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From the days of coal and steam power in the 1800's, we moved on to petroleum and natural gas which gave us gasoline and diesel driving ships, trains, cars and aircraft, allowing the civilized world (along with much of the 3rd world) to advance in every area. Coal, gas and petroleum drives steam generators producing electric power providing heating and cooling for billions worldwide.

Later, we developed nuclear power which, next to hydro-electric, is the cleanest of all and, in our opinion, a far better use of uranium than making bombs. Except perhaps for primitive tribes inhabiting impenetrable jungles, all 7 billion humans benefit enormously from electricity and fuel.

From computers, communication, lighting, heating and cooling along with transportation and food production, humanity is today totally dependent for survival on energy production. Damage energy and human civilization suffers, eliminate energy and humanity dies.

Today, energy is under attack by globalists, demoRATS, Greens, whackos, liberals, progressives and screwballs of all types. In America, once the illegal Biden was installed after the rigged and criminal treasonous 2020 election, the crazies began the destruction of western civilization.

First, they shut down every area of energy generation and independence in America. Pipelines and drilling permits were cancelled and crazies began bleating for electric cars windmills and solar. None of them, even for a moment, considered that once they shut down the generation of electricity, the electric vehicles couldn't be charged. I guess that bit eluded their dim, tiny green minds.

Eventually they managed to severely damage the country, perhaps to an unfixable degree. The costs of gas and diesel skyrocketed as the printing of massive amounts of worthless paper money increased, unsurprisingly making it less valuable necessarily increasing the prices of everything far beyond the ability of the people to pay. Food prices almost doubled along with gas.

Truckers parked their rigs when it cost $1,200 to fill their tanks. The profitability in moving goods by road disappeared. Food and stuff stopped being delivered. 85% of everything in every shop and store is (was) carried by truck. No trucks- no nothing!

In Texas, the windmills froze and the flow of electricity stopped. People froze in their homes, some died.

Federal goons blew up 12 of more food producing plants forcing massive (manufactured) shortages. Federal agencies shut down other critical facilities over trumped up charges.

In the nasty urban zoos (lib cities), the natives went on massive killing sprees capping hundreds every week. Crazed libs released murderers into the streets where they predictably murdered others. The lib nutters running these "out of control" urban sewers reduced police budgets and refused to back the blue resulting in huge numbers of cops leaving the force and few being willing to join. Crime became far worse. Those that could leave left, further reducing the tax base.

Food began disappearing from the shelves. Stocks were depleted, grain elevators and silos emptied, fertilizers disappeared, transport of food evaporated, fields fell fallow, no food for chickens, no food for cattle and other livestock- they all died...

With no food, the stores closed, shelves were empty, people starved and died. The crazies got what they wanted. Riots broke out everywhere. Homes and shops were broken into and robbed for whatever they might have. Thousands were gunned down for a few cans of soup. The economy, the society and the country collapsed. You can't imagine how pleased the nutters were!

Throughout Europe the situation was perhaps worse. The crazies there had shut down their few nuclear plants leaving them energy deficient even earlier than America. China, absent all trade, was in serious trouble, millions were starving and dying. India and Africa were even worse off.

Small pockets of humans, living far from the dying urban masses, surviving in primitive conditions, managed to get by with fishing and hand farming.

Over the months the urban populations died of disease and starvation. The suburban masses followed. Absent power the cities and private homes were uninhabitable. Elevators stopped working, water and sewer systems shut down. With no electricity there was no lighting, no air flow, no heat no cooling, no nothing. Electronic communication ceased, cell batteries couldn't be charged, the phone companies shut down. The internet, with no power, died. Bicycles and skate boards replaced cars. The few survivors walked themselves into physical exhaustion searching for food ... then- they fell over and died. Crows ate their eyes and feral dogs the rest.

The greens now had what they always wanted.

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