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EVIL is a much over-used word, too often tossed about absent consideration or appreciation for its deeper meanings. Properly, EVIL denotes actions of Satanic origin meaning, strictly, in biblical terms, a manifestation caused directly by God's most devoted enemy, Lucifer, the devil, the host of hell, the entity ruling the darkness, wishing and spreading suffering in the physical world of humanity.

Metaphysically, humanity swims from birth to death in a rolling storm swept sea of uncertainty tossed and torn as it were between heaven and hell, not ever finding certainty of either. God and Satan are forever out of tangible reach, terminating, tantalizing and terrorizing the souls of men. None of us can, nor will any ever, "know what, if anything, lies beyond the veil. Only through observation, supposition and physical effect do we, and can we, comprehend that which we define as "good" and therefore label as God's work.

In man's short and often brutish time, that which is not good tends to prevail and repeat. Indeed, the history of humanity can well be told as one of unending conflict, skirmishes, raids and wars- ending in death and destruction- with those prevailing temporarily enjoying the spoils. The interludes, those spaces in time separating one conflict from the next, we label as "peaceful" and therefore "good times!" During such, man devotes energy to creating and making progress in the arts and science. Many delve into the deeper meanings of life, sussing out and defining the hand-work and purpose of our creator. Stories evolve into tomes and tomes into magical truths we publish as evidence positive of our supernatural and beneficent creator; GOD ALMIGHTY!

What mechanism drives this universal and endless quest for certainty of the unknowable is, I submit, the physical, observable and definable ties within us all to what we can name as the "human spirit, the soul." We have abundant evidence of such from anecdotal tales of the beyond told by those who've returned following pronouncement as deceased. We indeed have ancient words from GOD himself proclaiming and promising eternal and ever-lasting life for those who remain within proscribed boundaries- such being defined as non-evil actions and therefore acceptable and moral. Indeed, we are presented by our creator with a simple list of "do-nots" we label them as GOD's commandments! Live by and within them and paradise awaits, transgress and burn in the fires of hell where Satan reigns. Sounds simple enough!

Morality defines the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable acts. The moral person, simply put, does not purposely act in any way to hurt himself or others. The commandments, as laid down by God, define the basis or foundation of all man's law. They, like the American constitution and bill of rights, form a perfect map for humanity to follow to obtain a just and happy existence. Of course, what's moral and or immoral goes even further into areas such as "decency" and "behavior" which color and challenge the fabric of society. Those we consider "immoral" and "indecent" often suffer gender confusion and other personal issues requiring psychological help. Any society catering to the perverted whims of these tormented and sick individuals corrodes its collective sanity, eroding its very morality- purely destructive, wrong and therefore EVIL! Provide help, by all means- but do not enable or normalize!

So how is it that some men move through their allotted years obeying God's word and thereby remaining well on the side of that which is "good" while many others do not? Evidence of the "nots" abound from accident times until today. The Germans, who shoved innocents into boxcars and later into gas chambers, were certainly guided entirely, every step of the way, by Satan. Not a single one of those who participated in this recent extreme genocide possessed even a shred of "goodness." Here we can correctly label them all as purely "EVIL!"

So, to the question of "how?" As simply as can be stated; those who follow, and have followed, Satan abandoned any and all belief in, or sense of, their human soul. These men have no wish to know anything of life beyond the "now," the immediate, the physical. For them, at the end, the very best they can and do hope for is but a quiet hole in the dank, dark and cold earth or perhaps a visit to the crematorium. At worst, their corpse simply lies where it falls, rots and is devoured by worms- disappearing into the winds of time. Truthfully, these men of EVIL do not really care! For them, gratification in life is all there is. They have no concept of or concerns for right and wrong, good or evil, they only want whatever it is they want; murder, rape, theft, crime are to them meaningless terms. The true atheist, these shallow, soulless and Godless men, have abandoned morality, indeed they know not what it even is-nor care!

So, who and where are these men of EVIL today and what EVIL are they engaged in? As to who they are, let's name a few, Godless politicians, tyrants and dictators, Chinese communists, most all democrats, leftists, progressives, those suffering from wokeisim, Islamic terrorists, any and all pushing the vax, remorseless criminals and serial killers- just to name a few. We define as EVIL as any act contrary to God's commandments- any who willfully and repeatedly commit such acts are perpetrators of EVIL and therefore EVIL themselves.

Obviously, not all those who break God's rules are EVIL. The occasional transgressor can be a mostly good person who simply made a mistake and will do better next time. God makes allowances for such humans as long as they are sorry, ask for forgiveness and make amends. In this way, most of us go through life screwing up and bouncing about like the proverbial pin-ball on the downward slant of life, racking up a few points here and there, before finally falling, sooner or later, into the hole at the bottom of the table of life. Maybe some of us wait for the creator to put another nickel in, pull back the magic spring and perhaps we get shot out to play again.

The atheist is a man of capable of evil. Not all atheists are, in fact, evil but all evil men are atheists. Any who wrongfully, repeatedly and purposely hurt others who have never hurt or done harm to them are, by definition, EVIL. Thus, a person, a communist or a policeman who arrests and imprisons another human just because he's ordered to is committing a unjustified EVIL act whether he is aware of it or not. All communists are by definition Godless and soulless- permitting them to commit EVIL absent remorse and without compunction. There are no GOD fearing communists!

It is incumbent; meaning demanded of all of us, that we personally examine any order by any person or state to determine whether it is legitimate or not before acting. Saying that you are "just following orders" is not a valid excuse and many who plead that wound up on the gallows at Nuremburg adjudged just as guilty as the EVIL entity or person issuing the order.

As said, all true communists are, by definition, atheists and all are evil. We say this because the tenants of the political party they affiliate with demand that the rights of the state outweigh those of the individual and that therefore individual humans have no inherent rights. Not only communists are included in and under this definition but any group or party who feels itself entitled to extend their domain over individual, unaffiliated humans, all are equally EVIL and despicable.

Here we would move somewhat into as discussion of legality and justice. As we define it, that which is truly legal must be also "just" and, because justice is closely aligned with considerations of good and EVIL, the concept of "legality" disserves a few moments of our time. If an individual human owns a bit of land and plants apple trees, tends to those trees and then carries his apples, literally the fruits of his labor, to market and sells them, whatever he makes is justly and rightly his and his alone. The land, the trees, the apples and the profit belong to him and no one else. This is the legal concept of private property and private property is the foundation for all civil or common law.

A just society recognizes private property and protects the rights of the individual in the ownership of that property. Such is "just" and therefore "good." Whatever is "good" cannot be EVIL and whatever goes against good is in fact EVIL! Good laws always protect the rights and property of good men. Any social construct such as socialism or communism which disrespects or would abridge the rights of private parties to own private property and enjoy the fruits of their labor is, by definition, unjust and therefore EVIL. Likewise, any government, under any label, that undermines and would unlawfully take or diminish the rights of the individual as regards his person or property is equally unjust, illegal and therefore also EVIL. Marxism and the socialist concept are and can only be EVIL!

To bring this home and up to date; the CDC, an corrupt EVIL government entity, a monstrous organ of an unlawful (illegal) state, in declaring the rights of a private property owner null and void as they did by their insane edict regarding tenants not paying the property owner his lawful contractually due rent, committed an unjust and illegal act bordering on and aligned closely with the horrible shredding of private property rights in the darkest days of the EVIL soviet communist revolution. The CDC in making this unjust unlawful, absurd and terribly wrong assertion was purely EVIL in the clearest meaning of the word.

Now, that we have brought ourselves to this point, we will finish up with a discussion of government. The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. Any and all just government (meaning not EVIL) must be truly representative of the people, meaning the officers of that government must be voted for and elected by only the citizens. We recognize that some government is unfortunately needed and useful. Government to be lawful legal and GOOD must protect the rights of the individual and the individual's private property and the rights of its citizens to own and prosper without interference. There must never be any assertion of collective benefits outweighing the individual good!

A just government stands between its citizens and the barbarians and criminals. The just government therefore must maintain armed forces and civil law. Government must maintain relations with other governments, thus a department of state is needed. Equally, a treasury and a system of courts is required. A postal department may also be called for to move correspondence and documents between individuals and entities. This is about all any government really need do. The individual states, cities and towns can and should handle all else.

Our Tenth Amendment must be expanded and any and all restrictions imposed by liberal and therefore EVIL courts removed. To enlarge on this point somewhat, we define liberal, progressive and socialist measures as all EVIL in that they either seek to empower the collective over the individual or place the federal government above the rights of the states and the citizens of those states.

Transportation is something that the states can cooperate on with mutually agreeable inner-state commissions to regulate road, sea and air transport. There's no role here, nor should there be, for federal government. Commerce between the various players can and must be self-regulating. The massive, invasive and destructive degree to which the federal government has become involved is tragic and lies at the core of many of our problems today.

Taxes; of course, to maintain those few and important duties that rightfully fall to the collective federal government, some form of taxation is necessary. To legitimately determine what these should be, independent accurate budgets should be drawn, examined and funded by the citizens. For example, if a standing military of a million men is determined by congress and our military leaders to be the right number the department of defense can make up a budget accordingly. How many ships, aircraft, men, weapons and supplies can be computed and those funds provided.

In no case, should any company contracted to manufacture military hardware be permitted to meet with any in congress. The same must apply with providers of any product needed by government. All lobbyists should be prohibited from meeting with lawmakers. To avoid corruption, this same process must be adhered to throughout all government, state, city, town and federal. Sadly, it is the nature of government to attract weak and corruptible men. Recognizing this in advance the successful society does all possible to avoid such problems. My recommendation is that costs are negotiated only by competitive bidding. Government corruption is, of course, endemic as it is EVIL. Those who would pocket funds paid by the taxpayers are EVIL and hopefully, if they unfortunately manage to evade the law in life, they will die and rot in the flames of eternal hell.

Finally, any forcing of others, by any means, such as coercing them to take a killer vaccine is also purely EVIL. I guarantee, God knows this and has planned a warm welcome for them all- warm as in the fires of hades! Today, EVIL stalks boldly the human landscape, the dripping needle of death in his skeletal hands, bent on extermination of humanity. The diminutive, deceptive and disingenuous Dr Fauci and those crazed medicos manufacturing, and pushing "the juice" epitomize pure EVIL in every possible sense of the word!

If they are successful, the Nazis will be judged but paltry, if erstwhile, armatures! If the hundreds of highly qualified experts are right (and we devoutly pray they are not) in 24 to 36 months, half of humanity could die, perhaps 4 billion! For any government to incessantly scream "PANDEMIC" whilst pushing its people to take what they know is a useless vaccine that kills and sickens for a mild cold-like non-lethal illness- is not only evil it's insane! Equally, the useless masks and sickening and terribly damaging lockdowns and distancing are all pure EVIL!

Of course, EVIL never sleeps- does he? To abandon thousands of Americans and loyal Afghan war fighters to be tortured, raped and slaughtered by crazed 6th century barbarians whilst leaving billions of dollars in perfectly good weapons aircraft and vehicles for the same madmen to use against us is not only EVIL but also insane! Then, to turn over to the vicious bearded muzzies a list of all the names and vital information of those we, for no good reason save the dimness of Biden's damaged mind, left behind is TREASON which is a crime punishable by death and that, in and of itself, is a definition of EVIL!

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