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MURDER WILL OUT "Out, out damned spot!"

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

So, now we know! We understand the virus is phony and the vax (which doesn't work at all) is a human de-population poison. We know that thousands are dead with more deathly ill. We know that all those who allowed the vile substance into their bodies are doomed. If they didn't and don't die quickly those that linger suffer compromised immune systems and will contract and die of one or more of hundreds of opportunistic diseases. The mRNA gene altering substances, spike proteins, graphene oxide and lipid nanoparticles invade every organ (including the brain) causing permanent damage and often fatal myocarditis and pericarditis.

We also know who is involved in this carefully concocted worldwide plot to murder half or more of all humans; To name a few let's begin with Chairman of the CCP Xi Jinping, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and others listed below. All are guilty of volitions of the Nuremberg Code, including crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53.

  • Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer

  • Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna

  • Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca

  • Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson and Johnson

  • Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO

  • Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister

  • Christopher Whitty, UK Chief Medical Adviser

  • Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

  • Sajid Javid, current UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

  • June Raine, UK Chief Executive of Medicines and Healthcare products

  • Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation

  • Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum

  • George Soros, Open society

  • Many members of the UN and WHO

  • The democratic party and the Lefty media

OK, we know what they want to do and, to a tragic degree, have, in fact, done. The question remaining is WHY? WHY DID THESE ELITISTS DECIDE TO MURDER BILLIONS OF HUMANS? Are they all simply insane homicidal monsters? Well, truth be told, certainly some of them are indeed murderous monsters, but what of the rest, they all aren't crazy, or are they?

We've read much of what they've written and heard what they've said. As a group, like Hitler with his book Mein Kamph, they make no secret of their monumentally evil plans for humanity. Many of them have spoken publically of their desire to liquidate much of the world's human population. They write and speak of "sustainability and smart cities" and obviously have concluded that we're (humanity) consuming far too much and contributing far too little! They believe that they and their (not our) planet would and will be far better off with most of us gone and the remainder under their firm and total control.

Their argument is that as they move into the age of androids with AI, AGI and quantum computing, there will be nothing useful remaining for great masses of humans to do. All labor intensive functions will be handled by clever, self-replicating intelligent machines. All transport, manufacturing, food production, administration, construction and development will be fully automated with no need for any but light supervision and occasional intervention.

In the elites BRAVE NEW WORLD unlimited ever-larger masses of over-consuming, increasingly useless, (redundant) polluting, and procreating, disgusting and destructive humans will be nothing but an UNSUSTAINABLE and intolerable burden! To save themselves and 'their' planet they had to do something! The obvious and only reasonable answer to this dilemma was and is de-population! They had to figure out a way to kill off and slow the growth of humanity before it was (is) too late.

Our not-so-friendly overlords have been thinking about this for many decades- probably since Margaret Sanger, back in the 1930's, with her eugenics program that the democrats and Hitler so adored. Even earlier, after WWI in 1918, the idea of a one world government first surfaced under the guise of the League of Nations and the idea of population control was considered. The term actually eugenics goes back to 1883 when British scientist Francis Galton, who, influenced by Darwin's ideas of natural selection, argued that humans should procreate such that “the more suitable races or strains stood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable.” Selective breeding (which most certainly works) isn't anything new. It's been successfully practiced by ranchers and famers for many centuries. Of course, it works just as well with humans as it does with cows- how could it not!

Interestingly, looking over the list of those involved in this truly satanic project, one notes that all of them are old. No matter how much adrenochrome they consume or how many babies they murder to get it, it's highly doubtful that many will live along enough to see the fruits of their labor. As mildly amusing as that may be, it's small comfort facing the present on going vax programs etc.

More encouraging is the evidence that as dynamic as the phony virus, the endless equally phony variants, the media hype and kill-shots are; the plan to scare humanity into voluntarily suiciding has ultimately failed. The OWG, Xi and the élites, will have to go back to the drawing board and cook up another scheme to save themselves and their planet. Too many humans have "twigged" to the plot and are refusing to "go quietly into the good night." Great riots of anti-vaxxers (refuse-niks) are springing up worldwide. This begs the question, do the evil ones have a plan "B?" I'll bet they do!

What ruined their perfect scheme is that the vax (the juice) was and is too damned toxic and killed way too many way too fast. The vaxxed were and are dropping like flies everywhere and, no matter now hard the over-world, criminal governments their media lap dogs and big pharma tried and try to hide the truth, they've failed! Seeing on the ole telly 75 young fully vaxxed athletes flop down dead on the field, (like Monty Pythons "dead parrot" skit), didn't help their case. Stories of thousands of kids croaking as their hearts explode surfaced everywhere. The "alternative media" saw to it that we all learned.

The evil ones and their demonic minions overplayed their hand with the absurd, irrational and hugely damaging lockdowns, useless forced masks and social distancing nonsense. Finally, it all blew up in their faces. That stubborn forty or so percent of humans who are just a bit smarter than the rest figured it out. They rebelled and are now pushing forward to end it all. There are public calls to hang Fauci and the resounding cry "Let's Go Brandon" is heard everywhere. The Biden government is today the most despised in all American history.

Cases against the perps (named above) of this murderous plan are now being brought to the courts. No amount of effort by the evil ones to escape punishment will or can succeed. The evidence against them is enormous and on-going. The surviving humans will never rest until they all are punished. Of course, the situation is biblical and clearly one of God vs. Satan and we know how that always ends! Like Charlie Brown, who never learns that Lucy always move the ball at the last second, ole Beelzebub keeps trying but, always loses! None, not one, of the perpetrators of this monstrous crimes is a believer, all are damned soulless atheists despised by God and all good decent and moral men. They have lost!

There are three groups making up those who wish harm to humanity. The first is the Democratic Party in America, a truly Godless organization (just ask Seth Rich) at who's rotten core are found mostly evil atheists, an ugly bunch physically and internally, totally devoid of moral compunction. That, by the bye, is one of the reasons they seem to advance their agenda- no moral restraint! The soulless atheist has no fear of reprisal or punishment after death for his bad acts in life- he simply doesn't believe in God. What a surprise he has coming! For the confirmed atheist which, as my research confirms, is almost all democrats; the concept of hell is naught but a silly fairy tale for children. That's ok, just keep thinking that way!

Just as an aside; my personal introduction to God and Satan occurred during my three years in Vietnam and another five in Africa. I saw the best and worst we can do to and for each other and have left no illusions. Both God and Satan are very, very real- I've seen them both in action! Do not doubt! Blind faith, which sustains many, evaporates like the morning mist when confronted with blinding exploding reality! Do not doubt!

Also, included in the atheist group, are the so-called "wokers." These anti-American scum's worldview has been bent by indoctrination and exposure to a diseased culture condoning and practicing perversion, licentiousness and permissiveness. They are mostly characterized by acceptance of the idiocy of trans-humanism and see nothing wrong in disrespecting our flag. They see themselves as not American but, rather members of a "global community," citizens of the world- to me, more like idiots of the world! These fools invest in China, drive electric cars, eat tofu, hate oil while riding bikes wearing plastic pants and helmets (both made from petroleum!)

The next member of the evil cabal are the Marxists, communists and collectivists, mostly made up from the members of the Chinese Communist party- another thoroughly nasty, Godless and soulless bunch. These guys know positively that when the die they go either to a cold hole in the ground or into an incinerator. They believe only in the here and now. They have no knowledge of, or belief in, good and evil, right or wrong, truth and lies. What distinguishes them is their unshakable belief in whatever's best for the collective, the hive, is the only worthy goal- nothing else matters! They see no evil in cloning humans and having them raised by the military to become super-soldiers or imprisoning millions and harvesting their organs for profit. Building a viral contagion and spreading it to infect and murder others is just fine if it leads to their domination of the entire planet.

Then, we come to the last group which includes some of the élites we named above who, like the Nazis, do retain a perverted sense of spiritualism and / or mysticism. How they express this is totally bizarre and, for normal people, completely unreal. They give their eternal souls to Satan, They can and do join the church of Satan (which exists everywhere and is very real) or perhaps Scientology (totally fake but in some respects the same, meaning it rejects the basic tenants of Christianity. Satan, who I assure you is very real, says "join me and I will give you earthly riches and power in exchange for your soul which I claim upon your death."

For this group, absolutely nothing hinders their earthly acts no matter how cruel, inhuman, beastly or immoral! The Satanist can lie, cheat, murder, torture, rape, steal, burn and commit any and all ugly in-human acts, including human sacrifice and cannibalism whilst feeling not a shred of regret, sorrow or sympathy for his victims. His god, the prince of darkness, approves! We know that thousands of little children have been, and are even now, captured, sold, trafficked, traded, tortured, raped murdered and even eaten by these, the most disgusting of the three groups of evil ones.

The Clintons, Epstein, and many of the 13 families (some named in the list above) are Satanists. Queen Elizabeth, back in 1964 when she was about 38, stands accused of murdering (sacrificing in a satanic blood and explicit sexual ritual) ten little Indian boys in Canada. (did she and Philip do this? look it up!) The royals, as they are called, refer to us as (quote) "cattle fit only to be driven, useless eaters that need to be culled, loathsome commoners and irritating peasants" They never have and never will see the rest of us as human matter how many babies they kiss or charities they endorse.

Their plan, were it to succeed, is for a small number of surviving (chipped, in-planted) humans to be reduced to un-thinking automatons employed only to serve them along with the AI controlled androids and worker bots. They envision a trans-human (genetically modified and chemically lobotomized) controlled human population of not more than 500,000. The idea is to then allow them and their green earth to thrive absent us and massive cultivation.

In their world, only a few of the more manageable smaller cities will survive for them to visit when not enjoying tropical islands, yachts and moving about between parties and gatherings of the élites by private jet. They desperately want a verdant, natural world with crystal clean oceans and the purest of air. Of course, only for them, absent our thousands of polluting aircraft, belching factories, millions of dirty vehicles and flatulating ruminants. Mostly, they wish for, dream of and are working for a planet without us whom they devoutly despise and fervently wish gone. Tough darts boys, maybe next time!

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Jan 01, 2022

Your point of view makes perfect intense and utterly upsetting as it is. God save our children

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