and basic freedoms, was and remains truly unbelievable. That fact alone destroyed much of whatever faith Americans retained in the ability of the court to make fair judgments. The stories of John Roberts flying the Lolita express and visiting Epstein's pleasure inland were never disproven or refuted.

The term itself, "woke" is misleading and inappropriate and it's supposed to be. The term makes one think that perhaps the person is more fully awake, switched on and aware than the rest of us. Truth is, as rare as truth may be these days, is that the forces being this destructive movement are as far from switched on as you can possibly imagine. In fact, they're positively retrograde!

So, who are "they?" Those running about on the tube, in politics, education and running for offices whilst espousing super-lib nonsense and supporting men swimming against women are but the "useful idiots" and "true-believers" of the movement. Every such moment needs them. The monsters behind the curtain however are cut from a very different cloth. Here we have such as George Soros, The Royal Families, The Davos 7, and the Catholic Church etc. This rarified and aged group includes the owners of all that can be owned, all the liquid wealth, all the properties, all the debt and all the banks. They own, in fact, all the world's governments whether they, (the governments) know it or not.

They are old, as old as the hills, and they have owned everything for hundreds of years. For them, the goal of "wokisim" is and was from the beginning to turn everything for the common man upside down, make him question himself and examine everything he thought he knows and knew. To get him so confused, so disturbed and so fearful that he would completely miss the point. So, common then, what is the point? If you haven't sussed it out by now you likely won't- so, Ill tell you.

Back a long time ago, just after WWI, the idea that humanity was going to be a serious problem entered into the collective consciousness of the globalist owners of everything. The war was indeed worldwide and posed a real threat to their personal happiness and stability. It became a mathematical certainty that, as long as enough food could be produced, unless something was done, the human population was going to expand and continue to expand exponentially.

The numbers would eventually grow far beyond the geographical ability of population centers to accommodate their needs thereby resulting in massive famines and more wars. Indeed, these dire predictions have most certainly turned out to be unfortunately all too true. Exacerbating all this was massive inequity such that 20% lived high on the proverbial hog whilst the rest swam in the shit!

Communism and socialism came along, Marxism and Nazism joined in and the world went nuts. A second world war erupted. Five years later, communism and capitalism won, the Nazis lost, the Socialists lost and, the globalists, the men who owned everything, they also lost. They didn't lose any money. If you own everything you can't lose money. What they lost was control. The rise of China was a threat. The growing strength of the capitalists in America was a threat. Control was slipping through their hands. Something had to be done!

The only answer to controlling humanity was depopulation. Reduce the numbers while you can before they overwhelm. These men own everything, they have thousands of lawyers bankers, accountants and companies doing exactly as they are ordered. No government can defeat or control them. They own all the media outlets worldwide, they control the narrative. The plan was to rid the world of half or more of the human population and vastly weaken its governments. Enormous bribes were paid out to greedy politicians to support the narrative. Of course, they all went for it!

They first created the phony pandemic to terrify the sheeple. Millions were dying of the new plague. They named it Covid 19 and it was unstoppable, it spread like wildfire. Every paper TV and radio show screamed out the warnings 24/ 7 for months. Photos of stacked bodies were released and posted on every station. My God, the poor wretches moaned, what, oh what, can we do! We're all going to die a most horrible death.

THEN, A MIRACLE! Incredibly gifted scientists slaving away for impossible hours at philanthropic wonderful and most generous pharmaceutical companies (also owned by the men who own everything) had invented a cure- a vaccine to save the world and our babies. How the people (sheeple) cheered, they clapped and danced for joy.

Better yet, best of all, it was free!!! You're kidding? Nope, your wonderful beneficent government is providing the magic cure for free. Just roll up your sleeve and we will stick the ole needle in and there you are my boy, saved! My God, how they lined up, in happy droves, by the many millions and eventually, so it was planned, by the billions. Of course, the vax was labeled "experimental" but what the hell does that mean anyway and who the hell cares. And, of course, the wonderful pharmaceutical companies were granted legal immunity but, what the hell does that mean and, anyway, who in hell cares!

The demoRAT authorities (elected tyrants in waiting) in the blue states helped drive the sheeple mad with fear. They locked their cities down, forced everyone to wear a silly and totally useless mask (subservient training) and put millions out of business, many forever. They mandated (totally illegally) that everyone get the juice whether they wanted to or not. Many were forced to take it or lose their jobs. Total insanity reigned across the country for 2 years..

But then, but then, damnit, double damnit, something unexpected began happening. In days or weeks of getting juiced, many croaked and many more got sick. What the hell was happening? Yes, we knew the men who owned everything said, we knew they all would die, that's the plan but, not now, for Christ's sake, it's too soon, we have billions more of the vermin to juice. Now they will be afraid!

And afraid was just the tip of the ole burg. The fear and panic of the phony virus eventually fizzled as did the virus itself. Millions caught it and it wasn't much worse than a cold or, at worst, the flu which, as it developed, was all Covid ultimately was. Labeled (or mislabeled) a dangerous virus, covid 19 SARS 2 turned out to be nothing but a variation of the common rhinovirus. A phony test (the PCR) had been invented to go with the phony virus but the people soon twigged to that as well. By setting the control high, the test always said the person was positive when, in fact, the test couldn't tell anyone anything. It was all fake science. Only a physician with diagnostic experience can say a given patient has some kind of illness or not. Only by a thorough examination and checking vitals can anyone tell anything about anyone. Sticking a notoriously inaccurate electronic thermometer in front of someone's head or sticking a swab into the nose can't tell you anything! Absurd!

As the men who own everything watched their depopulation plan evaporate, they rolled out plan B (and if necessary plan C and D and so on.) Determined they are. The emergence of the "wokers" was plan B. Create even more distrust in government (after the 2020 election it probably was no longer possible to increase the level of distrust but, what the hell, it doesn't hurt to try..) Confuse and distort reality, get the younger generation to attack the older one. Get crazed blacks to kill cops, rob, and commit hideous crimes. Get them to kill each other... encourage lefty governments to defund their police. let chaos reign.. That was and, in fact, is plan B!

Don't think the men who own everything are done yet, not by a long shot! They're implementing plan C as I write this article. You know what it is, the war in Ukraine. Their hoped for final solution master plan. You guessed it, a nuclear world war leaving only a starving, weak, easily managed fraction of humanity wandering and staggering about all severely damaged from radiation.

That will usher in plan D. What's plan D? I'm glad you asked. This is the introduction of millions of self-replicating synthetic IT powered humanoids to provide slave labor to the men who own everything. The beauty of this new workforce is they don't get sick, don't get paid, don't take vacations, don't retire, don't take maternity leave, don't need a kindergarten in every factory, don't take bathroom or lunch breaks, never make mistakes of any kind, never complain or form unions and they work 24/7. What more could you ask for?

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