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American Legacy

The degree to which our educational system, our government and our politicians have failed every American cannot be overstated. We live in a time when the majority of Americans have no understanding of what makes America the greatest country to have ever existed on earth. This is a lesson that should be common knowledge among 8-year old’s yet today the majority of our educators and administrators are more concerned about teaching pronouns, garbage gender lies and how flawed or victimized our children are based on their skin color. These people should never be allowed near our kids let alone be allowed to act as their role models! What's worse is the manner in which they attack anyone with opposing points of view.

So, what does fascism look like? How can you correlate what you see happening to which party, group or politicians are in line with America’s founding principles of individual liberty, freedom and equality? Why has America come to find itself in such a dangerous position? How can America be saved and who can save her? Let’s examine the questions we should all be asking.

First, let’s define fascism. Today’s definitions have been co-opted so that even our dictionaries must be challenged! The "dictionary" will states that fascism is a “right-wing” extremely nationalist system of government. This is historically inaccurate and dishonest because any truly “right-wing” political system requires the smallest and weakest form of government possible. For those on the right, the people hold the power and the elected serve the people’s will. The historians say that the greatest example of a fascist government, or at least the one that everyone is familiar with is Nazi Germany. Yet the party name was the National Socialist German Workers' Party, again a leftist political system. Hitler promised universal healthcare, social programs for the elderly, and free education. He took guns away from his citizens removing their ability to defend themselves against tyranny. In Nazi Germany it is easy to see that the state controlled everything. There was no “individual liberty” or God-given rights. It is indeed the left-wingers who seek and have always sought to have more and more power and wealth through regulation, restrictions of personal freedoms, taxation and the theft of peoples hard earned money and property while giving them little or no say in how either are used. This is quite literally stealing a portion of peoples lives - time they cannot recover.

Another dictator, Benito Mussolini referred to fascism as “corporatism”. During his time the corporate elites partnered with Mussolini’s government to control every aspect of Italian life. Sound familiar?

Today we see actors and athletes, woke corporations and politicians in America falsely and ignorantly claiming that America is a systemically racist nation that deserves to be destroyed and remade into a fascist state. Some don’t come out and say it but don’t be fooled. They want to decide what thoughts and opinions are allowed and not allowed. If you disagree you will be stripped of your freedoms, physically imprisoned, or even killed. You know, like the ones historically responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths at the hands of evil despotic crazy people. Great idea huh?

Next, it’s important to understand that our founders based our system of government starting with the preconception that we as citizens of a free America, and indeed as human beings on the planet, do NOT receive our rights at the pleasure of a government or individual. For the first time in history, man had put to paper the idea that all humans, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what gender (of which there are only two), no matter what race have equal and inalienable rights given to us by our creator. These principles are based on the Judeo-Christian values as set forth in God’s word.

The view that it is the elitists in our country who should dictate our freedoms is the polar opposite of our founding principles and exposes the first tell-tale sign of who the fascists are. How? Ask yourself, which American political party has eliminated God from their official platform entirely? Who has shuttered the doors of churches and privately owned businesses using a so called Covid crisis in which 99.9994% of people survive? Which party openly mocks people of faith, unless of course they are Muslims? The Muslims who are by their own Quran mandated to convert or kill all non-believers and are bent on the destruction of all of western civilization. The left will defend the religion that mutilates women's genitalia, allows for "child brides" (pedophilia), and honor killings while attacking the Christians for their ten commandments. This of course, is pure lunacy. For more on that see our series called “Eye on Islam” available to all Patriot Review members on our website at

Which party has, in recent years weaponized un-elected government agencies and officials to harass and even imprison Americans who believe in and live by principles that are in FACT more in line with freedom and liberty than their own. Who has used the IRS against conservative American’s? Indeed, as the days go by its more and more dangerous to speak about and believe in the same color blind, faith blind, gender blind principles of individual liberty and freedom. Why is this? It’s not too hard to figure out is it. If you, like the founders intended (and like hundreds of millions of Americans who came before you) believe that it is God and not government that gives you your rights you are an obstacle! You are an obstacle to the control all fascists crave and must have; to strip every last freedom from every individual and to declare they have the god-like powers of deciding who lives and dies based on their beliefs or compliance to (satanic) laws and dictates.

Which party staged the so called January 6th “insurrection” a false flag event I call “The American Reichstag fire” in which nefarious actors attacked the Capital building? Which party murdered American citizens that day and blathered on and on about white supremacists and extremists that don't exist? Turns out it’s the same group that were just coming fresh off a summer in which they did all they could to support the destruction of our cities, the murder of innocent people, the non-stop attacks on whites and the endless media persecution of millions of innocent people based on their skin color and political affiliation. See episodes 37, 50 and 57 of The Patriot Review for more on this.

This fascist party illegally spied on a candidate and then sitting President, fabricated blatant lies to impact an election in 2016, attacked his children and used the corrupt media and politicians in an attempt to destroy him and to negate the power of the vote of his supporters. These same people labeled all white males as the source for all of America’s imperfections. They have called all who believe in the idea of America and who believe in individual liberty “domestic terrorists” even as they seek to destroy our nation in favor of a NWO run by China.

They never counted on Trump winning. They never counted on him actually delivering the most robust economy in our nation’s history, achieving the lowest unemployment rates for all minority groups, energy independence, peace treaties between Arab countries and Israel, sealed borders and so much more. Because he did, they knew they had to steal the 2020 election. And honest Americans know they did!

In order to create chaos they created crisis after crisis. Anthony Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat, wanna-be despot was illegally given powers he does not have to set about creating more division and hate through vaccine mandates, mask mandates and business closures. They demanded, and we allowed them to mask us and our kids even though the science clearly shows it to be useless. They actively squelch criticism of China and they themselves set about to promote China as the example for our future. Anyone who has dared to be a Patriot and challenge them was, and continues to be silenced.

Ask yourself who the "oppressors" the left loves to talk about really are? Who seeks to control both what you think and your right to express it? Who seeks to remove your ability to defend yourself and the ones you love? Who has purposely destroyed fatherhood and the nuclear family. Who seeks to murder babies up to and in some cases even after birth? Any clear thinking human would see the truth in these words. The evidence is right in front of you.

This is it! Fascism has arrived in America. Will you stand or sit because you're "too busy"? Will you leave a legacy of freedom or one that dooms future generations to mediocracy, hopelessness, oppression, political persecution and slavery?

Will Ronald Reagans vision of us sitting on our porches telling our grandchildren of a lost American in which all men were free? Will we speak of how western civilization was destroyed in favor of a despotic New World Order? Will we look into our children's and grandchildren's eyes and justify to them why we abandoned them and sentenced them to a life of tyranny?

Which side of history will you be on?

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