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Are we actors in a worldwide Truman show?

Do "little green men" exist?

If I told you all the truth would you 1) believe it, 2) commit suicide, 3) go insane, 4) scream and yell, 5) pour a big belt of booze and go back to bed? Or, would you sit down quietly, think about it, accept it and go on?

We'll see. So, if you thought everything was a movie, you are partially right. Biden is a holograph in movie set, his hands pass through the mike, his head disappears as he walks away and he has a few doubles. Is there a real Biden? Probably not, not for many years.

Aliens, meaning those beings from distant planets, have been living on earth as long as we have, maybe longer. They can look like us somewhat, but, there's ways to spot them when they walk and live among us. Many of what we call the over-world are, in fact, not human. The machines we see flying about and diving into the oceans are, as you thought, operated by Aliens.

The Aliens have been with us for many centuries -maybe as long or even longer than we have. Aliens live for ten or twenty human lifetimes. Most of our largest companies are owned and managed by Aliens. Aliens don't get sick as humans do and rarely interact with humans however, almost everything that happens from the atomic bomb, jet engines, moon landings space travel, computers, the internet and medical devices are, wholly or in part, due to technology made available to humanity by Aliens.

Why are Aliens here? Several thousand years ago Aliens found earth, liked and colonized it. They had no reason not to and never found a reason to eliminate humans whom, at that time, were few and of little consequence. They thought we were like pets, amusing. That changed! Eventually humans, with some help, became too smart and far too numerous. We were no longer so entertaining. We polluted and started violent wars, murdering each other and blowing everything to pieces. Aliens gave us the secrets to nuclear energy and we used it to build great bombs to kill and destroy even more. To say our visitors weren't happy would be an understatement.

So, as a consequence and to get the planet they now call home back to a more peaceful status, they plan to reduce humanity to a manageable less obnoxious (less dangerous) level and are doing it with the vaccines which they helped design. But, if they are so advanced surely they have faster ways and better weapons to wipe us out. So why don't they just use them? There are only about 50,000 aliens living here and their species long ago, long before they colonized earth, gave up any kind of militant programs. They have no army and haven't had for tens of thousands of earth years. They find damaging any species, even us, repellent!

Instead, the Chinese virus was introduced along with the vaccines, which even we see are not vaccines. The idea is (or was) that we (humans) will be stupid enough inject and murder ourselves so the Aliens, who are strongly adverse to such don't have to. Apparently, they are right. Our visitors take the long view, of course with their far longer lives that's natural. The prognoses is that, unless we stop with the needle, half or more of the vaxxed humanity will die off from various illnesses over the next two to ten years and, of course, all vaxxed females and males will (and are) becoming sterile and infertile. Then, as our complex human infrastructure fails, most of the rest of us will follow fairly quickly. That's the plan.

The aliens themselves are a sedentary species given to long periods of complex thoughts and contemplation. They are not physically active and have few athletic physical desires or abilities. The "visitors: are an intellectual lot. They have both male and female but reproduce in vitro rather that physically, harvesting both eggs and sperm and creating artificial wombs where the new "life-form" spends about ten months before being "delivered." The young are raised by specialized groups absent the biological parents whom the offspring will ever know. The new alien quickly assumes strong and lifelong group bonds.

At about 5 years of age the new life-forms are introduced to the planet and to an understanding that they are not alone. They are allowed to see humans and are taught the history of humanity. Each one is given a human name and taught several earth languages. The Aliens per se, do not have a spoken language. They instead use a highly developed form of telepathy allowing one on one or one on many communication.

Aliens present as white, black, male or female with various facial and bodily features. They can be small or large, handsome, beautiful or not. For many centuries, almost all present as white males with a few females and almost none as Asian or black. I think we can assume that, for whatever reason, our aliens, after observing humanity, decided there are distinct advantages to being Caucasian. I guess that means "white privilege" is universal?

Almost from birth the alien begins a twenty year period of educational activity. Alien science and math is far above and beyond anything humans have developed. The child alien, of which, due to their far longer life span, there's no need for more than a few, will spend the two earth decades absorbing his people's knowledge.

So, by now, probably you are wondering how I know so much, am I one of "them?" No, I'm human but I have met and spent time with "them." I was able to learn that since arriving some ten thousand years ago their numbers have about doubled. They are as different from one another as earthlings but share a "group identity" rather than seeing themselves as purely individuals. Also, they are always close, where there's one, there's others.

The machines we see flying about are mostly unmanned drones being used to record and measure the planet. Aliens are acutely aware of physical anomalies such as quakes, tectonic shifts, weather, volcanoes, sun spots and space rocks. Also, interestingly, they have never returned to deep space and have no contact with the planet they left so long ago. Earth is their home now as much as it is ours. I don't know from where they originated or if it still exists. For whatever reason they don't seem disposed to discuss it.

Some aliens have made their life with earthlings in the sense that they live in homes like ours, have a purpose or job and choose to interact with humans on a daily basis. Their shape language and mannerisms have been honed to perfection such that they have become indistinguishable and invisible. As to the rest, many can be found deep under the deepest sea floor in complex developments.

Aliens are air breathers and consume food and water as we do. Their bodies are composed of similar elements to ours. As for food, they mostly consume soup-like liquids for nourishment although they can certainly eat an American burger or a steak however, almost all avoid meat for moral reasons. Their bodies are similar to ours in height and stature as they live with earth gravity. Interestingly, the Aliens do have hair of all normal colors on their heads (blonde, brunette red etc.) but, the males don't have facial hair or, in fact, any other bodily hair. They don't have ever to shave and none ever go bald. When they travel, the craft doesn't move as do their autonomous small drones. The pax ships are relatively large and don't make crazy maneuvers.

In addition to what I've told you about how to spot an Alien, when you, as an earthling, enter the home, office or car of an alien, you will always note that it's immaculately clean and cool. You will inevitably hear soft classical background music and never ever smell tobacco. They, our celestial friends, are quite fond of our music of an earlier age and absolutely abhor the "hideous hurtful noise, passing for pop music." The alien is always highly educated, possess a perfect memory and speaks very precisely. For example, you will never hear him use words like "you know" or "ah" as if pausing to gather a thought. He thinks far ahead and presents his thoughts in words with great precision.

The alien understands the use and power of money and often works in finance controlling vast sums. They appreciate the finer things in life and you will never see an alien walking in the streets in New York or any other slum-like dirty urban city. They absolutely abhor being close to grubby humans, preferring the clean atmosphere of high, sterile, clean and very private offices. When the Alien heads to his home, be it a single family residence or exclusive secure apartment, it's only by helicopter or private limo. Almost always he will have his mid-day meal delivered rather than frequent local public restaurants. At home, maids and chefs prepare and serve meals while tending the property. On entering, the soft gentle music will always be heard.

You will note there are never discordant disturbances- peace and tranquility reign! Things are exceptionally quiet, cool, elegant and orderly and stay that way. You will never hear the obnoxious ringing of a phone, doorbell or a voice raised above a pleasant soft level. There are never kids, wives and or husbands about- no families. They, the Alien children, as mentioned, are not ready to be presented to the earth world until age 20 or more. You will note that the Alien, be he man or woman, always lives alone. They are entirely celibate; do not go out in public- except to the office and never to sporting events or any place where they might have to mingle with a number of humans.

So, how else to recognize the Alien? Well, they are always fully and formally dressed, tie, immaculate shirt, blue or white, with conservative collar tabs, never the spread euro-lib silly-look- quiet conservative elegance is the key-note characteristic of the Alien living in the human world. You will never see him or her at the beach, on a golf course or tennis court. He will never go on a cruise or aboard a commercial aircraft.

All are inordinately well-off. Having lived on the earth for centuries they have amassed considerable wealth. Many own expensive private jets and a few large yachts. Many own several elegant homes around the world and move about frequently. One interesting fact is that no Alien will stay anywhere with humans long enough for any to note that they don't age as we do. In several cases where the aging issue became too obvious, the Alien faked his death returning to the groups beneath the sea floor.

The primary interest of the Alien living amongst humans seems to be making increasing amounts of money, owning companies and amassing economic power. In doing so, they avoid politics with a passion wishing to never attract undue attention. They remain quietly in the background using dozens of powerful law firms to guarantee anonymity. One common characteristic you will note is that if and when they gain a majority share in a company the Alien will often take it private, buying out all remaining shareholders to further remove themselves from public scrutiny.

For generations Alien's have tried to convince humans to stop murdering each other. I will tell you that to some degree there have been some small successes. The better educated human, those with higher I.Qs, if raised properly by genuinely good parents and sent to the right schools, seems to have had his fangs and claws (killer instincts) removed and become genuinely adverse to violence. Also, many millions of humans live meaningful lives dedicated to making the world a better place for all. For example, those in the medical, arts and charities are mostly caring decent people. It is only by grace of this fact that the Aliens up to now anyway, have allowed humanity to continue. Their goal was to do what they can and could to advance this " better" type of human while enacting programs to diminish the primitives.

The observed bloody and troubled history of humanity had long ago convinced the Aliens that we (humans) were hopeless, had best be exterminated and were most certainly not worth saving. So far, only their reluctance to actually engage in such an evil venture has saved us. I know that several hundred Alien men were sent to teach in selected schools and that the Alien society make special efforts to create home and learning environments capable of modifying and bettering human nature and emotions. Their idea was to quell physical violence as the universal human response to anger which they find a disgusting vestige of our primitive barbaric origins.

In their findings, all the crazed tyrants throughout human history were driven by grotesquely twisted emotions based on monumental psychotic disease. They saw most politicians as true sociopaths capable of horrible evil. In their civil order there had been no governments or politics per se for many millenniums. They never had disagreements as to what and when to do something or not as all decisions were reached entirely in common using their collective intelligence and knowledge.

They could not see why or how two individuals could possibly hold opposing opinions or beliefs. Everything in their world was settled by "common benefit" which is always eminently logical, rational and entirely obvious- or should be. In every situation there generally exists one, rational, right and logically best answer. In their world, the "right response" was almost always immediately known and accepted by all.

Some of the conclusions (findings) as regards humanity reached by the Aliens were: 1) A significant number of humans were (are) well and truly insane, stupid or both and incapable of rational thought. 2) Their investigation revealed that one of the major reasons was due to the relative intelligence or lack thereof among various individuals and or groupings of humans. 3) The third finding was that some humans covet what others have and are willing to do anything, including murder, to dispossess that individual or group from that which they covet. This was the cause of many brutal acts and wars. Then 4th; some groups of humans find that the beliefs and customs of another group are not to their liking so they insist that that group change their ways to conform. If the non-conformists resist they will begin a war slaughtering the non-conforming group until the survivors agree to conform. It is this last kind of diseased thinking that's responsible for all the religious wars in human history. The conclusion; humans are more stupid than not!

Looking at humanity in this way, especially knowing that today humans have enough bombs to destroy all life on the planet, one can't really blame the Aliens for wishing us all gone before we wreck everything! Thinking about all this maybe we don't disserve this planet? Our neighbors from space are also concerned with the over all effects of humanity on the climate as regards pollution. They gave us the secrets of the atom precisely to allow us to move away from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, technical errors caused radiation leaks resulting in a choice to return to cheaper methodology and of course we used the secrets of the atom to make destructive devices.

Interestingly, having accurate records over thousands of years our visitors understand the dynamics of earth as concerns climatic conditions far better and do we. Their finding is that humanity does not have any measurable or meaningful effect on the earth's climate or weather. Carbon is the stuff all life-forms are made from and none of us would or could exist absent carbon. Our concern over the ozone layer, cow farts and jet engines is, for them, laughable and ridiculous. The Aliens don't really seem to have a sense of humor but, when you mention little Gretta and the UN, most of them kind of smile at our stupidity.

Finally, I know you're going to ask, so what about religion, do the Aliens believe in God as we do? Their answer is "YES, of course, all sentient creatures across the universe know who their creator is." Our particular group of visitors brought their knowledge of God with them from far across the stars. For them, God isn't a "belief," it's a sure and certain knowledge! Long before they visited Earth, the Aliens knew God as a fact and understood what he had created. In their history there were never battles fought over religion and never any but one religion, God was certain and all knew it. Period! The single religious, moral and ethical constrict they have is similar to our Hippocratic Oath, "do no harm"!

So, the next time someone tells you that Aliens are little green or grey men with oversize heads, just smile and agree...... Can't argue with stupid!

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Nov 17, 2021


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