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The massively ignorant and naive little kids squealing in the streets about climate change and save the earth are naught but sad and pathetic useful idiots manipulated by the murderous over-world cartel wishing and planning to rid the world of most humans.

The human population has grown exponentially since the invention of the steam engine and introduction of cheap energy allowing the creation of cheap fertilizer which permitted the production of almost unlimited cheap food. Absent either, humanity would wither, starve and die-off in massive numbers.

As the chart indicates, the human population remained under a billion until about 1850 when the steam engine was introduced and the use of coal as a fuel to power boilers in industry, ships, generators and agriculture significantly eliminated the need for human muscle while providing an almost unlimited abundance of cheap fertilizer, which in turn allowed for an unlimited production of cheap food, allowing the human population to expand at an exponential rate.

The cabal representing the OWG, globalists and crazed (hysterical tree huggers) environmental groups (numbering in the hundreds) have very different motivations and expectations one from the other. The motivations of the naive and misinformed young idealists sincerely believing in saving the good ole earth are not shared in the least with the evil over-world financing and planning the ultimate demise of humanity.

On one hand, we have all the little Gretta's and their sad ilk prancing about waiving banners and squealing for an end to dirty oil, coal and gas gaily worshiping and singing innocently to mother earth whilst on the other, we have the conniving, truly criminal, Godless one world government elitists pretending to be on their side.

The main enemy of both is coal. Perceived by the greens as a dirty, foul disgusting product contaminating the beautiful green earth with foul vapors and massive filthy soot dirtying the clean blue skies and besmirching everything it touches with hateful filth whilst seen by the other as a simple means to end most of all human life.

The OWG bunch pushing the narrative doesn't really give a rat's ass about coal except that they want it stopped completely. If they don't care, why would they want coal shut down? Good question. For now, the UN, WHO and all the globalists appear to be pushing the little naive kiddies to help them move humanity into renewables as fast as possible.

Sadly, should either get their way, which actually may occur given the massive and unbelievable stupidity of many governments, here's what will happen. Few understand the relationship of coal to fertilizer and fertilizer to food production but let me just say that; absent fertilizer there would be almost no food. Does that get your attention?

Everything that grows or eats (vegetables, livestock, chickens and many fish) are utterly 100% dependant on fertilizer to produce their food stock. The only reason we have fertilizer at an affordable cost is 100% due to the abundance of cheap coal energy which, as of today, supplies some 80% of the world's power and 80% of all fertilizer which makes 100% of all food possible.

Shut down coal and fossil energy, exactly what the climate changes nutters want, and all food production worldwide ceases along with it. Of course, the Greenies have no idea that this is what they're fervently and most sincerely pleading, praying (not that they actually pray) and are screaming for. Wind and solar cannot possibly deliver enough power to create even 1% of the fertilizer needed to feed 7.5 billion humans. Even if we built millions of wind generators and more millions of solar arrays (which we can't and won't) and depended entirety on them to make fertilizers, 90% of humanity would die of starvation long before any of them were on-line.

It gets far worse. Assuming we actually converted all electric power to renewable and made the greenes (and OWG bunch) happy; because the cost of renewable energy is 300% greater than that produced by coal, everything produced down-line, using that enormously expensive power, would also increase in cost. Food prices worldwide would soar to unheard of prices and sales would necessarily cease, so down-line production would also cease and again- humanity would starve! The greenes, in their "save the earth" T-shirts and plastic sneakers would, within a few months, be found by the side of the road as emaciated rotting corpses.

If all our trucks were to be powered by electricity, only ten percent would be able to be on the road at any one time. This would mean the end of the supply chain forever! Why? Even today, with our existing enormous electrical generation capabilities, powered as they are by oil, gas, coal, hydro, nuke and some renewables, if more than ten percent of all vehicles were electric and trying to charge all those enormous batteries at one time, the entire country would brown out. And, of course, that's only here. In poorer countries, no electric vehicles could be operated.

The evil Satanic monsters, those we call the cabal, of course know all this. The phony virus and the deadly vaccine are 100% their idea. The save the earth nonsense is also 100% their idea. If the vax can wipe our a couple of billion foolish enough to suicide as they plan, then perhaps, by playing along with the greenies and shutting down fossil power generation thereby drying up fertilizer production and distribution by wrecking the supply chains, food production will virtually cease and starvation will take care of the rest. Happy days!

That's the plan. Now you know. Of course, now the Cabal knows that I know and that I told you. It's entirely likely that they will do what they have to do to silence me. Maybe you too, depending of course, on what you do with the information.

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