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Impact Your Community!


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There are many ways to restore the American Dream, but it requires people to be active at the community level!  Every little bit helps Americans understand the blessings they have.

Here are ways you can help:

Every time you get involved at the community level you impact the lives of others and support our great nation.  Some of the ways to make the greatest difference in advocating for the American way of life include:

  • Get involved in your schools!  Our kids and grandkids are being indoctrinated by radical leftists across our country.  Attend meetings and consider running to become a school board member.  Join organizations like No Left Turn in Education and other pro-America organizations.

  • Contact your representatives and tell them to support America first legislation or they'll lose your vote!

  • Be polite but be vocal!  Do not be intimidated by the cancel culture!

  • DO NOT be violent!  Doing so plays into the leftist narrative.

  • Follow your faith and live by example.

There are many other ways to make a positive impact, these are but a few.  Do something you are passionate about and keep moving forward!


My passion for America, and love for my children drives me to try to be a positive force for good.  You can assist me in this  venture by becoming a member of the Patriots Group!

Members receive exclusive content and resources they can use to promote America in their own communities, and with family and friends.

Members can also access the Patriots Forum to exchange ideas, discuss current events, and engage in free speech (of course direct threats are not allowed).

You will be assisting me and The Patriot Review contributors to continue bringing you a constitutional conservative voice!  We believe in loving all races and we believe America is the best hope for world peace.

Donate to the show that shares and promotes the timeless founding principles of the United States!

Your generous donations enable us to continue to be a voice for all Americans, with no identity politics!

We believe that America is "the last best hope" for all of humanity.

We are not paid and need your continued support to bring our podcasts and members program to you.

Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated!

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We do not sell your data to anyone and never will!

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