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Our Darkest Hour

The uber-rich, who hold us in distain and actually hate us, have always known the virus was phony (because they created it) and, they knew the vax wasn't a vax again, because they created that as well! The vax doesn't work to prevent disease because it was never supposed to. What it does do is degrade the human immune system so the sea of opportunistic contagions surrounding humanity will eventually finish them off. It makes their body magnetic, causes lethal blood clots and kills many in days or weeks. Many real experts (scientists and physicians) say that it will eventually kill all in 24 to 36 months. The graphene oxide, spike proteins, and nanosensors in the juice are highly dangerous. Once the 5G antennas are switched on, we'll see just how.

This evil insanity started a la (the Georgia guide stones, UN papers on sustainability, comments of Claus Schwab, Gates et al regarding de-population) a long time ago on a test basis to see what they could get away with. For example; 1) HIV Aids, 2) Legionnaires' disease, 3) Noroviruses, 4) SARS, 5) Bird Flu, 6) MERS, 7) Ebola, 8) Zika and now, 9) covid-19-sars2. Do you really believe that any of them are just Mother Nature playing tricks on us?

The idea was (and is) to use government and the media to terrify the sheeple into actually believing that a invisible viral contagion emerged (originated) from Chinese Pangolins (anteaters) or even bats, murdered by starving chinks to make Pangolin or bat Chop Suey who, as we know, will eat anything that moves, including a lot that doesn't. The story the Feds and media was ordered to peddle was that the diseased carcass's of these poor small beasts were hung in a wet market (along with dead bats, 1000 year old ducks, 500 year old eggs, tiger balls and some powered rhino horn) where the evil contagion (the dreaded corona covid 19-sars 2 virus) somehow jumped the animal human blood barrier into a million Chinese shoppers who were innocently buying delicious bits of the poor dead and infected critters and later, with raging fevers, immediately jumped on waiting transports, flew to America and infected us all.

Later, of course, we found out what really happened. Ole Doc Flip-flop Fauci, beginning back in 2000, was financing the commie Chink bastards to create a relatively mild, cold-like virus they planned to spread around the world screaming "PANDEMIC!" Then later, working with American Big Pharma, they would deliver this magic vaccine that would kill any foolish enough or frightened enough to take it.

To make this work, to sufficiently terrify the sheeple, the definition of "PANDEMIC," which they have been screaming bloody murder 24/7, had to be changed. In 2009, the WHO, under Gates and China, changed it to read that a pandemic was now just a wide-spread infectious disease. Before that, it had included the words "a pandemic has to kill at least 10% of the infected. That bit they left off! Look it up!

The sheep had to (must be made to by any and all means) take the "juice" (vax) and then, over and over, they must go for booster after booster to fight the "terribly dangerous" (don't you know) endless variants. (how many, how many letters are in the Greek alphabet?) Of course, many millions of the less intelligent and terrified sheeple indeed did go for it. They must be forced to even murder their small children and, as the good Doctor Fauci said, we must even inject newborns. All must take the juice and die.

Big Pharm, BigTech, the CCP, Klaus Schwab and the Davos bunch the UN, WHO, Gates and Soros et al (globalists all) were, and still are, behind de-population from the very beginning. The manufacturers are pocketing billions from governments who are paying

(with printed taxpayer guaranteed paper dollars) for each bottle! Of course, Big Pharma showed their eternal gratitude, as they always do, by kicking back half of their billions to the politicians who obediently push the mandates. Hospitals and physicians were forced and bribed to label all deaths as "covid," they did- and still do!

At this point, there was still a big fly in the ointment. Donald J. Trump. Trump had Chairman Xi's number and was cutting off the griff, forcing the evil chinkeroos to pay huge penalty tariffs for their evil transgressions and trade violations. The Trump had to go! The demoRATS also hated him. He represented the common man and wanted to make America great again. He drove fear and caution into our enemies, reduced taxes, and lowered prices, made the country energy independent, increased employment, especially among minorities. The underclass, all reliable democratic voters, might actually switch parties. The Marxists, socialists and progressives, (mostly all confirmed atheists) representing the majority of democratic party, feared and detested him for that. They conspired wiht China and others to rig and steal the election using vulnerable (hackable) computer machines and millions of phony mail-in ballots.

It worked. The demented Biden, on paper, got 81 million mostly phony votes which, with Trumps 75 million legitimate votes, was far more than all registered voters in the entire country. So what? Biden won and that's the end of it! Let's get on with ripping off and destroying the country while we juice and murder half or more of all Americans. The RHINO republicans, the demoRATS with their obedient WOKE servants, the fake news jumped on it screaming that "BIDEN WON" from the rooftops and you have to take the magic poison. Anyone saying different was (is) an enemy of the state! Jack Dopey kicked them off Twitter; Zuk banned them from FB for life!

None the less, about 100 million loyal patriotic Americans knew immediately that the rigged election was a massive fraud and the greatest crime in world history. They didn't and don't care about being labeled "enemies of the state!" The country was, on that day, divided never again to unite- that day, and at that moment, sounded the death knell of the "UNITED" STATES OF AMERICA!

Immediately, the evil demoRATS, under the fully demented Biden puppet and his body doubles, began the great destruction of the country. Borders were thrown open and millions of scum and drugs flowed in unimpeded. Massive inflation followed. Unlimited printing of increasingly worthless paper money devalued the dollar. By December 2021, about 30% of all currency in circulation represented neither labor nor profit- just paper. Real inflation, (actually a crippling and cruel tax) was topping ten percent!

Back to driving fear into the least intelligent and naive: Because six global companies own 100% of the world's media, getting all the air time they want is easy-peasy! The money, used as bribes to purchase compliance, was and is unlimited. Tedros, the crooked Ethiopian politician (who is not a doctor of medicine) heads the compromised WHO and half of all American politicians with hundreds of corporations took millions from China and are today bought and paid for puppets. Biden and his crime family are owned by Chairman XI who ordered the disgraceful, tragic and costly exit from Afghanistan.

During this dark time, the blacks, with their ridiculous BLM and Antifa goons, were (and still are) happily burning, looting and murdering each other, cops and others. The idiots painted streets and persuaded WOKE elected and corporate fools to give them money and tear down statues. Schools closed, kids suicided and education ceased. States and cities ruled by demented Dems mandated that everyone take the poison juice, wear masks, stay home close their business and never ever go to church. Police were ordered to enforce these illegal mandates. In some cities today, to enter a public business or building you have to prove you're one of the "walking dead," meaning show your "yellow star" indicating you've been fully juiced!

Could it possibly get worse? Unfortunately yes! Emerging from the social insanity we saw (and see) mothers (mostly single) drugging their little boys to turn them into little girls. Schools are found to be preaching racial hatred along with love and acceptance Islam and of course, freaks and sexual perverts. Math and science have been determined to be raciest (since blacks seem unable to grasp these subjects) and are no longer to be taught. Men are now toxic but, wonder of wonders, they can now become pregnant! People can choose their pronouns. (whatever the hell that means?) Boys, who claim they're actually girls compete in girls sports and wander into their locker and bathrooms at will- and even raping a few. How sick and how bad can it get?

How bad? Maybe, as far as pure evil goes, the worst! I'm sure you know the many stories about the thousands of captive children being preyed upon by pedophiles, murderers and monsters. Adrenochrome for example, what is it? As we learned, adrenochrome is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline extracted from the spines of children which the elite believe helps stave off the effects of aging. Does it, probably not. Are little kids tortured and is adrenaline extracted from them? I have no idea but I know that somewhere kids are trafficked, raped and even murdered and Adrenochrome is real - so decide for yourself.

As a gruesome sidebar you can absolutely believe that once the little kiddies are dead, their kidneys, eyes, hearts and other organs and parts are cut out and sold into the worldwide markets. The CCP, in fact, advertises human organs, harvesting them from their many millions of prisoners and anyone else they catch. Sadly, and regretfully, such isn't a made-up tale- it's true.

The members of the over-world are committed followers (devotees) of Satan and are profoundly evil. The Chinese communists, who are also deeply involved in every area of evil, are, by contrast, not in the least satanic. They instead are soulless atheists possessing not a spiritual bone in their yellow bodies. The communist believes only in the party. He believes in no god or devil. For him there is no reward or punishment after death. For him there is only the 'here and now' and what the collective wants. He is more like an ant than an individual. There is no right and no wrong, no good and no bad. Any means to the end, if desirable, is always justified! Machiavelli's THE PRINCE, written in 1513, well describes the modern Chinese communist.

Our, not so friendly Chinese commie is then totally amoral, absent a spiritual bone in his body. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with cloning humans and raising them to make soldiers or murdering and imprisoning a few million of his own citizens or anyone else if they stand in his way. For the Chinese communist, the property or territory of others can and will be taken when and if the collective want it. They did it in Hong Kong and across the world. For him, it's only a matter of; can he get away with it or not? Obviously, they are dangerous.

There's a marked difference between the CCP and the elite over-world who are, in the main and in their way, not atheists. For them, it's just a question of who, or rather what, they posit as the entity wherein lies their theistic beliefs. They are, in fact, "spiritual beings" believing, like Heinrich Himmler, deeply in the occult and worshiping their master of darkness, the devil, to whom they have sold their eternal soul. Since Satan condones and rewards evil, they have no reservations participating in or commissioning evil acts. Since they own and control 99% of the world businesses and wealth and always have, they can and do more or less exactly as they please. Nothing holds them back, or so they believe.

Satan doesn't promise anything but worldly fame and fortune. The Church of Satan does not have a list of commandments telling its believers how to act toward others to have a peaceful, decent and honest life. He (Satan) says only, "if you follow me and disavow Jesus Christ, I guarantee you great prosperity and all your earthly wishes shall be granted. My payment is that when you pass, your soul belongs to me. There is no chance of rebirth as Jesus promises and there is no eternal life. Once your time on earth is finished you're mine." Amazing how many are willing to trade a few years of earthly pleasure for an eternity in hell. No wonder they're happy to kill little kids to live a little longer. They have NOTHING to look forward to!

So, do the world's elite participate in hideous satanic practices? Probably yes, some do. The passenger manifest on Epstein's aircraft has the names of a lot of them. Clinton went 26 times and Hillary too. Bill Gates and a member of the British Royal Family, Prince Andrew

was chummy with ole Epstein and "loved" the little girls. The story is that the FBI found children's skeletons in the waters around the island. Did Ole Billy boy cook a few kiddies for a midnight snack?

Are Children chained in tunnels under the Vatican? I really don't know. Do you? Did the British queen murder ten little Indian boys in Canada? Some say she did! Do some Hollywood actors drink body fluids from murdered children and are some members of the Church of Satan which positively exists? Look it up for yourselves and decide. Are thousands of humans living today in slavery? Most certainly! Many thousands are today imprisoned in every country as sex slaves and worse- far worse! Slavery and barbaric cruelty has existed as long as mankind. It's always hidden and, with the hundreds of thousands of children being released into America by the illegal Biden administration, I guarantee many have wound up enslaved and worse.

In this war, the new Nazis (over-world and China) have traded in their bombs, bullets and bayonets for bio-weapons and needles. Their intention is (was) to beat the fear drum until everyone is jabbed, dead and replaced with androids and maybe few complacent, brain-dead trans-humans. The desperation they're showing today is due to the survival and non-compliance of many millions of the more intelligent who, early on, figured out the vax is a kill shot, the virus is bullshit and that the elites, the feds and the lying fake media are humanities most sincere enemies!

Unfortunately, in case you were wondering and perhaps hoping, I have to tell you, there are No white hats, No Q, and No secret army of patriots coming to save America and humanity, No help! How far will the over-world and their Chinese pals go to destroy us all? Unlimited! They have murdered hundreds, maybe thousands threatening to expose their plot and are bent on murdering billions more with their evil vax.

There is however, some good news! Today, "the proverbial jig" is about up! When all the vaxxed actually topple over dead, the surviving un-vaxxed millions will almost certainly, if not before, rise up and arrest those making and pushing the juice and set up another Nuremburg trial hanging the guilty. We may yet see Ole Fauci, Billy Gates and his pals swing! Too bad ole Johann (hang en high)Reichhart (the WW II Nazi executioner employed by the Allies to hang the real Nazis) isn't around anymore. Never fear, we'll find someone...

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