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China Rising (Robert J. Firth)

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

America is funding the Taliban and has been before the USSR left Afghanistan. Much of the aid to the crazed followers of ole Moe was overt and openly acknowledged such as ground to air missiles to shoot down Soviet Helicopters etc. From day one however, the Taliban was and remains totally dependant on Pakistan for assistance. The American government is fully aware of this fact and, for bizarre and nefarious reasons, pretends to overlook it while actively funding and supporting it.

What, however was kept relatively quiet and remains so is the enormous money America gives to Pakistan (Foreign Aid) knowing full well that the Packies are 100% funding and supporting the Taliban, IS and any number of crazed Islamic terrorists worldwide including Lashkar-e Taiba, the bunch that raided and murdered hundreds in Mumbai and continue to kill innocents in Kashmir.

Not only do we fund them, we encourage and provide aid to the point that today the ISI, Pakistan Intelligence) is the best Intel agency in the ME and privy to everything going on in Washington or anywhere else. The ISI Intel apparatus is enormous, rivaling that of the NSA and CIA combined. In most cases, in fact, the ISI has bested the CIA at every turn.

The Pakistani intelligence community comprises the various intelligence agencies of Pakistan that work internally and externally to manage, research and collect intelligence necessary for national security Consolidated intelligence organizations includes the personnel and members of the intelligence agencies, military intelligence, and civilian intelligence and analysis directorates operationalized under the executive ministries of the Government of Pakistan. There are numbers of intelligences services are active working on varied intelligence programs including the collection and production of foreign and domestic intelligence, contribute to military planning, and perform espionage However, its best known intelligence services are the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

While the woke idiots in Langley are stuttering over their pronouns, the ISA was and is developing hard Intel and acting on it. While our Pentagon, prancing about in pink camo leotards, is muttering nonsense over white rage and other insanities, the Pakistan Intel community and their military planners are and were working on exactly how and what was necessary to allow the Taliban to march into Afghanistan the day the Americans left-exactly as we have seen.

You can imagine the complexity of the logistics and detailed Intel involved in insuring that every province, town and city could be secured -as they, in fact, were. Moving men, arms and supplies into the country to that extent, under the noses of the Afghan military and the Americans, wasn't an easily carried out daytime ops. No, to make happen what we have just seen required months of planning and advance preparation to succeed.

The communication skill and effort of the Pakistan Intel operations have to be admired. To pull off this feat was and is an example of superb organization and execution. What Pakistan and their Tally brothers accomplished is nothing less than stunning. An enormous victory at little cost was achieved shaming the United States and casting serious doubt in the minds of American allies worldwide.

Biden's abrupt, thoughtless, mindless, reckless and sudden removal of the American military from the field was a key element the Packies and Tally's needed to insure success. However, I am absolutely certain that their operation would have gone ahead with the same positive result even if the American forces had remained and opposed them. Of course, had that occurred, there would have been considerable bloodshed but, the Tallys are used to losses and, in the end, the 2500 remaining Americans would have made little difference in the outcome of this enormous country-wide operation.

China played a powerful role in the entire affair. The plan to take over Afghanistan was and is only a small part of a global long-term Chinese communist plan for world dominance. Chinas rigging of the 2020 election resulting in cyber attacks flipping millions of votes in the machines (which were manufactured in Taiwan with modems specifically to allow remote vote flipping) was an effort to rid the world of President Trump. That the Democrats also hated Trump and were willing to commit treason against their own country was integral to that plan. With the advance concurrence, active participation and financial assistance of the DNC, tech giants (FB, Twitter, Google etc.) along with the far left American media, it was assured that the American public would be easily manipulated and Biden placed into office.

That a hundred million conservative Americans raised hell over what they knew was a stolen election is 100% blamed by the Chinese planners on the heavy-handed, obvious stupidity and clumsiness of the democrats in their mishandling the events of November 3rd. Of course, to be fair, even the clever Chinese totally underestimated the unprecedented popularity of President Trump and the enormous number of votes he garnered- more than any other second term president in history.

Truth be told, the democrats and Chinese might have been better off had they walked away and allowed Trump to be reelected. The early morning stuffing of obviously fake ballots and repeat scanning of Biden votes along with the other heavy- handed all too obvious theft of the election revealed to the world the massive extent of their crime.

However, the plan was and is far bigger than the election including the use of a bio-war weapon, in this case, a phony virus that was released as an act of war by China against the world. I recognize that to make such a statement rather boggles the mind of even the most cynical but, believe me, it's absolutely a fact. Nothing happens in China that the CCP and Chairman for life (dictator) Xi do not want to happen. There are no innocent circumstances in geopolitics on this level!

Again, with the cooperation of the mostly bent left media worldwide, along with the, by now, crazed democratic party in the US, driven to divert attention from the stolen election, the covid virus was entirely welcome. It was used to terrify voters into accepting mail-in ballots so they could safely hide in their homes. The lefty states locked down everything in sight especially small business, the hated church and the schools. To put some icing on this lefty wet-dream, the sheeple were forced to wear face-diapers. Even the Chinese were and remain amazed (pleasantly surprised) at how compliant, stupid and gullible the American public really is. Of course, the same results were and are repeated worldwide.

To wrap your mind around the massive extent and pure evil of the Chinese Communist Global plan you may have to expand your view somewhat. Remember, the Chinese aren't alone in their quest for world domination. They have allies. Satan who, of course, is their main man and then the UN and WHO, along with the many lefty organizations like the enormous Open Society bunch under George Soros and all the whacko environmental orgs desperately wanting to see humanity stamped out and any remaining humans brought to heal.

The intermediate goals include disarming the Americans. Why? We are the only humans in the civilized developed world who are lawfully allowed to possess weapons and that must be stopped. It's difficult to subdue people who shoot back. Also, our First Amendment has to go. It must be made the case that opposition to the New World Order will be shut down at any and all cost. FB, Twitter, Google and You Tube certainly agree!

Perhaps now, you see the reason the Biden administration (Chinese puppets) is calling conservatives terrorists and pushing gun confiscation and the vax. I know you see the totally obvious censorship of all conservative and religions speech by the media and big tech. White, armed and outspoken conservatives are indeed the enemy of the Biden America and China. Few haven't been kicked off Twitter and FB.

Let's now revisit the beginning of the article- Afghanistan. Can anyone explain why Biden abruptly, against all advice, pulled out the remaining American military, guaranteeing the Tally Packi plan would work flawlessly? Of course, many will say, that ole Joe is just a demented fool and has always been dumb and absolutely has no idea what he's doing- which is, of course all true. It's also true that he's is not making any decisions. The decision to get the men out was entirely because Chainman Xi ordered it to be done in that way.

The Chinese wanted the equipment left where it is. At this very moment it's being sent to Pakistan and China to be disassembled and studied. What can be used by the low tech Tallys will be confiscated and distruibuited. You can be certain that the gyro-computer aiming device on the advanced Abrams tanks is at this moment in China's hands.

How can I know this? Truth be told, I do not know it as a fact (I'm not there) but only as an inescapable, logical and obvious deduction based on experience. When one looks for a reason for someone's action it's often helpful to ask "cui bono," Latin for 'who benefits?' In this case, obviously America does not benefit in any way so Biden didn't act in our favor. So, whose favor did he act in? The greatest beneficiary I submit is China. Of course, the Tally's benefit but they are not yet players on the world stage- China is.

Those Biden put in at State, in his cabinet and the pentagon were placed there by the Chinese communist party to whom he owes everything. All of Biden's picks are, at heart, American haters and communist sympathizers and- all were well paid to commit treason. Also, what you must know is that none of them are Christians; all are atheists, Godless, soulless and absent moral restraint. In fact, almost all die-hard democrats are also atheists as are those running and working in media, big tech and big Pharma.

They all know that thousands in Afghanistan will be murdered by the Tallys and none of them give a rats ass. Of course, it's far, far worse than a million Afghan people, we're actually looking at half or more of all humanity perishing at the hands of the CCP and their Satanic pals.

What?!!! Yes, after the phony virus which, as most intelligent humans now know, has never been isolated or identified and, for which no valid test exists, came the miraculous vaccine which is touted to prevent the mysterious non-existent but entirely survivable and mild virus which actually manifests as a variation of the common cold, flu and, at worse, influenza.

Of course, we, those us who bothered to check, found that 1) it doesn't work- millions who get juiced still get sick and 2) we found that graphene oxide (described by many as toxic to humans) and other harmful ingredients are in the vax. Like what? Well, I don't know but-it's a demonstrable fact that many become magnetic after taking the shot. What does that mean? I don't know but, I absolutely don't want to be magnetic. What about you? Also, 3) we have seen thousands drop dead from the vax and it's believable that the real number is more than 50,000. 4) Millions have developed serious side effects after taking the (shot clot) juice and one young lady, a health worker, had to have her hands and feet amputated shortly after taking the juice. Whatever is actually in the stuff and whatever is will do to humans long-term isn't immediately known by anyone (even those who make it) and therefore, for now is irrelevant. It's however more than enough to know for sure that right now - it's very bad news!

Then, one has to consider one of Roberts Rules; if the feds and lefties are pushing it- it can't be good. Why? Because simply- they all lie and have lied for hundreds of years. The average politician is incapable of telling the truth about anything. How can I say that? In my first 6 months as a pilot in Vietnam, I understood America had no intention of winning. The objective was simply to keep the war going as long as possible to sell more expensive war materials to the government enriching both the manufactures and the politicians to whom they kicked back half the net. The Gulf and Afghan wars (along with all the rest since 1945) were exactly the same. Anyone who believes anything government says about anything is a moron and a customer for a bridge in Brooklyn. As cynical as that may be it's the truth!

So now, let's look at bit into the future and see if we can discern to some degree, what the Chinese long-term plan might be? I think we can take it for a fact that China will take over Taiwan and that Biden and Japan will do nothing. Seeing how easily they wiped out the Hong Kong freedom marchers and put the island under the communist thumb. Chairman Xi will order Biden to stay out when he moves into Taiwan and Biden will meekly obey. The Taiwanese will very likely not fight. The Island has, for years, been heavily infiltrated by Chinese spies and activists who have convinced many that it will be in their best interests to not oppose the communists. Frankly, I think Taiwan will fall just like Afghanistan.

OK, so what then? Well, Biden has so weakened the American military that, absent some kind of miracle, America will likely fall the same way. What China has done in Taiwan has been done a thousand fold greater in America. Consider that half our universities are infested with hundreds of Chinese students. Half or more of Congress and our Government are paid Chinese operatives. Hundreds of American companies are now owned by China and all our pharmaceuticals and half of everything else is physically manufactured in China. Also, thousands of American companies are totally dependant on China. Hollywood and our sports teams are also under Chairman Xi's thumb. He tells them what to say and what not to say. One of our Senators had a Chinese spy working for her for 13 years and today we have a Congressman who sleeps with one. Many Governors and State officials in Blue and also some Red states are on the Chinese payroll. They were paid to allow the election steal!

All the above is fact. Here's the unknown bit- if, in fact, in 24 to 36 months, we find out that indeed, the spike proteins and other crap in the juice does indeed wind up killing all those who were vaxxed, as thousands of knowledgeable scientists and physicians are telling us, then what? Well, I think that story would be found in the last chapter of the Chinese plan. America would lose some 200 million and those remaining won't last long. Among the 200 million would be all those in government and congress, all in most cities, most police and many in the military. The infrastructure, energy, food, water and sewer etc., would have no one left to keep it all running. We would soon see mass starvation and, in several months, only a handful of Americans would still be around.

Then what? Then, of course, as it's written; Chairman Xi sends in 300 million Chinese to take over. They move into the vacant homes, get the systems working and take over the factories, farms, schools and jobs. In ten or so years, America will be just another Chinese communist country. Of course, the same thing occurs in Europe, Canada and Mexico. Most of South America and India are long gone by that time and- there you have it, the Chinese plan to dominate the world! A world totally occupied and run by Chinese- perfect no?

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