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If America's Enemies (the Communist Left) Could Just Admit it

Just in case you might have missed a few, here's what the insane, crazed a**hole Biden and his freaks and perverts are trying to do to you!

They don't drive, most never owned a car. None have tools, most have no kids and they absolutely hate you. So, raise gas prices kill coal and oil, make food scarce and very expensive, create division and use government jack-booted thugs to attack and terrify. At the same time, push the killer vax to kill as many as are stupid enough to take it and fire any who refuse the juice. Then, make them quit or suicide. Destroy the first responders, police military and nurses and don't forget, juice little kids too. Open the border. Flood the country with drugs, crime and millions of human scum. Ship them all to Red States. Shut down the ports, destroy the supply chain. Get the BS BBB bill through, bribe and threaten the Rhinos. Print trillions, collapse the economy and the currency. They're all too stupid to see what we're doing. So much fun to see them suffer, starve and die. Hide the truth, never let the fools know how many are dying and sick. The useful idiots at CNN always help. What fun! How good it was to steal the election. What idiots they all are!

My old pal Boswell comments on truth!

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Nov 14, 2021

In response to If America’s enemies…

Sad commentary on what appears to be quite accurate!😥

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